Top 10 Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets in the World 2017

Kitchen is most important part of any home. Initially mothers ruled over kitchen but now everyone is a part of kitchen from house wife’s to youth all are cooking. There are different categories of Kitchen equipment’s and Gadgets which increase the worth of your kitchen. Some are exceptionally beautiful, some extraordinarily large, some like master piece of art and some small yet valuable.

Cooking is an art which requires many devices and gadgets .You may ask yourself what are the most expensive kitchen gadgets in the world now. So the answer to the answer to your question is given below. This list contains all the information required by a person to know about these best ones. So let’s go ahead with the list and you will know what these items are.

List of the world’s top 10 Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets in 2017

10. Skybars Wine Preservation and serving system (Price- $1000)

Skybars Wine Preservation and serving system Expensive Kitchen Gadgets 2016

If you are a wine lover but worry about the preservation of wine for many days then this is the answer to your problem. Skybars Wine Preservation and serving system is a system where you can keep 3 wine bottles and also preserve them for 10 days after opening it.
Another unique advantage of this system is that it comes with a unique dispensing system which is of a lot of help In case you have invited guests to home and are busy preparing things this system can help you to serve glasses of wine as it has a dispensing system hence saving your time as well.

9. Blendtechs Stealth Blender system (Price- $2,330)

Blendtechs Stealth Blender system Expensive Kitchen Gadgets 2016-2017

Blendtech is a very famous company making blending machines and selling them from over 50 years in the global market. There was a need from a long time to make blender that can blend all things easily and even in good quantity so the company made the Stealth Blender system. This probably blends and crushes anything that you put in it. There are special dedicated touch sense keys for all kinds of blending almost any kind of fruit, coffee bean or spice you put into it. This super blender is undoubtedly a useful kitchen Gadget and top one in the list of expensive Kitchen Gadgets.

8. Dacor’s Discovery Wine Station (Price – $5,299)

Dacor Discovery Wine Station Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets 2016

The Dacor’s Discovery Wine Station is probably one of the best creations of man in this 21st century we are living in. This is a mixture of engineering and science, engineering because this machine is kind of an interactive device where you can choose your own mix of wine and science because this can preserve wine for over 2 months even after bottle is opened.
This really gives a class to your home when your guests arrive they can serve themselves through this machine. You can flaunt or boast yourself to have this expensive yet useful machine.

7. Sub-Zero Wolf Freezer Drawers (Price- $7,250)

Sub-Zero Wolf Freezer Drawers Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets 2017-2018

There are secret places of moms where they hide best fruits or cookies from their children so that when they are hungry it can be given. These freezer drawers are best suited to keep vegetables and fruits as they are fixed below kitchen tables. You can just take the vegetable or fruit you want and cut it fresh as required. These are made up of plastic inside and wood outside that enables you to paint the outer surface of this freezer as per the design of the table you want to fix it in. One product with so many advantages is rarely found.

6. Mugnaini’s Wood Fired Pizza Oven (Price- $8,500)

Mugnaini’s Wood Fired Pizza Oven Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets 2016

Pizza is one of the most loved food in the world and having a traditional oven at home that cooks with wood fire is just too good. This Wood Fired Pizza Oven from Mugnaini’s adds both beauty to kitchen and also loosens your purse a little but it’s worth it. This is a multipurpose oven as well. You can make cakes and brad for your family and also cook chicken and any other thing that is made in an oven. This is a dream for all chefs in the world who specialise in smoked cooking to have this oven in their kitchen that can be used to make over 1500 dishes.

5. Hammacher Juicer (Price- $9,900)

Hammacher Juicer Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets 2016

This Juicer is one of the fastest and most powerful juicer made to be used in homes. It can take around 90 oz. juice in just one minute and uses the crushing method to extract juice that is the reason why the juice is in good quantity and pulpy. This does all the crushing work automatically unlike traditional crushers where you need to push and press fruits for them to actually get into the machine. All fruits like Oranges, Pomegranate, Watermelon, Limes and grapes can be crushed in this super machine.

4. La Cornue Rotisserie (Price- $10,000)

La Cornue Rotisserie Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets 2016

A Rotisserie every restaurant and chef would want to have in their working area. This Rotisserie by La Cornue is one of a kind Rotisserie which is semi-automatic and the spits rotates on its own giving good heat that cooks the meat or fish evenly and properly. Although the cost of this machine is $10,000 in the market but it is still worth it and can be afforded by restaurant owners and will also earn in thousands. It is basically a onetime investment which pays off well in the future.

3. Victoria Arduino’s Venus Century Espresso Machine (Price- $20,000)

Victoria Arduino Venus Century Espresso Machine Expensive Kitchen Gadgets 2016

We all love Coffee which itself is a very expensive beverage indeed and most sought after drink in the world. This beverage needs something that is extraordinarily beautiful and the Victoria Arduino’s Venus Century Espresso Machine is that special one. Only 100 of these beauties were made and sold in the markets so this is indeed a very valuable machine to have in your restaurant and the most expensive as well. This big machine was built as homage to Victoria Arduino on their centenary celebrations. This is a rare exclusive kitchen device that is found only in 100 places on earth.

2. Meneghini Arredamenti Refrigerator (Price- $41,000)

Meneghini Arredamenti Refrigerator Expensive Kitchen Gadgets 2016

Priced at $41000 this is the world’s biggest Refrigerator made to be used in your homes. It is so big that the total stock of food, fruits, vegetables, meats and whole pantry for 3 months can be stored in it. Takes the space of a full wall in your kitchen where it is fixed. This works with fully automated technology and gives proper cooling to all the parts of the system evenly or as per requirement. You can store almost any food stuff in it and can be sure that it stays fresh. This refrigerator is Italian made and comes in multiple color choices and combinations that suit your style.

1) Sveid Custom-Made Corkscrew (Price – $70,000)

Sveid Custom-Made Corkscrew Expensive Kitchen Gadgets 2016

The most expensive corkscrew ever made on earth till now today is this very Sveid Custom-Made Corkscrew which costs $70,000. This comes in various options like gold plated and platinum series as well and also comes with a custom signature as well where you can have your signature or name printed on it. This is a multipurpose corkscrew, bottle opener, seal breaker and tin opener. This is the number 1 in the list of most expensive kitchen gadgets ever made in the world till now.

So here is the full list of the top 10 most expensive kitchen gadgets ever made on earth in this year of 2017. You can always buy some of these cool items and increase the worth of your kitchen always.


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