Top 10 Cheapest Foods in The World

Food as we know it it’s a basic human need. We need to eat in order to live and enable our bodies to function normally. There many types of foods in the world today that cost different prices and more are reinvented every day. However, it is not the most expensive foods which are the healthiest or even the sweetest. We have cheap foods which will equally pass the health test as well and tastes delicious. Some of the cheapest foods have nutrients and vitamins which the body needs. That notwithstanding, some of the unhealthy foods are cheap fast foods or street foods that are packed with flavor but devoid of the needed nutrients. The best thing is to try not to clog your arteries all in the quest for flavor or you will be the next patient in the line of food poisoning cases. Here is a list of ten of the cheapest foods you will find in many parts of the world.

List of Top 10 Cheapest Foods in The World in 2017

10. Brown rice

Brown rice Top Most Famous Cheapest Foods 2018

Brown rice is a healthy alternative to white rice so apart from it being cheap it is also healthier. Eating makes you much fuller than eating just ordinary white rice therefore meaning that apart from paying less for it, you will not need to overeat. Though it takes long to boil, it is well worth the wait. All you need to do is use the ratio of 1:5 meaning 1 cup of rice needs 5 cups of water, then bring it to a boil and wait for all the water to boil down. You can cover the pot at the very end and bring down the heat. A pond of brown rice costs $2.

9. Canned tuna


This is another healthy option and very good for vegetarians. It is low in fat and high in protein. Tofu is made out of soy milk curd. It goes well in sandwiches and you can also stir fry it along with other vegetables. You can also have it for breakfast in place of eggs. Another option would be to include it in your vegetable salad in place of meat. A 5 ounce can is priced at $1.50.

8. Oats

Oats Top 10 Cheapest Foods

Oats are also a healthy and cheap buy compared to other cereals that are packed with sugar and a bit pricey. Oatmeal is very comforting and filling and it makes for the perfect winter breakfast meal. The great thing is that one can be able to flavor the oats differently every time. You could decide to soak them in milk overnight or cook them on a pot. You can also add spices such as cinnamon some fruits and nuts as well for example peanuts and bananas to your liking. A pound of oats cost $1.

7. Popcorn


Popcorns are a wonderful snack. Am sure everyone has enjoyed a pack of popcorns while watching a great movie. The popcorn kernels are packed with fiber making it a good healthy snack that will not have you at a loss. Who says snacks that taste good only have to be unhealthy? If you just want to nibble on something that will keep away the hunger without costing you much, then popcorn is a perfect choice. A pond of the kernels cost $1.

6. Beans

Beans Top Most Cheapest Foods 2017

Beans are one of the cheapest foods but it does not compromise on its nutritional value. Beans have protein and fiber among other great nutrients. A can of beans could save your household and better yet, learning how to cook dry beans will surely be more cost effective as you will be able to get value for your money. You can cook your beans in a pressure cooker which will take you 30-40 minutes or cook slowly on a stove for 3-4hrs. a can of beans goes for $0.75.

5. Spinach


This is one amongst the Top 10 Cheapest Foods in The World 2017. Fresh spinach is also one great buy. It is a vegetable packed with iron which is very good for the body. Spinach is also very easy to cook. You can include it in an egg frittata; spinach is also good in vegetable smoothies. You could also just shallow fry along with other vegetables. Spinach goes well with beans and any type of protein. A cup of spinach costs $0.50.

4. Carrots


Carrots are a great vegetable that helps with eyesight. It is cheap and healthy at the same time. They are also a great healthy snack; you can have carrot sticks and make a dip for them or eat them on their own. Carrots are also very good in vegetable smoothies. You can also make a carrot and raisin salad or just make carrot juice. A pond of carrots costs $0.50.

3. Peanuts


Peanuts are a very good source of fiber and protein. They also pass for a great snack as well. They are inexpensive and healthy. There are so many ways you can include peanuts into your meal. First of all you can make a peanut sauce out of them or even a butter which you can spread on bread and cakes. You could include peanuts in fruit smoothies as well. Peanuts can also be used as a topping for ice-cream, or oatmeal among many other foods. All you need to do is roast them on a pan or in the oven and they are done. They cost $0.50 per ounce.

2. Bananas


This is probably the cheapest fruit right now. Packed with potassium and vitamins, bananas are the ultimate buy. Bananas go well in every fruit pudding. You can have bananas for breakfast and for dessert as well. Some of the recipes you can try out are banana pancakes or crepes or even banana peanut butter ice-cream. A banana goes for $0.33.

1. Eggs


Eggs are such a huge win when it comes to spending verses the nutrients you get from them. They have a healthy amount of protein in them. You could also play around with fun recipes to make them more interesting. You can make a frittata by adding vegetables to it or have them scrambled by adding a bit of milk and then stirring them on the pan; you can boil the egg or even have it the traditional way by frying the egg. An egg cost $0.19.

These above are the Top 10 Cheapest Foods in The World 2017. There are many other relatively cheap foods but the above made it to the top ten. So the next time you are running on a tight budget then these foods could prove to be a life saver. The list shows you could also eat healthy and not break the bank. Prices mentioned above are subject to change depending on the brand and place of buying but the standard prices range around the prices mentioned above.

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