Top 10 Most Popular Hottest Ice Hockey Players in The World

Many ladies are definitely interested in athletes. As a Canadian lady, it comes as no surprise that to me, hockey avid gamers are the hottest athletes around. Something about how manly and hard they just excite me. With the hockey season in full swing and as the climate will get less warm, its high quality to grasp that these attractive guys will likely be heating up the ice for us lonely single women.

There is not any question that hockey is a tough sport, leaving its players with countless dental problems and scars. Missing teeth apart, one of the crucial first-class-looking men play within the NHL. Although they are going to appear sweaty and barbaric on the ice (which some females like), it could surprise you of how well they clean themselves up. Although it was rough to decide upon most effective twenty of these horny ice gods, the listed men are not only proficient and gorgeous athletes, however, some are ecologists, some are entrepreneurs and some are fathers and others are just good…just so sizzling!

List of the World’s Top 10 most popular and Hottest Ice Hockey Players in 2018

10. Sidney Crosby

Most Popular Ice Hockey Players

It’s not a huge surprise that the captain to the Pittsburgh Penguins made this entry in this list. Sidney Crosby will not be most effective gifted but he’s also good looking. He has represented his house country of Canada in many global video games, helping carry residence the gold at important pursuits such as the Olympics. Now not only is he proficient, charming and just right watching however he is additionally filthy rich with $8.7 million earning.

9. Jared Boll

Most Popular Ice Hockey Players

Boll is surely no longer the best scorer in the NHL, but that isn’t why he gets paid virtually $2 million every season. Boll gets paid to combat and is most often the satisfactory and most feared brawler within the game in these days. It is no secret that women like a person who isn’t afraid to combat, which is why Boll is so attractive, people simply apart from his face, physique and the truth that he’s a hockey player. We all know he’s Hottest and he knows he’s handsome.

8. Andrew Ference

Most Popular Ice Hockey Players

Ference shouldn’t be most effective an attractive dad and captain of the Edmonton Oilers, but he’s additionally a sizzling environmentalist. Ference’s organization with famous environmentalist David Suzuki led him to create a carbon-impartial application for NHL. This was a high-quality way of letting us see that hockey games are humans who care about distinct elements of the sector. His film big name good appears, athletic talent and environmentally mindful intellect make him a precise yes for this record.

7. Cris Higgins

Most Popular Ice Hockey Players

Chris Higgins is certainly one of the most charming avid gamers within the NHL. With boyish excellent looks and abs, it comes as no surprise that this hunk made our list of most up to date NHL studs. Higgins isn’t any stranger to the NHL and like fine wine continues getting higher with age. Now 31 years old, he has had a fine profession and now performs for the Vancouver Canucks. It has been appealed that Higgins loves an excellent social gathering, however, he’s sometimes called some of the most honored players in the NHL and seems to perpetually have a smile on his face.

6. Derick Brassard

Most Popular Ice Hockey Players

Brassard is a 27-year-historic Canadian who performs for the New York Rangers. Derick’s profession keeps blossoming, identified to have one of the greatest on-ice visions of his “class.” he’s a dynamic playmaker who is well conscious of his surroundings and equipped to manage quick and correct passes. He is additionally very agile and has a distinct grace when skating, making him even higher watching. Don’t get too excited girls; this ice prince discovered his excellent ice princess, former worldwide figure skater and charm Terra Findlay. The pair make a beautiful couple and we can simplest suppose how good watching and talented their youngsters will be!

5. Patrick Sharp

Most Popular Ice Hockey Players

Patrick is a player for the Chicago Blackhawks and 2 time Stanley Cup winner. In 2014 he played for team Canada at the iciness Olympics, a career highlight for him, including an Olympic gold medal to his assortment. This Canadian hunk was once born in Winnipeg but grew up probably in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Sharp was additionally featured as “Top 50 most beautiful Chicagoans” on the Chicago magazine’s cover.

4. Brendan Smith

Most Popular Ice Hockey Players

Brendan Smith is a 25 year old charmer who performs for the Detroit Redwings. At 6’2, this striking young man is only beginning his profession. Even though he has no longer been within the NHL for lengthy, last year he performed in the Stanley Cup playoffs, an achievement for Junior Smith. Throughout the playoffs he additionally faced his brother on the ice; 23-year-historic Reilly Smith additionally performs within the NHL, for the Bruins, and is alleged to be a better hockey player.

3. Joffrey Lupul

Most Popular Ice Hockey Players

This NHL hottie is a Canadian-born participant who grew up in Saskatchewan. Lupul is another captain on the Toronto Maple Leafs. Standing somewhat over six toes, with his darkish hair and light eyes, Lupul is undeniably excellent watching. Lupul is of Ukrainian respectable, explaining his gorgeous, charming look and highest paid sports player of ice hockey. Joffrey is a proficient athlete as well as musician.

2. Carey Price

Most Popular Ice Hockey Players

This Sexy hockey player guards the nets for the Montreal Canadiens. No longer most effective did he aid bring the Canadian country wide team to victory on the Sochi Olympics, he’s identified in the NHL as probably the most first-class goalies. Price, whose father used to be a goalie for the Philadelphia Flyers, taught him the game on a frozen lake in hopes of him in the future being a noted participant.

1. Henrik Lundqvist

Most Popular Ice Hockey Players

No large surprise here, Henrik Lundqvist is the hottest man. This stunning goalie plays for the New York Rangers but would additionally easily be a model. There is a lot extra to this gorgeous man besides being a hockey participant. In 2009 he grew to be the Rangers’ spokesman for the backyard of dreams foundation. He has additionally been awarded ‘Sweden’s Best Dressed’ in, ‘world’s most beautiful people’ and ‘top 25 fine dressed’ by Six Magazine; in consecutively 2004, 2006 and in 2008.

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