Top 10 Most Bizarre Sports Actually Exist

These sports can be played anywhere at anytime. It seems funny that people would actually do the things you have to do. If you watch how some of these games are played you will wonder how they actually pay them without hurting themselves. Having to each game different from the original can really make you confused. If you want to try these games just look up how they are played and follow the rules. Have enough players to play and maybe you will get good enough to be able to go to the place it is played in and compete with other people who have never played with you.

List of Top 10 Most Bizarre Sports Actually Exist in 2017

10. Underwater Hockey

underwater hockey, Top 10 Most Bizarre Sports Actually Exist 2017

We have all heard of the game Hockey. You just play with a puck on ice. Hitting it with the stick and try to make it in the net. This is underwater and is played the same but you have to play under water and keep the puck away from all the other swimmers. Staying under water is hard enough but keeping a small item away from others is going to make it that much harder on you. You will hear the word Octopush when some players talk about it, it is just another name they use to know what they are talking about.

9. Bossaball


The Coolest Acrobatic Game- Looks like volleyball and almost played the same. It was originally made up in Spain. It has grown out to other places sense being made up. You have to play with a trampoline. The rules are all the same you just jump around easier. You can kick the ball or hit it. Three to five players on each team and if the ball touches the floor the other team is awarded a point. You will need lots of energy to play this game and it is really fun to watch.

8. Wife Carrying


The Most Outrageous Sports- Started in Finland and made its way out to other places. Men carry their wives through course as fast as they can. The best part is that most of the women can probably carry their husbands through it to. If the couple wins the husband wins the weight of his wife in beer. This game is very bizarre because a lot of the husband will want to join so they can win beer.

7. Dog Surfing


You are your dog will get on a surfboard and catch some waves. All you have to do is train your dog to stay on the board while you are going through the waves. Yes sounds simple but if your dog loses their balance then they will fall off and you will lose. The only downfall of it all is the prize is for the dog not you. Get your dogs ready because this is being played all over the place today and will let you spend more time with your best friend.

6. Unicycle Polo


We all know the game where you ride a horse and play polo but this is played with a unicycle. Yes it sounds dangerous and it can be sometimes. You play just like horse polo but you have to keep your balance without falling off and hurting yourself. If you are in a bad mood you will love this game because it will make you smile and you will probably start laughing because of the faces the players are going to make when they start to wobble.

5. Caber Toss


The scottish people have found that tossing big poles that are made of wood can be thrown for a far distance so they turned this into a sport. The point of the game is not really that you need to throw the object further than the rest, the competitor just needs the top of the cabor to land facing them after turning a full spin in the air and landing up and and down. While the sport is being played, the men must wear their kilts so when you watch this competition all you are going to see is a bunch of grown men throwing around a log and wearing some skirts.

4. Chess Boxing


The title of this explains a lot about the sport. You are suppose to put together chess and boxing by playing five rounds of boxing and then doing six rounds of chess.The competitors will start with a game of chess and also end with a game of it since the competition consists of alternating the two sports. They get three minutes per round whether it is for chess or the boxing. You will be able to take out your opponent by getting a checkmate instead of completely knocking them out with a left hook.

3. Cheese Rolling


This sport has been around for more than two hundred years in England and is still being played there today. Every year during the spring bank holiday people get together at the top of Coopers hill for a game that is very exciting to play. The hill is very steep and while at the top a judge will roll down a thing of cheese, once it gets tossed down everyone will chase after the item and most will slip and fall. Whoever wins the game get the take home the round thing of cheese and gets the fun of sporting all the bruises and scars that they will have if they are part of the group that fell while trying to chase the cheese.

2. Blind Soccer


This one was made up for the disabled people make it out of their comfort zones and get to participate in a fun sport just like a lot of other people get to. The main difference between this soccer game and the other is that the ball for this one is filled with marbles or pebbles instead of air. This is so that the person can hear the ball and know where it is located, since they are not able to see. The only ones that can see it are the goalies. It is actually a pretty cool sport that was came up with.

1. Ferret Legging


This one is by far the most bizarre sport ever made up. It is of course to show off the man within but that body part could possibly be chewed off so it is kind of dumb to be participating in this. The whole thing about it is that the pant legs are tied at the ankles so that there is no way for an escape to happen. After that two ferrets get dropped down the pants and whoever lasts the longest with them inside there is the winner. A guy name Reg Mellor has the world record time for this sport since he held them in his pants for five hours and thirty minutes in 1981. In a way he was actually smart because he fed the ferrets before dropping them into his pants which in turn caused them to not want any of his meat for food.

These above are the Top 10 Most Bizarre Sports Actually Exist 2017. Overall, these sports may sound like some of the most dumbest ideas but plenty of people participate in playing them and some that are listed actually look like they would be super fun. If you get bored sometime at home and you have a few friends around then try playing a couple of these and see if you can beat any world records.

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