Top 10 Most Popular Burberry Perfume Scents

Burberry is a popular fashion house brand of fragrances sold in market today. Its headquarters is located in London, in England. Perfumes manufactured by this fashion house are unique, long lasting and of high quality. They contain admirable scents that attract people from all parts of the world. Market demand of these perfumes rise higher and higher each year therefore gaining a lot of success for this particular company. Let us check on top 10 most popular Burberry perfume scents in market today.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Burberry Perfume Scents in 2017

10. Burberry Brit Gift set

Burberry Brit Gift set, Top 10 Most Popular Burberry Perfume Scents 2017

Brit Gift is a set that was manufactured by Burberry Fragrance Company. It has various scents that are specifically meant for men. These scents are because of combination of grey musk, Cedar, more than 3.3 ounces of aftershave and shower gel. Beauty consultants always recommend that Brit is right and romantic gift to offer to your partner in parties like birthdays. Fantastic and attractive scents will always keep men close to their hearts. For hygiene and fresh feeling, apply after every bath.

9. Burberry Brit Body Lotion


This beauty product should not be confused with that discussed in one above. They are both manufactured by same company and in same manner. Ladies are always considered to love strong and sweet scents than men. As far as I am concerned, modern women are not fully dressed without application of a romantic fragrance. Brit Lotion is long lasting. A small amount is gently applied and is able to retain freshness for that entire day. Favorite scent will keep your friends asking kind of beauty products that you normally use.

8. Burberry Body Milk

Burberry Body Milk Top Most Famous Burberry Perfume Scents 2019

Body milk is a unique and fine cream that was manufactured specifically for modern ladies. Its ingredients are pure sugar and other great ingredients. These ingredients give out fresh feel and scent altogether. Office class women who use Body milk are said to have confidence whenever addressing meeting in an organization. Lightweight and moisturizing effects of this lotion work towards eliminating dry skin. Soft skin is felt afterwards. This Burberry product is essential for people with damaged and dry skins. It will sort out their problems completely. Sometime skin of ladies is destroyed by other fake beauty products in market. This one is meant to restore.

7. Burberry Body Intense


Various quality ingredients are combined and blended together to form body intense composition from Burberry. Some of these ingredients include green absinthe, rose that contains cashmeran, woodsy, and slightly light vanilla to add a sweet smelling scent. This body and beauty product was manufactured specifically for ladies. Intense is among the best selling Burberry products, hence featured in this list today. Ladies enjoy long lasting scent from this quality brand hence regarded as long lasting. It can be worn day and night and essential in all occasions.

6. Body gift set


This is another Burberry beauty product for ladies. It is established from durable ingredients that are combined together to form body gift set. Some of these ingredients are vanilla, musk, amber, cashmeran combine with natural roses. They both work together to give out a natural smell of freshness. Gift set come in three different sizes of bottle with different prices. People purchase according to their level and both of them are responsible for smoothening dry skins and making them soft. One advantage of this beauty product is price, which is fair and affordable to everyone.

5. The beat of men


Just from mention of its name, automatically you will know that it was manufactured specifically for men and not women. Its scent is unique and regarded for modern and men of class. Problem of bad odor in men have been completely dealt with the beat of men beauty product from Burberry. Sweet scent is because of spicy black pepper, white and violet thyme and woody spices. Black pepper ingredient is essential in keeping scent strong ad durable on clothes and body. Natural freshness is experienced all day long.

4. Brit Rhythm


This is another quality beauty product from Burberry that was specifically manufactured as best gift for ladies. Men have realized this to be a good thing to offer to women in their lives and serves as a great contribution to relationship growth. Unlike other beauty products in markets, Brit for ladies is very unique and has sweet scent that most ladies admire to have. Quality ingredients of this quality product are musk, natural flowers, fresh fruits and Vetiver. Young women are lovers Brit Rhythm for ladies.

3. Burberry touch for women


Burberry touch for women is another excellent fragrance for women that are a result of oranges and woody scents blended together. Records have revealed that this is part of Burberry’s success. Bottles of Touch for women are uniquely designed and always attract clients from far. When empty, they can be used to decorate houses. This product is readily available in all beauty and fashion houses worldwide. It can also be accessed on online market such as Amazon. What is required is full names and residential area. Little amount of delivery fee is necessary.

2. Brit Rhythm

Brit Rhythm Top Most Popular Burberry Perfume Scents 2018

This product was manufactured specifically for men and applied especially after shaving. Rushes and pigments that appear after every shave are completely dealt with Brit Rhythm. Carrying this product around is not a difficult because of its tiny sized bottle and box. Its quality ingredients include black leather, Patchouli, cedarwood, cardamom and juniper berries. All of these are essential in working out for better results and scent of Brit Rhythm.

1. Burberry Brit rhythm for men


This beauty product is slightly same as that discussed in second position above. Only difference is that this one is for men. Bottle design is same as that of women despite of color. Sweet scent from this fragrance keeps men confident around women and other official members.

Were you looking for most popular Burberry perfume scents 2017 there before? This article has equipped you with full information of all you needed. List above comprises of beauty products both for men and for women. Some are affordable while others need high-class people in the community.

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