Top 10 Most Popular Calvin Klein Perfumes

Most people believes that colognes are for men and perfume for women, but today all that laws do not apply any more. Top designer like Calvin Klein have come up with fragrances that are unisex blend. He is well known internationally as an accessory and clothing designer includes his world popular scents. His first perfume launch was in 1981, he started with women creation in 1985 and he did for men in 1986. Calvin has more than 128 different incenses for both genders. Latest perfumes were released under auspices of Coty.CK in 2016. Here are some for the most used Calvin Klein perfumes.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Calvin Klein Perfumes in 2017

10. Escape for Men

escape for men, Top 10 Most Popular Calvin Klein Perfumes 2018

Many men love this woodsy scent perfume. A combination of lavender and spice is very appealing. For extra scent charm, CK included also minor sweet-smelling attars of peach, roses, apples, mandarins and sandalwood. It was launched in 1993 with green aromatic smell. Top notes are juniper, melon, mango, bergamot and grapefruit; middle résumés are cypress, rosemary, sea notes, fir, birch and sage; base note includes vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli, aokmoss and amber.

9. Truth for Women


Truth is a well-mannered bouquet that gives a soft oriental gift. It is best applied in daytime when going for work. Reviews have stated that each woman smells different when she wears it. This elegant cologne is made between contrast notes of cool, grass, warmth and fresh on women’s skin. Main résumés used includes wet woods, bamboo, vanilla, white peony, sandalwood, and white amber. Jacques Cavallier, Thierry Wasser and Alberto Morillas created it. It was first launched in the market in 2000. You can wear it in daytime or even when going for a date.

8. Beauty for Women


It is a delightful classy scent for a lady. Calvin Klein did a perfect job of combining cedar, amber, cally lily, and a slight hint of lovely jasmine. Last longer when you wear. Beauty helps all beautiful ladies to feel more confident and feminine. You can use it during the day and is perfect for evening dinner with your co-workers.

7. CK for Women


If you are going for a romantic dinner, CK for Women is a best perfume to wear. It has a unique scent that involves a mix of floral and woodsy with an oriental base. Combination includes bergamot, pink grapefruit, and hint of red leaf currant, white cactus, amber, vanilla and orchid. Its sweet smell will last for a long time.

6. Eternity Aqua for Men


Calvin Klein planned this attar with urbane man in mind. Its clean and aquatic scent will last all day. The ingredients combines include cucumbers, lotus, citrus, cedar, musk hint, peppers, and lavenders. Eternity Aqua has that romantic aroma that lives a man feeling more special than before. You can wear it in when going for nightclub out or in daytime. It was ranked number one in Calvin Klein perfume products. It was first introduced in the market was in 1988. In 1989, Eternity won Most Successful Men’s Fragrance Award.

5. Contradiction for Men


This sweet-scent perfume can last for a whole day and it has an overwhelming odor. With this type of bouquet, each person will tell you how good your smell. He has pervaded a citrusy olive scent with leaves, sage, vetiver, sandalwood and nutmeg. Contradiction gives a man that mystery air which everyone loves to smell. It was launched in 1998 by design house. You can get it from perfume store. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Calvin Klein Perfumes 2017.

4. Eternity for Women


This incense is well known for its romantic scent. It has an exciting and happy smell for that extraordinary lady. You can wear it when you are around the house, when going for a quick drink, or in office. Key ingredients include patchouli, amber, flower, fruity scent and spice. This eternity for women makes a lady feel beautiful and elegant.

3. Obsession for men


This is one of Calvin Klein popular product. It has unique combination of citrusy mandarin, sandalwood, spices, musk, and amber. If you want to smell sexy, then obsession is a best scent to go for. It does not have overpowering smell. All women love when their men wear it. It has a delicate aroma of red berries imposed structure that adds specific and sensuousness to perfume. Bob Slattery is the creator of this fragrance together with Pierre Dinand designer of bottle. Its first launch in the market was in won FIFI Award in 1987.

2. Euphoria for Women


Euphoria perfume is perfect for women who like to be noticed and not be forgotten. It gives her a scent of seduction and project in confidence. Ingredients combination includes in Euphoria are black violet, pomegranate, lotus, black orchids, mahogany and persimmons. All ladies love this product to wear when going for a date or night out dancing.

1. Obsession and Obsession Eau de Perfum for Women


This brand is standard and unique, simply but classy and it do not have strong scent. Obsession Eau de Parfum is mixed together with vanilla and citrus that gives a body a warm and clean trail. In addition, of attar, Calvin Klein has used spice, sandalwood and musk. It is an irresistible odor that commercial for its states powerful, passionate, between madness and love, intense lies obsession. It was launched in 1985. Ingredient use also includes alcohol denat, water, limonene, cinnamal, isoeugenol, and citric acid.

Above are some of Top 10 Most Popular Calvin Klein Perfumes 2017 with sweet scent that will leave you feeling elegant, beautiful, and fresh. He is and will continue to be the leader of unisex fragrance globally. You can get one those perfect perfume or buy one as a gift for someone you love.

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