Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Baseball Players Wives

Baseball is the game Americans cherry at heart. Behind these successful stories and lives of these iconic batsmen lie their love life. There is life behind the pitch and these guys live a glamorous life with some of the most beautiful wives and Girlfriends, better known as WAGs. If you are tired of following the title statistics, player profiles’, fixtures, team history, and the batsmen’s earnings, then the MLB wives and Girlfriends will be the best fascinating statistics for you. The high payment these guys receive can really put up to the demands of their model WAGs. Some of these ladies are illustrious as individuals, but they are just fine. The type of comfort they offer is vital for every aspect of the batsmen’s success. Consequently, these are the top 10 most beautiful baseball players wives and girlfriends:

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Baseball Players Wives in 2017

10. Kayla Varner

kayla varner, Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Baseball Players Wives 2018

Kayla Varner is a spouse to Bryce Harper. As he wins in the field, it seems he is winning lots of love elsewhere other than the love from his fans. He has had a shining career in Nats, but he has to keep his head high. His wife Kayla is hot and a super model as well. The wife doubles as a state model and this is why she is among the cream hot baseball WAGs enlisted.

9. Lindsay Clubine


Clay Buchloz is in the Red Sox regular starting lineup. He has been consistent and we can conclude that he has a flourishing career on the pitch. Off the field, this star is married to on hot Lindsay Clubine. Over the years, she has trolled the top ranks of the hottest baseball wives, but it seems this list is continually shifting. If she trends in this article up to this moment, then she is hot for real.

8. Krystle Howard


Krystle Howard is a top model and she is married to Ryan Howard. Krystle began was once in a while a model, that is before they got married with Howard. Maybe it’s because of this reason that Howard did not delay to take her in. For a long duration, she has been prominent among the hottest baseball WAGS, and she has still maintained all she has in terms of beauty and hence she has lots of followers to date.

7. Molly Beers


Molly Beers has had her past passion of modeling land her into commitment in marriage with the Mets baseman named David Wright. Yes, modeling was her initial career, but after getting lucky to get the hand of this sports personality, she has quit modeling altogether. Molly is so luminous that she can be the main point of glaze away from her love of life Wright, and she might have robbed him of the attention he deserves. Now this is the price of having a jewel of a wife, and Write has to pay for that.

6. Laura Anderson


Laura Anderson is a movie personality, and she is a diva as well. The wife of Red Brignac’s who plays for Marlins SS as an actor is at the top of her life as she features as a topmost model. It seems her dual sassy personality is not all, her name trolls high among the top models in the United States. To crown it all, she is married to a famous sports personality. If this is how angels live their dream, then she is an angel.

5. Brittany Binger


Grady Sizemore is one lucky baseball star married to one hot Brittany Binger. Within the States, this playboy chum ranks as a top model, and it seems they have a tall order in front of them as the two top personalities have to share their fame through the marriage knot. Sizemore has excelled in his career since he is a star, but nevertheless, he has the best role of keeping up with his happy life in marriage. She is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Baseball Players Wives 2017.

4. Missy Cole


At times, it does not take one to be a celebrity in order to stay luminous. The point implied here is that one can stay off the paparazzi’s attention but still remain stunning. Missy Cole is cute and being tied to a baseball star Michael Schwimmer has earned her top views. It has not taken her to be a model to keep fans in gigs, but she is hot even though she is not in the celebrity world.

3. Sophia Phalen


Former Red Sox star Mike Napoli is engaged to one Sophia Phalen who is a nurse by profession. The couple have decided to keep their status behind curtains, but it has not stopped the juicy gossips from linking their engagement. The two are silent though and may be reluctant to give the public hints. All said and done, the silence of the couple should not deny Sophia Phalen her top ranking with regards to the top baseball players wives.

2. Hannah Davis


Former Yankees star and legend Derek Jeter is linked to a hot swimsuit model called Hannah Davis. Davis ranks top in terms of models within the United States. In the list of baseball players’ wives list, she is among the top ranked. She has excelled in her modeling career. Thus all she needs in life is a successful personality too. The right arms that deserve this hot model are none other than this star Derek.

1. Jaime Edmondson


The hottest of all Baseball stars wives is Jamie Edmondson. She is not only a top model but she is one top hot woman that men can die to get. The lucky man to land her is none other than the Tampa Bay player and star, Evan Longoria. The couple have not formalized any commitment though they are together in a relationship with Tampa Bay.

These above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Baseball Players Wives 2017. The fascination you may have for top ranking models may be sincere, but then, this article here might have just hinted to you the stars they love. Maybe the reasons they might have for falling for these gamers vary, but then, everybody wants to associate themselves with stars. On the other hand, it shows that behind the successful bats men, there are very sexy and hot women. The tremendous top searches for baseball WAGs is even made more interesting with the top ten WAGs stats.

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