Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling NBA Jerseys in The World

Basketball being one of the most popular sport in the world has never gone out of fashion.Right from its advent in 1891 it has grown into a bigger and better sport, over the span of time basketball has captured the attention of various countries and has created a specific audience to adorn the beauty of the basketball game. Basketball became widely popular with its introduction in the Olympics in 1904 and became a common school sport which finally opened the gates for its commercialization.

This NBA game is widely considered to be one of the most progressive basketball leagues in the world. Right after its advent in 1945 it has grasped the attention of various basketball players and fans. Over the years NBA has been blessed with many great players including Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry and many more, and as more days passed basketball fans have witnessed the magic of many new players and have established new fan bases. So to keep up with the expectations of the fans NBA launched their official merchandise stores across the world, and certain sports Jerseys have been widely popular. So the list of the best-selling NBA jerseys in the year 2018 is as follow,

List of the world’s top 10 most popular best selling NBA jerseys in 2018

10. Jimmy Butler, SG, Chicago Bulls (Price: $69.00)

Most Popular NBA Jerseys

This 26 years old hottest NBA player from Houston has already created lots of hubbubs this year after he demonstrated his tremendous form on the court. He presently adorns the legendary red and white jersey of the Chicago Bulls which was once worn by the great Michael Jordan himself, Butler’s form and temperament has earned him this spot on the list and his jersey 21 Chicago Bulls is widely famous NBA jerseys all over the world.

9. James Harden, SG, Houston Rockets (Price: $109.00)

Most Popular NBA Jerseys

This Olympic gold medalist currently plays for the Houston Rockets; he started the season with three straight losses but since then he never turned his back, playing for Rockets has earned him fame and money and his everlasting looks and the legendary beard did the rest. His style of the game has often been termed as “lightning” and every time he is on the court he manages to display the same. Harden has successfully proved that number logic and superstitions play no part in deciding one’s future by adorning the number 13 jersey, he wears the world’s most unlucky number but has turned out to be one of the luckiest and richest basketball players of the generation. That is why he has attained a position on our list; his jersey sold thousands of copies this year, and sales have drastically increased considering last season data.

8. Kyrie Irving, PG, Cleveland Cavaliers (Price: $69.00- $89.00)

Most Popular NBA Jerseys

This 24 years old Aussie, plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers while growing up in New Jersey, he attained keen interest for basketball and like any other player he too became a common name in college competitions and tournament. He has since been widely famous and has become a household name, he started his NBA career in the year 2011 and emerged as the Rookie Of The Year and since then there is no turning back. Under the guidance of his legendary teammate Lebron James he has become a greater player, he started this season with an injury but then he picked up his pace and has been playing with full vigor. This quality has summed up to great popularity, and his No 2 Jersey of Cleveland Cavaliers has to be widely purchased.

7. Russell Westbrook, PG, Oklahoma City Thunder (Price: $49.00- $109.00)

Most Popular NBA Jerseys

These 27 years old Olympic gold medalist from California is often compared to the great Michael Jordan, Jordan himself has commented on Westbrook’s excellence, his style of play is as fast as Jordan’s, and that is the reason he has gained such quick fame and recognition. Westbrook has been playing for Oklahoma City Thunder since 2008 and has emerged to be one of the key players with a dynamic record in these seasons of NBA. His works have been highly magnified under the influence of his teammate Kevin Durant. Alike him his jersey to has been a matter of great discussion, he wears the number 0 on his jersey, and this unlikeness has gained popularity resulting his position in this list.

6. Derrick Rose, PG, Chicago Bulls (Price: $69.00)

Most Popular NBA Jerseys


This 27 years old two times world cup winner from Chicago was the youngest person to be awarded as the most valuable player of the year in the year 2008.His excellence in college competition grabbed attention, and he was picked up in NBA’s first draft in the year 2008 by the Chicago Bulls. He continued his career as a point guard for the Bulls, apart from basketball he is widely known for his collections of shoes and official merchandise. He has an all-time best record of 49 points in a single match and has been widely appreciated for the same. The 2015-16 season has been an emotional year as he was suddenly transferred to The New York Knicks this transfer is often considered as one of the most important and controversial transfers of all time. This hype and fame did the marketing alone resulting in an increase in merchandise sale, his No 1 NBA jerseys for the bulls sold thousands of copies resulting him this position on the list.

5. Kevin Durant, SF, Oklahoma City Thunder (Price: $109.99)

Most Popular NBA Jerseys

This 27 years old Olympic gold medalist from Virgina is one of the most popular names in modern basketball today. His name is enough for some as apart from being a spectacular player he is also an amazing entrepreneur with various brands and collections of shoes and merchandise, he is an Olympic gold medalist and also a basketball world cup winner.He started his career with the Oklahoma City Thunders in the year 2007 and had maintained a significant position in his team, his transfer to Golden state warriors for 2016 was rather shocking, but hypes and controversies strengthened his career. As stated before his popularity has had a great impact on his marketing and thus his net worth has increased considerably. His appearance in movies have also earned him appreciable fame, and thus he attains this position on the list, his Oklahoma City Thunder Jersey have been sold and resold several times making it one of the most popular jerseys of 2016.

4. Kristaps Porzingis, PF, New York Knicks (Price: $109.99)

Most Popular NBA Jerseys

This 21-year-old from Latvia is the youngest player on this list; he gained immense fame for his 2015 season for the New York Knicks; his playing style has widely been compared to Pau Gasol, but he is at times praised only for being athletic. His career was hugely boosted when he started playing for the youth team of Sevilla. He was picked in the first draft for the season 2015 by The New York Knicks; he has become an icon for all the youth aspiring to take up basketball as a career. Gaining popularity at such an early age has widely influenced his career, and his net worth increased from previous years worth. His jersey is one of the largest selling NBA jerseys this year.

3. Kobe Bryant, SG, Los Angeles Lakers (Price: $69.99)

Most Popular NBA Jerseys

This 37 years old two times Olympic gold medalist from Philadelphia is a legend himself, he holds the record for being the only player to play ten seasons for a particular team. His iconic style of playing and human nature have resulted in his popularity and above all his career streak of 10 years for a particular team is the reason for his fame cause he has inspired several generations of players. That is why he is on the top 3 in our list, his all time famous golden purple jersey with the number 24 has been considered one of the most famous NBA jerseys of all time. His net worth increased from the last year as a result of his retiring year.

2. LeBron James, SF, Cleveland Cavaliers (Price: $69.99)

Most Popular NBA Jerseys

1James is not just a player, he is much more to a true basketball fan, he is a two times Olympic gold medalist and has three NBA titles. He started off his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers and had a lasting impression on everyone’s mind, but his shocking transfer to Miami Heat is often scrutinized under the scanner for being a bad move.Jumping above all his faults, Lebron proved his excellence and was asked to return to Cleveland Cavaliers which in a way shaped his future and by then he was already a legend. His fan army would occupy a state and remain in excess that is the main reason why he is considered as one of the best players of the generation. His transfers and fans took care of his marketing and after a very successful last season around a million copies of his jersey have been sold.

1. Stephen Curry, PG, Golden State Warriors (Price: $109.99)

Most Popular NBA Jerseys


The greatest shooter this planet has ever seen, and probably the best player of our generation are some of the synonyms of Stephen Curry; he had basketball in his blood which he inherited from his father. Though he did not get gold for his any, he has still maintained the tag of the best or highest paid sports player in the world. Often considered as the person who could score three pointers at the blink of an eye, Stephen, was above all. Over the past five years, curry’s net income has increased tremendously because of his increasing fans and demands for merchandise. He is Golden State Warrior jersey sold over a million copies last year and in spite of Lebron James leading this race throughout the year, Curry overtook him in the post season making his jersey the highest selling NBA jerseys in the year 2018.

Basketball has been a massive sport with a huge fan following and over the years as the sport grew, the merchandise market increased proportionally as a result of which millions of NBA jerseys are sold each year, which is used for the promotion of each team.


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