Top 10 Most Popular Chocolate Bars in The World

Chocolate has been one of the most favorite food type in the world. You will find it in cakes, brownies, chocolate bars, and hot chocolate and even in mousse. In addition, many people give out chocolate in special days like on Valentine’s Day, Easter, on Christmas and many other day as people have different special days in their lives. Chocolate bars are not only eaten or shared in America but all over the world by different persons. Below is a review of the top ten most popular chocolate bars in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Chocolate Bars in The World in 2017

10. Vosges: Mo’s Bacon Bar

Vosges: Mo’s Bacon Bar, Top 10 Most Popular Chocolate Bars in The World 2017

Starting our list is the Vosges chocolate bars. This particular one has been made from a combination of chocolate and bacon since people love these two. The most popular one is the Mo’s Bacon Candy Bars. These one is favorite for many people because of the sweet taste that has been incorporated in it. It is mostly found in places like Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. For the lovers of bacon and chocolate they should taste this one.

9. Black Science Madagascar Bar


This has been one of the best bars from Soma. They come in several impressive shapes either rectangular or circular. These ones are from the Canadians and they are very popular because they not only give sweet taste but they are the best gifts you can give to your loved one or your best friends. They have been added several flavor that make them different there is one that has been dusted with Sumac powder that is very incredible. They are also filled with a lot of milk.

8. Nestle KitKat


Although not a chocolate, a wafer biscuit has been covered with chocolate. It was initially created in England but is now being produce at Nestle. They come in several varieties of flavors like white, mint and cookie and cream. This is the best one. For some android user the name KitKat is familiar since it has been connected with the android operating system with the same name. You should try this one if you want to have the most popular one.

7. Dairy Milk: Cadbury


Dairy milk is one of the best bars from the British company Cadbury. Dairy milk are one of the best as they have been made with different flavor incorporation. The way the manufacturers have made milk with candy bars is just incredible as the taste found in it is one of a kind. What has made this one popular is due to the presence of their branches in more than fifty countries all around the world. You will create joy when you present anyone with one of these bars.

6. Valrhona


This company has been in existence from 1922 and during all these time, they have been giving the world only the best chocolate bars. They have very yummy and delicious bars. What has made it so popular is because all the products that come from here fit all kind of occasion be it Valentines, birthdays and many other more. They have a variety of pearls and squared bars that will leave the best taste in your mouth.

5. Michel Cluizel


Michel Cluizel who took over the pastry business started this one in 1948. It was started in Normandy France where many people go to learn the art of making the sweet tasting gift. No one visiting France will miss to taste a bar from the best. They make the bars with cappuccino that have been filled with coffee ganache and have been added several coatings and fillings. This is one of the best chocolate to taste. Each time you are in France or New York where they have a distribution outlet. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Chocolate Bars in The World 2017.

4. Scharffen Berger


Scharffen was known for creating the best wine until when he joined the pastry industry and try the art of making chocolate. Since then they have been producing the best square shaped selections of bars some of them include Milky Chocolate Bar that have been added Sea salted Almonds. They have several branches all over the world that have been known for selling only the best. Before I forget, they are made from highly sampled beans from all over the world.

3. Bovetti


This is one of the best one that are being produced in the African in an island called the chocolate island. French called Valter Bovetti inspired it. They use beans that have been professionally selected. They have been producing over 150 different bars with some of them being added special ingredients like ginger and lavender petals. They have also been known for coating their products with rosemary, mustard, coriander, fennel and anise seed.

2. Leonidas


This line of pastry product was inspired by the love affair that happened between its makers Leonidas Kestekides and a Belgian girl. Leonidas started by selling it on the front of his teashop and later expanded to currently when he has more than 1,500 storehouses all around the world. They run their stores with the motto democracy in chocolate that mean that they do not only make their products so the rich guys but everyone. This is the best.

1. Amedei


This is the most popular chocolate bars in the world 2017. One of the best female has made it chocolatier in the world. She has been known for making the world’s most expensive chocolate Cecilia Tessieri. This bar is known to be very sweet and contains all the ingredients you would want to have in the sweetest gift. Some of the best from her are Cru Madagascar Extra Dark Chocolate and Chuao Bar all of which have 70 percent cocoa.

Finally as I conclude these are the top ten best and most popular chocolate bars in the world 2017. To all lovers of this great product you should at least ensure that you will get to taste one of this bars in your lifetime to know that chocolate bar is not only made of cocoa but when other ingredients are put in place they give you the best taste.

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