Top 10 Most Popular Bicycle Brand in The World

The bicycle is one of best means of transport because it is cheap easy to handle too. Everyone like using a bike as a means of transport. Bike reduces the pollution compared to other means of transport. Nowadays many bicycles have been produced in the market with very different design. The bicycle company produces bike of different categories like mountain bike, road bike and young generation bike. The bikes are available at different. The following are most popular Bicycle brand 2018.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Bicycle Brand in The World in 2018


Most Popular Bicycle Brand

This North America based brand was discovered in 1988. Dan Gerhard and Jacob started famous brand of the bicycle. The first hike the Kona has made people cycle for very many years. They have a nice mountain bike. The first bike to make was made for girls have very attractive colors that every woman likes. This is the largest company the headquarters are in Washington. The bikes are good when it comes to going down the hill. The performance of the bike is just is just a nice one. Most women like this bikes.


Most Popular Bicycle Brand

This is JA Company in Taiwan. The Company is known for making very nice design and selling very expensive bike s though very stylish. The company was found in 1972 where the engineer later died after establishing these good Bicycle. The bike varies in different colors and different functioning. The company gets the highest sale every year after they started producing they have been the ruling company for long. Bicycles for men are available in 77 countries.


Most Popular Bicycle Brand

The bike is very famous as a sport bike, in the world it has been used for a very long time. The company that produce this bike is the Swiss company, the company is known to produce even other machines a part from the bike. Origin of the company is in Sun Valley. Ed Scott found it. These bikes cannot fail you very reliable. The pole of the bike is aluminum.


Most Popular Bicycle Brand

Founder of this company is Mike Sin yard, which started in the year 1974. This is a widely known company that is doing very well and the company is full of success. The y supplies their product all over the nation and makes a great sale. The bike has carbon that name the riding easy and even fun to do it the person even enjoy having the bike.


Most Popular Bicycle Brand

The company is in Canada and started in the year 1971 but it was first used in the year 1983. The frames of the bicycle are made with aluminum and some other frames are gained. The latest make from the company has carbon fibers. The bike has gear and they shift according to the momentum you are using. This makes the bike easy to ride and you use less effort to ride.


Most Popular Bicycle Brand

This very famous bike company is in North America founded in the year 1976. It is known for making mountain climbing bikes and hybrid bike. The headquarters are in Wisconsin. They distribute bike all over the world. The bikes have different names depending on the type of the bike. This bike ids durable and weigh very few kilos so easy to carry incase off any damage. This bike solves a lot of problem like urban congestion, climate change effect and body fitness.


Most Popular Bicycle Brand

You can never go wrong with this go for this if you are looking for a high-class bike. Rich Novak and Rob Roskoop founded this in the year 1993. They produce End mountain bike. They were the first to produce a bike with a single pivot. The bike are not expensive and performs very well , the system is the pedaling system which function best even in the mountains.


Most Popular Bicycle Brand

This Is a California based company that was founded by Bob Buckley in the year is the best bike brand in USA and the very famous one in the world. They produce bikes in different colors and accessories. They are known for producing mountain bikes but still they produce other types of bikes. Some of the bikes from this company are very expensive but still people go for them.


Most Popular Bicycle Brand

This is the most popular American brand that was founded in 1979 in Santa Ana. The bike is known because it is very expensive and high class too. This are the common types people know; BMMX, MONTAIN AND ROAD BIKES. These bikes are available in many colors that look very attractive and stylish. The sponsors of this company are Gary Turner and Richard long. Another company in Canada that is Dorel industries helped the company. The company was known because of “triple triangle” this is what made the company to go this far and the sale to be that high too. When you get to experience this bike, you feel very nice as if you are flying because of the suspension in the back as well as the front.


Most Popular Bicycle Brand

This is a company in Taiwan which was started by King Liu in 1972.This are the most used bicycle in the world. The company is also Mega Company because they have 12000 retail shops in more than 50 countries. Still they manufacture other bike in China and Netherland. Their bikes are not very expensive that is why they make those large sales. The quality of the bike is still very high and used for sports, mountain climbing or children to enjoy themselves at home. This is one of the best of looking for one go for this and all your needs will be solved.

The problem of being overweight and having excuse that no mean of exercise. This is the best .most people have used this and have made it for them. Bikes are of different type’s mountain, Giant bicycles and may others. The above is the most popular bicycle brand brand in 2018.

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