Top 10 Most Expensive Items in World in 2017

There are many extremes in the world around us; we don’t even know that simple things that we use daily can also be super costly and unaffordable. For instance you have smart phones with you with multiple features but the same phone with just slight modification turns into a super costly one. A normal pen can cost millions, a car can cost billions some food that we daily eat can also have a cousin that is more costly than our monthly earnings.

Life is unpredictable so are the worth of things around us simple things with sky high cost. So here in this small list we have tried to assemble some things to shock you with their worth. Namely some perfumes, some food stuff, some beverages, some daily use items and also the most loved smart phone as well which is more expensive than a flat. So let’s not wait anymore and let’s go ahead with the list of most expensive items.

List of the Top 10 Most Expensive Items in 2017:

10. Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955 (Price – $94,000)

Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955 most expensive items 2016-2017

This is one of the world’s most expensive whiskeys ever sold. This was owned by William Grants till he was 110 years old and only 11 of this whiskey filled bottles are there in the world now and all were gifted to his granddaughter by him. This whisky has a unique and different fruitish floral sweet taste which is unmatchable with any whiskeys available the market now. This whisky was put to ferment or age in the year of 1955 which is one of the oldest known in the world.

9. Harley Davidson Bike (Price – $1.2 million)

Harley Davidson Bike most expensive items 2016-2017

Harley Davidson is the world’s most renowned company making and selling bikes from over 50 years now. This world famous bran definitely owns the world’s most expensive bike that has been made with special aerodynamics and excellent engineering. The best engineers design and make these bikes and each one has to go through a rigorous 7 step checking before its ready to rule the streets as the king of all bikes and the love of all bikers over years. It is the dream of many youths as well as the elderly people to own their own Harley Bike. This bike series is the most wanted bike in the world.

8. Honus Wagner Baseball Card (Price – $1.9 million)

Honus Wagner expensive items in the world 2016-2017

Yes you read it correct $1.9 million for one basketball card. This card has a history as it is believed that 200 of these cards were printed and given to people as a gift. The picture of Mr. Honus Wagner the famous captain of “The Pirates” which itself is a legend team that has won many world titles under his captaincy. There cannot be a more expensive card ever than this as only 200 people on the earth own this. This is the fact why this card is so expensive it’s a rare collection to have.

7. Bluefin Otoro Sashimi (Price – $1.76 million per fish)

Bluefin Otoro Sashimi expensive items in the world 2016-2017

The Bluefin Otoro Sashmi is definitely the yummiest and the best quality fish available the market now. There is a dish called Otoro that is served in some of world’s best restaurants and also known as the most expensive sea food. Otoro actually is a part of the Bluefin fish that is found in oceans of South and South East Asia. It is not easy to catch this fish and at some places catching this fish is illegal as well and where ever its legal this fish has high demand. The prices are increasing day by day for this delicacy.

6. Fender ROA Stratocaster guitar (Price – $2.7 million)

Fender ROA Stratocaster guitar most expensive items in the world 2016-2017

If you are a guitar lover you will surely be accustomed with this name Fender Stratocaster. The world’s most expensive guitar presently and the best to play as well. This guitar is meant for experts and veterans in the music industry who have been there for a long time and have been looking for some special kind of instrument that can change the definition of Guitar playing.
This guitar comes with various choices for the buyers who can also customise some settings and colour of the guitar. As Fender does not change the shape of guitar following its age old legacy this beauty costs you $2.7million.

5. Harry Winston’s “Ruby Slippers” (Price – $3 million)

Harry Winston Ruby Slippers most expensive items 2016-2017

1350 pieces of specially designed and chosen diamonds all of pure 50 carats, even Cinderella’s shoes would not have been so costly if they were in real life now. It takes full 2 months to make one such shoe. As it’s only custom made and designed by Harry Winston for only some special billionaires. This is more of jewellery than a shoe that can be worn as it is decked with diamonds and more diamonds. It is believed that this shoe is dedicated to the wizard OZ, not many people on earth have this shoe.

4. Engagement Ring “Bvlgari Blue” (Price – $9.49 million)

Engagement Ring Bvlgari Blue most expensive items 2016-2017

If you are billionaire and want your fiancé to be shocked with an awesome piece of craftsmanship then the Bvlgari Blue Engagement Ring is very suitable for you it is the most expensive engagement ring which has been made by the best diamond ring makers of the world. These are specially designed by the experts who have been in this field from last 25-30 years. These are specially chosen and very precisely cut diamond rings that are 31.1 carat it takes around 2000 hours just to polish these diamonds to bring it to shape.

3. Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen (Price – $14.7 million)

Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen most expensive items 2016-2017-2018

“Pen is mightier than sword” this statement was actually made to prove the worth of a pen which actually became true. This fountain pen is the world’s most expensive pen ever made and owns the world record for the World’s most expensive fountain pens ever made. They make only one of these pens in a whole year or in two years that’s the main reason for the very high price of this pen. Made with pure 18k gold and embedded with premium 30k diamonds ISO certified this pen is a masterpiece of workmanship.

2. I phone 5 Black Diamond series (Price – $15.3 million)

I phone 5 Black Diamond series expensive items in the world 2016-2017

Yes you read it correct that this phone costs $15.3 million dollars it is because this phone is not just a communication device but equal to a Jewell. This beauty is embedded with a 24 carat black diamond which itself is very rare and its side body is covered with 600 precious white diamonds. Not only that the back cover is made up of 24 carat pure gold as well with the apple logo that has another 53 white diamonds. The best gift you can give to your girlfriend if you are a billionaire as you know “Diamonds are girl’s best friends”.

1. Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette watch (Price – $30 million)

Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette watch expensive items in the world 2016-2017

You need to be a billionaire to wear this watch in your hands. This is the world’s most expensive watch ever made till now. It took 45 years to make this masterpiece and now kept in the LA Mayer Museum. This watch has pure gold outer case. The remarkable thing is that this watch runs by the key system not with the modern battery one. Although it was made around 200 years ago it is still working and will never stop running with time or rather on time.

So, this is the list of top 10 expensive items in the world. It is sure that you are shocked with the worth of these products and more is coming as well in the next series. But the good thing now is you know the worth of products around you and you can also inform others about these expensive items who don’t know how costly things can be.

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