Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Handguns in The World

Handguns are an essential weapon to some people others just feel safer even if they wish never to use it. Following the increased insecurity cases in all parts of the world, if possible you can add to your personal security by purchasing a gun. However, you should get the best handgun, one that you can handle easily and make sure you license it. Nevertheless, you should research on the type of pistol you intend to buy, to avoid confusion, since the various kinds of handguns are available in the market, and sellers might mislead you to buying one that might be too much for you. Here is a guide of the best-selling guns you can purchase. However, the guns are of different designs and prices.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Handguns in The World in 2017

10. FN Herstal FNX -45

FN Herstal FNX -45, Top 10 Best Selling Handguns in The World 2017

The FN Herstal FNX -9 handgun model is manufactured in the United States. Besides, the gun weighing 21.9 ounces, it features a 4inch long barrel. However, to feed the system of the gun, you must have a 17-round box magazine. The greatest advantage of the handgun is its long durability. The gun is designed in such a way it fits comfortably in the grip, making the gun very easy to hold.

9. The Glock 17 Gen 4


Gen makes the largest handgun introduced in the market by Glock manufacturers. The gun weighs 25.06 ounces and features a 4.48-inch long barrel. Gen 4 is the best-selling gun in the market of handguns. Additionally, the gun is very attractive to gun lovers, not only because of its technical design but also due to its real-world design for gun lovers it is a master piece.

8. The Walther P99 AS610


The gun is suitable for any person any gun lover who would want to own a handgun that fits in his/her grip correctly despite your hand size or training. It weighs 24 ounces and has a 4inch long barrel which is fed by a 15 round magazine that proves it a force to reckon with. The gun is made using a polymer frame, to aid the user in fitting the gun in his/her hands.

7. Taurus-PT92


The handgun is designed and manufactured in Brazil. It weighs 34ounces and features a 5inches long barrel. It is a high-quality gun that still manages to keep the price low that most people can afford. The Taurus-PT92 is a semi-automatic designed to feature both single and double action all packaged in one refined weapon to offer the best at whatever field it is commissioned to.

6. Beretta -92FS


If you live the United States, chances are you will see a Beretta -92FS whether you are a gun person or not, since it is widely used by police officers and the military. One of its outstanding features is the capacity to shoot up to a distance of fifty yards. It’s designed and manufactured in the United States and weighs 33.3 ounces and features a 4.9-inch long barrel. You simply should not want to be on its wrong end of the barrel.

5. SIG-Sauer-P226


For any compact handgun lover, SIG-Sauer-P226 is a must have gun..It uses a high capacity double stack magazine making it a good choice for the military and law enforcement agencies who require the power and plenty of bullets to keep the gangsters in check if need be. It is a full sized pistol that proudly holds the SIG Sauer high standards. Additionally, the handgun and Beretta M9 are very similar. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Selling Handguns in The World 2017.

4. Baby-Eagle II BE9915R


Although the gun aids the user in giving good shots, it is massive to hold. Also, the gun weighs 41.6 ounces, which makes it heavy to hold for small size users. It’s attractive design, and long durability, make it very popular with many users. Just like any other thing, the greatest disadvantage with the gun is its high price, and only professionals use it but those with that privilege really enjoy themselves in the shooting range and if the need arises that threaten their security chances are anyone they aim at will have a really bad day.

3. Springfield XD m-4.5


The Springfield XD m-4.5 has redesigned how we think of polymer pistols, weighing at just 29 ounces and a 4.5-inch long barrel it is quite the catch. It comes with three interchangeable backstraps so despite your hand size it will fit perfectly to offer the ultimate precision during shooting. It has mega lock texturing to give the ultimate grip. Its whole design is to offer impeccable and reliable performance which it achieves effortlessly while still offering superior ergonomics.

2. EAA Witness Elite Match


The EAA Witness Elite Match features a two-tone finish, an integral accessory rail, and a fully adjustable sight. It weighs 40 ounces and features a 4.75-inch long barrel. It’s a high-quality gun that has gripped most gun lovers hearts. It is very safe to handle and offers perfect aim and hits your target hard. Its superiority can be felt just by holding the frame model which perfectly fits in your hands.

1. CZ-75 SP 01


The handgun is among the best guns you can find on the market. The weight of the gun is 39 ounces, and it features 4.8 inches long barrel. The gun has a black poly coat finish, which is resistant to corrosion making it durable. Also, the gun design comprises of a beavertail, which protects your hand while shooting, while allowing you to have a deeper and secure grip. It is mostly used by military and law enforcement forces, due to its exceptional accuracy. Although the gun has an unyielding shooting range, it is very expensive.

These above are the Top 10 Best Selling Handguns in The World 2017. Although these are the best handguns you can find in the market due to their ability to their ease and ability to handle, you should only purchase a handgun that you are entirely comfortable to handle. Besides, you should always get and renew your gun license as the law, to have it as a personal legal gun. Additionally, you should use your gun in the right manner and when appropriate. Although licensed and legal, you should avoid misusing your gun.

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