Top 10 Most Favorite Perfume Brands of Bollywood Actresses

Sweating is a common and normal thing for every human being. However, you should look for a solution to stop smelling sweat, only way is by using perfume. Perfume hinders bad smell and bring good smell and without smelly body or armpits. You should always find a way to odor nice. Everyone has made it a habit to look for most stunning cologne, especially celebrities. They love going for branded ones that can live them with refreshing and lovely feeling. They tend to spend even more than expected for beautiful and luxurious scent. Most of them are ladies. If you are looking for sweet smelling perfume that your favorite celebrity wears, then here are top ten lists of their favorite brands of Bollywood actresses in 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Favorite Perfume Brands of Bollywood Actresses in 2017

10. Madhuri Dixit

madhuri dixit, Top 10 Most Favorite Perfume Brands of Bollywood Actresses 2017

She has been popular for her personality, talent and beauty and the best Bollywood actress. Her desired scent is Exemplary. This perfume has been ranked at number 3 in Sea Breeze Perfume. It was first produced in 1990, is in raw, and has been for a long time now. Its price is US $ 150 making it very affordable if you work extra hard.

9. Deepika Padukone


Deepika is a successful and an adorable Bollywood actress. In fragrance wears is known as Ralph Lauren, Estee Lauder and Hugo Boss colognes. She always gets this sweet scent perfume whenever she goes for shooting outside the country. It is made out of quality ingredients, which cannot harm your skin in any way. This perfume will live you feeling elegant and beautiful all day long. Ingredients made are from natural sources. It is expensive but very worth to have it.

8. Kareena Kapoor


She is looks even more beautiful and mature after her marriage. She loves Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes and also Classiquescent from same brand. These are among best brand you can find in market. Main reason behind this product is that it has been in market for a long time and an excellent smell. Ingredients used to produce this scent are of high quality. It has a long lasting smell that you don’t have to apply it on a daily basis. It has that smell which lives you feeling very refreshed and has confidence to face the world.

7. Sonam Kapoor


Gorgeous Sonam loves Michael Kors’ perfume collections. Her wardrobe is loaded with this luxurious scent from this brand. These products are made from very good quality ingredients that cannot affect your skin or cause irritation in any way. Its cost is moderate; you can manage to get yourself one from market. Its sweet smelling aroma is long lasting; it can last even for a week. Many celebrities also love its luxurious smell that lives them feeling adorable and like a star.

6. KanganaRanaut


She is well known for her adorable beauty and hot personality. Her favorite perfume is Chanel, which is best-selling cologne product worldwide. It is a creation by Gabriell Chanel and is measured to be decisive in femininity. This fragrance has a very nice scent to an extent that when you use it ones, you will not use any other type of perfume. It was ranked in position number one in world perfume collections. Its cost is very expensive costing around 300 US dollars. This fragrance is made of great ingredients like sandalwood among other expensive elements.

5. Anushka Sharma


Anushka is an actress who had an opportunity to work opposite Shah Rukh Khan in her starting career. She is not only great actress but she is also a very attractive dancer. She has been in love with Gabbana perfumes, especially Light Blue fragrance it is her most favorite scent. Ingredients used are of high quality and has very good scent. It is very expensive but worth having it in your closet. Its sweet scent last for long and lives you feeling refresh, self-confidence and beautiful. You can wear it when going for a romantic date.

4. Katrina Kaif


Katrina is an adorable Bollywood actress; some calls her Barbie doll because of her extreme stylish and beauty. She loves perfume from Gucci’s Rush collection. According to United States dollar, this fragrance is quite expensive. Always make sure that you have one of these products at your house because is one of the best in market. With you applying this fragrance, you will feel elegant and special. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Favorite Perfume Brands of Bollywood Actresses 2017.

3. Alia Bhatt


Alia is a daughter of famous actor Mahesh Bhatt and one of youngest Bollywood actresses. She is smart, extremely talented and good-looking. Her favorite fragrance product is Armani Code. Her wardrobe is fall of these perfumes. It is best in market of 2017 although it is extreme expensive. It comes packaged in a minuscule bottle that why you should make sure you keep it safe in your handbag. It is made with very luxurious ingredients to produce with irresistible aroma you cannot avoid having it.

2. Sonakshi Sinha


Sonakshi Sinha is a brilliant new face of Bollywood actresses. After her success this industry, she is currently working in bigger projects and she is expected to be seen in great movies in the coming months. Her favorite fragrance brand is Gabbana Light Perfumes. Main reason why this scent is ranked it position one is that it is costly costing at around 300 US dollars. Sandalwood is one of the ingredients used to produce this amazing sweet scent. It is perfect your everyday wear.

1. Aishwarya Rai


She is among beautiful and talented actresses of Bollywood. She likes Clinique’s perfumes. These collections of Clinique’s products have managed to make most people fall in love with it. It is has been made with expensive ingredients of high quality. Its scent will make you be in a good mood and feel excellent. You can wear it during the day and at night.

Above are top ten most favorite perfume brands of Bollywood actresses in 2017. Very many companies are coming up with nice and good scents on daily basis. They are hitting to market and are growing in very high rate. You should go purchase one of these amazing products for an astonishing smell.

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