Top 10 Best Selling Wines in The World

Not only does wine provides extraordinary sensations to the taste buds but it also helps in good digestion of the food. Researchers show that the trend of the modern generation to have soda along with food arose from the habit of the previous generation of washing down food with wine. However, the difference is unlike soda; wine does not add harmful calories into our body but instead aided in digestion and also helps in having a peaceful sleep at night. Many people also believe that wine has anti-aging properties and helps improve skin quality.

Wines come at varied prices depending on the brand and years preserved- it can range anywhere between 10$ to 100$! The more number of years it is preserved, the better in taste it becomes. It is rumored that the wine cellars of Buckingham Palace contain the oldest and best wines in the world preserved for many centuries. Since we are not lucky enough to live in Buckingham Palace, we may as well do with what we can get our hands on.

List of the world’s top 10 best selling wines in 2018

10. Georgetown Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon (Net Price: $12)

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This wine manufacturer from Ohio is a very popular name among wine lovers. Georgetown Vineyards have many vintage wines in their collection that are popular all over the world. According to the description of wine lovers, this particular wine of Georgetown is distinguished by its bloody red color and the oak flavor that it imparts to the taste buds.

9. Wilson Creek Almond (Net Price: $17)

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Wilson Creek is a very popular wine manufacturer based in California. This particular white wine from Wilson Creek is very popular amidst wine lovers for the very fact that it does not leave any bad aftertaste like most other wines. This naturally fermented wine is unique in taste and quite pleasing in taste with its smooth flavor. It also adds glamor to parties with its sparkling white color and is certain to delight the guests. It is ideal for almost any occasion, be it a party, office event, camp event, etc.

8. Chateau Diana Pink Moscato (Net Price: $10)

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Chateau Diana, a vineyard in California, is world famous for its rich tasting wines which are ideal for not so serious drinkers. Light pink and shiny in color, the Moscato is defined as a delectable and fresh wine. It gives off a very rich aroma which consists of citrus and floral fragrance that uniquely blends into a good balance. The flavor is a classic blend of honey and cinnamon mixed apples that tingle the taste buds in the most delightful manner. It is ideal for desserts in parties or picnics or a girl’s night out.

7. Bon Affair 2012 Syrah Spritzer (Net Price: $15)

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Another great wine well appreciated by critics and wine lovers alike. It is very popular among serious drinkers as this wine provides no hangover the next day even after much drinking. It is refreshing in taste with raspberry flavors that attracts men and women alike.

6. ONEHOPE Cabernet Sauvignon (Net Price: $19)

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ONEHOPE has many popular wines on the bestsellers list, and the Cabernet Sauvignon is no exception. If you look up the description of this wine, you will see it is described as broody and multi-layered. The terms broody owes its existence to the dark blackberry flavor along with roasted cocoa and coffee. Wine lovers admire its complex multiple layers that end in a soft taste and hence now wonder it is fast selling off the racks all across the world.

5. Wines That Rock Rolling Stones “Forty Licks” 2012 Merlot (Net Price: $17)

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Quite a surprising name for wine product but Wines that Rock has mastered winemaking with rock and roll themes and they are quite popular all over the world. Who does not love a vintage rock and roll? Hence, these wines are developed with that vintage feel that is tried and tested for ages. The Merlot is described by wine lovers to give off the rich aroma of apricot and cherries and contains refreshing flavors of raspberries and strawberries.

4. Bon Affair 2012 Sauvignon Blanc Spritzer (Net Price: $15)

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If you are a serious drinker, then a hangover free drink is what you will seek after. Moreover, this is exactly what Sauvignon provides. A sparkling white wine that serves as a great alternative to champagne, plus being sugar-free it provides health benefits too.

3. Veuve Clicquot Brut (Net Price: $60)

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This French Wine from Veuve Clicquot has the reputation of sweeping the drinkers off their feet with the first sip. Golden yellow in color, this complex, layered drink explores its full potential when aged for a few years. The aroma begins with a whiff of fruity smell and then slowly proceeds towards vanilla and brioche. It is described by wine lovers as a very crisp and smooth drink that is suitable for any occasion and worthy of its price tag.

2. Chocolate Shop Red Wine (Net Price: $15)

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If you are a wine lover, then you surely must have tasted this delicacy from Washington. If you have not, it is time; you do so immediately. This red wine gives off luring aroma of dark chocolate that entangles with your senses, and slight bits of cocoa powder continues to lurk in the taste bud long after you are finished with it. This chocolate flavor combined red wine is a must drink.

1. ONEHOPE California Sauvignon Blanc (Net Price: $11)

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Sauvignon Blanc, by the very popular recently formed ONEHOPE vineyard in Napa Valley, is aged with perfection in stainless steel, and a slight touch of squeezed lime adds to its enticing aroma and flavor. This refreshing and crisp drink are loved by wine lovers for its rich taste with an affordable price tag and hence no wonders it tops the best-selling list.

So as you can see wines come in varied flavors and prices. If you are not into wines, it is recommended that you try out everyone in the list, and you never know which one might tickle your taste bud in the right way.

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