Top 10 Cheapest Foods in The World

Let us look at the below list of Top 10 Cheapest Foods in The World in 2016 and 2017. Food gives pleasure to mouth and happiness to the soul. In the primitive ages, a man used to take fruits, then gradually the number of items increased. They used to take burned flesh of the wild animals. To create variations, the color, smell, qualities everything started to change. In today’s world, people, all over the world, make their favorite food. Millions and millions of recipes, mouth-watering dishes, and delicious meals are being served in cheap restaurants. There can be found very few people who do not have affection for foods.

The price of the foods depends on their processing and manufacture, while the popularity of foods depends on their tastes and availability. There are Top 10 cheapest foods 2017 which are very much familiar door to door. Go through and try them after knowing about the Top 10 cheapest foods in the world.

List of the world’s top 10 cheapest foods in 2016-2017

10. Bean burritos (Net price: per serving 91 cents)

cheapest foods Bean burritos 2016-2017

The very simple recipe of bean burritos proves that it is one of the nutritious food. One can modify the inside ingredients to be put in it according to his/her choice. Burrito can be made beneficial by filling it with a variety of seasonal vegetables. You have the control to make it with little or high-fat toppings. Actually, in bean burrito, beans are used as the filling ingredient, which is the least expensive protein source.

9. Oatmeal and banana (Net price: per serving 83 cents)

Oatmeal and banana cheapest foods 2016-2017

Banana is one of the most available fruits so are cheap, and oatmeal is a favorite breakfast among people. It is also nutritious and making this food is less time taking. If you add a banana to your oatmeal, it becomes banana-oatmeal and high energetic that produces essential vitamins to your body. The fibre content of this meal contains enough amounts of calories.

8. Scrambled egg (Net price: per servings 83 cents)

Scrambled egg healthy cheapest foods 2016-2017

In Midwestern countries scrambled egg is very much favored as meal and breakfasts. According to a survey in America, it is a filling breakfast and a quickly made dinner. It is as simple as its name whose per serving will offer you 12.2 grams protein. Dieticians suggest this food to the patients as the primary component of this item is an egg.

7. Mediterranean pasta salad (Net price: per serving 78 cents)

Mediterranean pasta salad cheapest foods 2016-2017

Italian food, pasta is now a day spreading excellent tastes in the continents, as its mouthwatering preparations are accepted by all. Pasta salad is among those food recipes which creates a real impact on you. This is a side dish could be taken with any dry meals. If you pour some tomato sauce, it becomes rich in antioxidants and also tasty.

6. Pancakes (Net price: per servings 66 cents)

Pancakes sweetest cheapest foods 2016-2017

Pancakes can be prepared in less than 15 minutes. It provides more proteins than fibers to your body. Pancakes are made of milk, wheat and cake as central part of it. One can add pieces of fruits in it to get a better experience, having it as breakfast or as small meals. Once the pancakes are ready, you may have it by spreading maple syrup over it, which gives you a heavenly taste to your buds. The less amount of the ingredients and the less preparation time proves that it is a cost efficient food.

5. Fried rice (Net price: per serving 63 cents)

Fried rice cheapest foods 2016-2017

Fried rice is a compact food that is prepared by mixing different vegetables, eggs, chickens, etc. into slightly boiled superfine rice. If you add vegetables that have high-calorie value, then it will be advantageous for you. This food is usually taken with some side dish like any non-veg dishes to get the best from it. This food originates in China, and was called ‘Yangchow’ there, and later became famous all over the world.

4. Canned tuna Fish (Net price: per servings 62 cents)

Canned tuna cheapest foods 2016-2017

Love to fish is not today’s story. It is an ancient trend to catch fish and have them from cooking. One of the mouth-watering fish is tuna; it is available by preserving it in a can. Cholesterol is a common problem you can find these days. Canned tuna is the best solution for this disease as prescribed by the doctors. Tuna will also offer you good taste, vitamins, and minerals.

3. Hummus and cucumber crostinis (Net price: per serving 59 cents)

Hummus and cucumber crostinis cheapest foods 2016-2017

Hummus mostly consists of chickpeas, which provides proteins. It often takes a place among world’s top healthiest foods as it includes 408 calories in its each cup. Your skin will be glowing if you make it in a regular way. Cucumber is a vegetable that makes you digest other previously considered foods quickly. So the combination of Hummus and cucumber is one of the greatest foods could be found.

2. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (Net price: per serving 58 cents)

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cheapest foods 2016-2017

When it’s about the cheap meals none can avoid it from enlisting in it in top 10 foods. Other than protein, it consumes potassium which lowers the tendency of strokes, high blood pressure, and chronic heart diseases. This gives strength to the muscles and bones.Peanut butter is extracted from peanut by processing it correctly. With a sandwich, it is taken inside the body. One can prevent the risks of being affected by diabetes by consuming it 1 ounce regularly.

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1. Tomatoes (Net price: per servings 28 cents)

Tomatoes cheapest foods 2016-2017

It is widely discussed the topic and also a controversial one that whether a tomato is a fruit or vegetable. Red and attractive looking tomatoes have an exceptional food value that very little food owns. Tomatoes lower the effects of cancer by combating the formation of cancer-causing free radicals in the body. During pregnancy, one can eat tomatoes as it has no side effects. Your depression can also vanish after eating tomatoes as tomato has a positive impact on your brain cells. Buying tomatoes also is not a big deal because it is readily available and very much cheaper.

Going to the expensive restaurants is not always the easy way out to have delicious foods, and that is thoroughly discussed here. So, buy cheap ingredients and gain pleasure by serving and having most affordable foods.

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