Top 10 Most Expensive Sports Teams In The World

Sports are not just about entertainment today. It is also about business. Much more about business than it is about sportsman spirit. All major league teams are functioning companies which are profit machines for the cogs in its wheels.They have their individual net worth. They have their own key players. They often buy their players for their teams to improve their game.

However, it also has to do a lot with the entertainment factor. If the entertainment factor falls down, the net worth of the teams or clubs falls down several notches. However, some teams of the world have a surety of luring in audiences. For India it would be cricket and hockey for the contemporary, and football for the nostalgic. For Americans it would be baseball or American football. For the English it is the sophisticated sport of cricket. Read on to find out more about the most expensive sports teams of the world.

List of the world’s top 10 most expensive sports teams in 2017

10. Los Angeles Lakers (Price $2.7 billion)

Los Angeles Lakers, World's Most Expensive Sports Teams 2019

The Los Angeles Lakers are an American basketball team based in Los Angeles, California and was established in 1947 by Jerry Buss (citation needed). The team has three different colours. The home colours, the away colours and the alternate colours. The team is a part of the NBA.

9. New York Giants (Price $2.8 billion)

New York Giants, World's Most Expensive Sports Teams 2018

The New York Giants was established n 1925, almost 91 years ago. It is also an American football team. It’s based in the, metropolitan area of New York. The New York Giants are one of the five major teams in America that joined the NFL. The Giants have the MetLife Stadium to themselves as their home ground. It is shared with New York Jets. It differences itself from the basketball league of the same name by naming themselves with “New York Football Giants”.

8. Washington Redskins (Price $2.9 billion)

Washington Redskins, World's Most Expensive Sports Teams 2017

The Washington Redskins are a part of major league American football team. They are also a member of the National Football Conference. The team is known for its team song, ‘Hail to the redskins’ and its logo, a Native American from Turtle Island.

7. New York Knicks (Price $3 billion)

New York Knicks, World's Most Expensive Sports Teams 2016

The New York Knickbockers are called Knicks for short. They are a major league basketball Team of the NBA. The home ground of the team is Madison Square Gardens, one of the biggest tourist attractions of the New York City.

6. New England Patriots (Price $3.2 billion)

New England Patriots, World's Most Expensive Sports Teams 2017

It’s a national football team of America based in the Boston region. Like the other football teams in the list, they compete in the National Football league as a part of the American Football conference. The team has won 4 Super bowl championships.

5. Manchester United (Price $3.3 billion)

Manchester United, World's Most Expensive Sports Teams 2018

The club located in Old Trafford, New Manchester of Great Britain was established in 1878 and is the oldest club on this list. They even have a nickname, the red devils. There is rabid Man U fandom all over the world as the club has a bit of a vintage elegance over itself. The club found originally as Newton Heath LYR Football Club has its home ground in Old Trafford, England.

4. New York Yankees (Price $3.4 billion)

New York Yankees, World's Most Expensive Sports Teams 2018

The baseball team was established in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles. It was based in the infamous Bronx, and it is said that it can’t get anymore New York than a Yankee fan. It was also named the New York Highlanders before it was called the Yankees. The team is one of two of the major baseball teams of State of New York, the other being the New York Mets. The team participates in Major League Baseball and is a part of the American League. It is currently owned by Yankee Global Enterprises. The team have 18 division titles, 40 AL pennants and 27 World Series championships to their name ‘Excelsior’ indeed.

3. FC Barcelona (Price $3.6 billion)

FC Barcelona, World's Most Expensive Sports Teams 2019

The FC in the name stands for Futbol Club Barcelona. It’s commonly known as Barcelona to fans or as Barca. The club’s home ground is Camp Nou and it was established in 1899. It has many active departments in Football for men and women and Basketball, handball, Roller hockey, Ice hockey, and rugby and beach soccer. It is the second richest club in the world with an annual profit of 560.8 million Euros. Barcelona players have a history of working for the nation against military uprising. All footballers had signed up for the Spanish Civil War and against the military uprising. The club at the moment boasts Lionel Messi, one of the gods of football who retired just a while ago.

2. Real Madrid (Price $3.7 billion)

Real Madrid, World's Most Expensive Sports Teams 2017

The club was established in 1902as Madrid Football Club based in Madrid, Spain. ‘Real’ means ‘royal’ in Spanish. The name ‘Real Madrid’ along with the crown in the emblem was bestowed by King Alfonso in 1920. Real Madrid has a rich history. The club was established when football was first introduced in Spain. The enthusiasts who brought the game to the country were members of Institución Libre de Ensenanza, both academics and students. These people were also graduates of Oxford and Cambridge.

Before they opened Real Madrid club, they opened the club Football Sky which later split into two New Football de Madrid and Madrid Football Club to play Sundays in Moncloa. Today, the club has five departments. Football, Football B, Football U-19, Basketball and Basketball B. It’s still most famous for its football, and it is among the leading football clubs in the world. The club has supported stars like Zidane, Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo and Kaka.

1. Dallas Cowboys (Price $4 billion)

Dallas Cowboys, World's Most Expensive Sports Teams 2017

Football as America knows it is different from the rest of the world. And it has overtaken the universal ‘football in this one aspect. The net value of the teams $4 billion. The Dallas Cowboys, an American football team has taken over the first spot. It is now the most expensive sports team in the world. This evaluation was done by Forbes magazine, even beating out Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

So, this is the list of top 10 most expensive teams. Like all other businesses in the world, even the sports business has its own big world of match fixing, cheating, lying and bluffing. But above all it most important to keep the sportsman spirit alive.

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