Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Hand Bags In The World

The best way to define women by the first look is by looking at their sense of dressing which itself is an art, and most of them are good at it. Fashion not only includes the clothes you wear but the things you carry along with you especially the handbags. Women’s have excellent knowledge about fashion and its taste’s because they always change their handbags (a necessity) accordingly with the change in their attire.

Handbags are always a constant companion in a woman’s life whether they are in their office or at a party, so this commodity has a high demand for it is use in daily life. Women do not want their constant companion not to look weary but look stylish. The leading brands in fashion like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel, as well as other brands, release numerous kinds of designs and models every year. Compelling the consumers do a proper research before they go for a particular layout. So here is list the best selling handbags in the world:

List of the world’s top 10 most popular and best selling hand bags in 2018

10. Prada Saffiano Handbags (Price starting from: $1645):

Most Popular Hand Bags

When it comes to choosing deluxe leather made handbag with a high-quality Prada comes into the mind. The Italian brand usually produces leather accessories like shoes, handbags, luggage, and watches. The brand is one of the well-designed choices of all time as it offers anenormous range of products to its consumers.

The Saffiano bag is created with leather engraved with a crosshatch pattern, increasing the durability of the bag. Apart from a classy design the bag is also made water and scratch resistant. The Prada logo between the two handles of the bag makes it a much-loved product among the woman.

9. Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag (Price starting from: $500):

Most Popular Hand Bags

Apart from the classic look of the bag, this handbag ties an equal knot with the formals as well as casuals. Louis Vuitton released this product initially in the 1930s but till now has not lost its glitter remaining a favorite among the woman for stages. The material used in the handbag is of cowhide leather that grows dark with age, and the leather is highly durable. The bag also offers enough room for storing personal items.

8. Gucci Jackie Bag (Price starting from: $681.93):

Most Popular Hand Bags

The bag with never ending demands as it is widely favored by the woman and is never seem to go out of the approach. It is an Italian brand which started its production in late 1950. The company then restructured and re-launched again in the year 1999. The shoulder bag is quite spacey and lavish. Like the previous brands, these too come in various kinds of styles and materials. It is considered one of the best as well as expensive bags in the world.

7. Hermes (Price starting from: $972):

Most Popular Hand Bags

The brand which is known for its best craftsmanship which astonished the world with the design it provided to its products. The brand is primarily known for the leather which it uses in its bags. Hermes is French brand which has its headquarters in Paris and got its name from Thierry Hermes who had established it. It has a significant contribution in selling woman accessories and bags.

6. Balenciaga (Price starting from: $20):

Most Popular Hand Bags

Another brand famous for its luxurious items and is the leading producer of female accessories in Spain, which was well recognised in 1915. Though being an expensive brand,the efficiency of the products is very high. Apart from the durable leather, the bags are made very light, soft,, and the extra feature of storing mobile phones and leather framed mirrors makes it unique from the others.

5. Michael Kors (Price starting from: $272):

Most Popular Hand Bags

This brand barely needs an introduction as it is one of the oldest companies to produce stylish and beautiful handbags. The company also won many awards when for its fabulous designs and the quality of their product. It is a dream come true for every woman to own a handbag of this company such influential is the brand image. Other than being stylish the bags are trendy too, but they are expensive as well. They also design other woman accessories like jewelry, fragrances, shoes and many other luxurious items.

4. Burberry (Price starting from: $11.89):

Most Popular Hand Bags

Another bestselling brand across the world, having its headquarters in London it is the leading brand for woman accessories in England. Along with handbags their products also include ready to wear, fragrances, cosmetics, shades and other fashionable items. The beautiful handbags of this brand are quite famous among the actors, musicians, models and other personalities. Though the company was established in 1856 but still managed to thrive in today’s competitive market.

3. Christian Dior (Price starting from: $27.65):

Most Popular Hand Bags

Rated as one of the best brands in producing luxurious items of Europe, Christian Dior was established in 1946. The brand was named after Princess Diana by the first lady of France which was Bernadette Chirac after she was photographed with this bag. All the bags are handmade and are well crafted after which they are fixed either with gold or silver hardware. The Lady Bag materials are mainly copyright calfskin and leather.

2. Kate Spade (Price starting from: $148):

Most Popular Hand Bags

Kate Spade is an American company which is known for its best quality product along with the best style. Though the brand is very expensive for the quality it uses is very high, the demand for its handbags is never less. Despite producing luxurious handbags, the company also provides sunglasses, shoes, fragrances, jewelry and other stylish items.

1. Fendi Baguette (Price starting from: $2057):

Most Popular Hand Bags

The Italian based brand creates a small, compact bag which was initially designed by Fendi in 1997. The bag is a classy as well as modern and comes in a material of canvas and snakeskin. The bag is very comfortable o carry as its size is subtle and fits perfectly under the arm. The texture of the bag adds a unique attraction to it compelling customers to check it out. The Baguette is handy and iconic, a perfect choice for every woman.

The above-listed brands are though expensive but are the best selling hand bags brands. A person with a substantial knowledge about fashion will surely include the above listed names on their list.

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