Top 10 Most Popular Bestselling Food Products in The World

Consumer goods and packaged food have become very prevalent in modern society. With aggressive advertising, they have taken over every meal that we have today. The industry is growing faster than ever today and becoming prominent in developing countries. However, it cannot be denied some brands make delicious food despite their product often being criticized by health bodies for not being nutritious.

Using data from several top class research institutes we have found what are the highest grossing food products. Here are the top 10 bestselling food products of the world in 2017.

List of world’s Top 10 most popular and Bestselling Food Products in 2017

10. Raisin Bran (Price: $3.90- $4.80)

Raisin Bran Bestselling Food Products 2016-2017

This healthy breakfast cereal that has been manufactured by a few different companies is attractive. The cereal provides over 300 calories in just a 100-gram serving and has often been criticized for high sugar content. This crispy cereal can help you start your day and is popular throughout the United States and also other countries (where it is often marketed as Sultana Bran). The brilliantly crispy combination of wheat bran flakes and lovely juicy raisins is the secret to the popularity of this cereal.

9. Froot Loops (Price: $4.20- $4.80)

Froot Loops Bestselling Food Products 2016-2017

Named for the brightly colored and fruit flavored loop shapes cereals, this favorite best selling food product is sold all over the world by Kellogg’s. With the Toucan Sam as its mascot, the packet contains sweetened cereals that might be of different colors but share the same fruity flavor. Providing essential nutrients along with fiber and carbohydrates to kick start your day, Froot Loops are incredibly popular among kids as a breakfast cereal. Although sometimes marketed as having different flavors, all Froot Loops taste the same and don’t have any real fruit in them.

8. Lucky Charms (Price: $4.20- $4.71)

Lucky Charms Bestselling Food Products 2016-2017

Lucky Charms is a classic breakfast cereal that has been in production since the 1960s. Featuring an animated leprechaun mascot named Lucky, this much-loved cereal is produced by General Mills, a giant food company. Lucky Charms are made of toasted oat pieces and have different colored marshmallow pieces that add to its delicious flavor. Still hugely popular (in fact they had the most successful year in 2012) the brand has not only succeeded in pleasing children but adults too with their delightful cereal.

7. Frosted Mini-Wheats (Price: $2.99- $3.16)

Frosted Mini-Wheats Bestselling Food Products 2016-2017

This brand is exactly what the name suggests – pieces of cereal made from wheat and covered in frosting. Produced by Kellogg’s and marketed all over the world, though by different names, Mini-Wheats are extremely popular. Introduced first in the 1970s the cereal has undergone various changes in packaging and marketing, but the taste remains the same and therefore does the reputation. In 2012 there was a controversy regarding the cereal when several packages were recalled on suspicion of having metal fragments.

6. Special K (Price: $4.45- $4.47)

Special K Bestselling Food Products 2016-2017

Another product from the house of Kellogg’s, Special K is a cereal brand that has been available in America since 1955. It is ideal breakfast food for health conscious people who want to lose weight as it is a low-fat food product. Made mainly from rice and wheat this product is almost exclusively marketed to adults and not children, unlike most cereals. Available all over the world and in a variety of different flavors, Special K often introduces giveaway offers for numerous healthiness and fitness products.

5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Price: $3.13)

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bestselling Food Products 2016-2017

Jointly produced by General Mills and Nestle, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is marketed throughout the world and is a favorite breakfast cereal. Consisting of small squares made of wheat and rice that are covered in cinnamon and sugar, this cereal tastes like cinnamon toast but in a much crispier and crunchier format. Eating it for the first time can be a real experience because the cereal makes a characteristic “snap” noise, due to the rice content, when immersed in milk.

4. Cheerios (Price: $2.99- $3.68)

Cheerios Bestselling Food Products 2016-2017

Cheerios is manufactured by General Mills in New York but marketed by Nestle in several countries outside the United States. Cheerios were originally known as CheeriOats when first introduced in 1941. This cereal brand doesn’t use any genetically modified ingredients and has been completely gluten free since last year by removing wheat and barley grains that used to get in during production and transportation. The brand is known for cooperating with farmers by helping and innovating in the field of cultivation of oats.

3. Honey Bunches of Oats (Price: $3.40)

Honey Bunches of Oats Bestselling Food Products 2016-2017

In the list of bestselling food products honey bunches of Oats was introduced in 1989 and is made with three different types of flakes and oat clusters that have been baked with a little bit of honey. Often marketed as a source of whole grain, some varieties of this cereal even has real almonds and pieces of fruit added. An interesting fact about this product’s brand is that it started when a Post employee named Vernon Herzing tried mixing different Post cereals with the help of his daughter as a taste-tester.

2. Frosted Flakes (Price: $4.20- $4.80)

Frosted Flakes Bestselling healthy Food Products 2016-2017

One of the healthy food products frosted flakes have been sold in the United States since 1952 and are produced by cereal giant Kellogg’s. The cereal is made of sugar-coated corn flakes and even has generic versions available. The cereal is marketed to be rich in vitamin D, and it has Tony the Tiger as its official mascot since their inception. Available in many different countries all around the world in various flavors and varieties. The cereal claims to be low fat and provides 110 calories per ¾ cup serving.

1. Honey Nut Cheerios (Price: $3.68)

Honey Nut Cheerios Bestselling yummy Food Products 2016-2017

Honey Nut Cheerios is a variation on the original Cheerios produced by the General Mills food company. Much sweeter than Cheerios it also has honey and almond flavor. Undoubtedly the best-selling cereal in America, it is popular throughout the world. It is also known for being rich in soluble fiber which is known to reduce heart disease and even lower cholesterol. Unlike many bowls of cereal, it meets the saturated fat and cholesterol levels as suggested by American Heart Association.

That was our list of the bestselling food products on the planet, and you can be assured of impressive quality when you buy from one of these brands. Not only more attractive, but these healthy, tasty and bestselling food products also taste better than any other products can find on the market.

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