Top 10 Must Have Android Accessories

There are many android accessories available in market today. These gadgets are essential for all android devices such as Smartphones. If you are an owner of android device, you will find out you cannot do without some of these accessories. Some of them are expensive but very important while other are relatively cheap and of high quality. Android accessories are manufactured by various company brands worldwide. Check the list below. It contains a lot of information concerning must have android accessories in market.

List of Top 10 Must Have Android Accessories in 2017

10. Best Selfie stick

Best Selfie stick Top Most Famous Must Have Android Accessories in The World 2019

This accessory is amongst important items that one should have for android devices. Selfie stick is important for talking selfie pictures. Straining hands for long when capturing selfie pictures is tiresome. This stick was established and released to market to make work easier. With use of Bluetooth technology, high quality pictures are captured with a lot of easy. Good thing about this wonderful android accessory is that it can be adjusted. This means that it can be used with people of different sizes.

9. Best portable Charge


This important accessory is useful for all android Smartphones and other devices. Owning best portable charge is like owning a power bank in your pocket. Portable charge can be an external battery or charging device. When going for adventurous trips where charging ports are not available, portable Charge become very useful because your device cannot go off. With this, you will be in a good position to continue taking pictures and videos to be viewed later after trip. Mophie PowerStation pro is one of best brands of portable charger that is available in market.

8. Best Headphones

Best Headphones Top Most Popular Must Have Android Accessories in The World 2018

Headphones are other good accessories for android. They are luxurious accessories used by young and old people today. Most ports of android headphones are of same size. This means that they can share this important item. There are many manufacturing companies of quality headphones readily available in market. They come in different colors and sizes. However, color does not change quality of this useful android Smartphone accessory. Cost of best headphones in market rage differently according to their quality. Bluetooth Mini Lightweight Wireless is one of best brands in market and is sold at $20.

7. Best speaker


Best speaker is one of the best android accessories that cannot be omitted in this article. It is amongst quality android items that are useful and readily available in market. This equipment is used and is ranked in seventh position of this article. There are many functions of best speaker. One is that they are useful I maximizing small sound of android devices such as Smartphones. This feature is useful especially when listening to music. Best speakers may contain a rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 hours. Their prices range differently according to quality.

6. Best camera Lenses


Many android device owners from various parts of this universe are currently addicted to taking of snapshots. When a device has poor camera lenses, you will find out that pictures released are of poor resolutions. Best brand of camera lenses are manufactured by a popular company know as Amir 3-in-1. Products of this company are durable and sold at fair price. When bought, they are inserted ad connected by experts. Other brands of this useful accessory are very expensive but are of high quality to get excellent work done.

5. Best Keyboard


The only problem experienced with android devices is that users cannot type like in a computer. This problem will not last for long in some people because of external quality keyboards that are in market today. Purchasing a nice keyboard is best solution to deal with this problem. This accessory should be powerful and effective always in order to give support to all users of android devices. Things are now getting better with quality keyboards in market. One example of best keyboard brand is 1byone Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard. This item can be trusted for good job.

4. Best waterproof case


Your android device will be protected from water damages only by use of Best waterproof case. It is a quality pouch that has ability to lift devices up to 5.7 inches. Design of this case has important features such as ultra clear windows and sensitive touch. With this case, you can comfortably take quality pictures under water. Deep sea divers are fans of this accessory. Scientists are also users of waterproof cases especially when doing research in big water bodies worldwide. Secure your android device by purchasing quality waterproof case for it. This will bring about quality service of many years.

3. Best Cyclist Mount


Best cyclist mount is another quality accessory that is useful for android devices such as Smartphones and tablets. As we all know, cyclists tend to be very serious when taking rides in streets. This accessory is able to track distance covered and keep required records that are viewed later. Android devices will also be in a position to give direction by use of map applications stored in them.

2. Best Tripod Stand


On second position of this article is Best Tripod Stand. It is ranked in second position of this article and is one of most useful android accessories sold I market today. Best tripod Stand is useful for photographic purposes. Price of this item is affordable and available in market.

1. Best wireless charging Pad


Wireless charging pad is an important accessory that is essential in keeping your android device on always. It was introduced specifically to handle problems of android devices with damaged charging ports. Charging pad is wireless and has ability to emit power to your android phone. This gadget can be purchased from either online or physical markets around. People of various classes of life can comfortably purchase charging pad because of their affordable cost.

Above list consists of 10 important accessories that should be purchased specifically for android devices such as phones and tablets. These accessories are readily available in market and are sold at different prices according to their quality. They always give good experience.

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