Top 10 Best Drinking Games In The World

Many drinking games were launched by popular alcohol fans used today. These games were launched in different parts of the world and are so common among many people who love alcohol. Top 10 best drinking games are listed below.

List of Top 10 Best Drinking Games In The World in 2017

10. Goon of fortune


This drinking game is common in Australia where participants sit in a circle on a hoist cloth line. A bladder of goon is attached to one end and wine is placed over there. Where that bladder stops must drink wine vigorously until next participant is selected. This game was introduced by a group of elders in 1990 and was originally designed to be used in world beach. It was featured in a television show called wheel of fortune. A Mixture of red and white wines is commonly used in Goon for Fortune game.

9. La Vache Qui Tache


On position nine, we have this party drinking game that was started in France. For it to be complete, a cork with one end is required and blackened by a flame of a candle. Participants start this game by calling out a name of a player to start drinking beer, wine or alcohol. Where that black cork spots your face, you are required to drink as this game continues. In some other countries where English is spoken this game is not so common and is called Ibble Dibble. Men are mostly fans of this game.

8. Ping Pong Pang


Both men and women are invited to practice this game. It was first launched in Japan with a degree of fun being very low outweighed by level of danger in participating in this game. Players are supposed to sit in form of a circle and one participant will shout Ping and the person in left side will say pong while at other end, players will shout Pong as wine goes round that particular circle. Fans of these games have a plan of improving cups that are used to be ball like and solo glasses.

7. Sapo

sapo, Top 10 Best Drinking Games In The World 2018

Sapo is taking seventh position in my article with various unique features. This game was first launched in a country known as Peru in South America. Unlike other drinking games that we have featured, this one is simply involved with alcohol, table and drinkers. Preparing is not so costly like other games where expensive stuffs are involved. Players toss tokens into particular holes of a table machine. Those that lands in mouth of a toad are worth most therefore should drink more than others should. Sapo is not a common game to many people.

6. Kinito

kinito, Top 10 Best Drinking Games In The World 2018

On our sixth position, we have Kinito drinking game that was introduced first in Spain with high rate degree of fun. Danger rate is low and there safe to be practiced by many people. Players are required to sit in a circle just like other games and one player shakes two dice inside a shaker. That same person will read his score. This can be a lie or truth. Next participant should tell whether what has been read is true or false. Kinito goes like that until last player is done and then number of scores is counted at last.

5. Pong


Pong drinking game is also referred to as Toma. It was first introduced in popular club of Mexico City with highest rate of danger compared to that of fun, which is relatively low. Participants should be adults only who are responsible of themselves and of age. Chocolate coins are arranged on line of a table or flow with participants sitting in circles as usual. Tops of these coins are spinned and wherever they land, that person should drink whole cup of alcohol, wine or any type of liquor used. A number of families in America love this drinking game.

4. Bear Paw


Bear paw drinking game is mostly used by men and was introduced first in Russia. It has a high rate of danger compared to fun that is relatively low. This is how Russian people play, a mug full of wine is passed around a circle. Each player or participant is required to take a sip from that same mug and then a type of liquor called Vodka replaces the sipped amount. As that game continues, vodka or any other liquor that they would like to use will displace wine. Last person alive is recommended a winner.

3. Fuzzy Duck


On our third position, we have this unique drinking game used by both men and women. Fuzzy Dock was first launched in United Kingdom and has high rate of fun that cannot be compared to that of dangers. Compared to other games that we have discussed above, Fuzzy Duck is cheap and very easy to play. As usual, players are required to sit in a circle as one player starts sipping alcohol or wine in opposite direction and gives next participant. This game is popular in English pubs and clubs.

2. Napkin, Beer, cigarette


It was first introduced in southern Korea and participants are required to engage in three different items, namely, beer, napkin and cigarettes. A glass of beer is needed and a Korean won coin. Players are required to take their turns by first smoking cigarette to help them burn little holes in Napkins that is large enough for a hole to fall through. Drinkers created this game with an aim of killing boredom among themselves. Chain smokers enjoy engaging themselves here.

1. Kastenlauf


Popular drinkers have voted Kastenlauf as best drinking game used by many people today. It was first introduced in German with a disadvantage of level of dangers outweighing that of fun. This is an expensive game as it requires 20 bottles of beer, wine or alcohol in general and each participant is required to drink one bottle of beer.

These above are the Top 10 Best Drinking Games In The World 2017. People who enjoy drinking have recommended above games as best in drinking history. Some are cheap while others are costly.

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