Top 10 Most Famous Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World

Many companies worldwide are known for manufacturing quality chairs, tables, mirror covers, living room sofas and many others. Other specializes in producing child products. We are going to look on some of this companies and steps they have taken in reaching where they are. Lets us study on 10 popular companies with their brief history and what they produce. Below is a list containing most famous Furniture brands in market in 2017 review.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World in 2017

10. Christopher Guy

christopher-guy, Top 10 Most Famous Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World 2017

This brand of furniture belongs to a well known designer from Britain known as Christopher Guy Harrison. This successful British man is best known for making quality house equipment such as Chairs, sofas, dining tables and furniture for office, headboards and decorative mirrors. His successful work has gained him several winning and nomination awards. His furniture was recognized in world Market center of Las Vegas for being outstanding among others. This happened in 2011. He also has a doctorate level of education from a popular college by name Otis school of art and design.

9. Henkel Harris

henkel harris, Top 10 Most Famous Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World 2019

Henkel Harris makes part of America’s best and famous furniture. John Harris as main designer, Carol Henkel and Mary in 1946, first launched this amazing and talent showing work. John designed them while marketing and Carol Henkel did the selling. Due to their high quality, many people in America could not hesitate in purchasing them for their homes. Mary got to another level of marketing their brands in Europe after getting an inspiration from European Furniture. Henkel Harris is a well known brand of furniture that is used by many people.

8. French Heritage

french heritage, Top 10 Most Famous Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World 2018

French Heritage is another famous brand that is best known for making quality equipment. It belongs to Europe. Unique designs from French brand of furniture attract many clients in physical and online market. Some of their productions include Electric made furniture, beach items, Beds, living room coaches and simple chairs. One thing that has made this company famous and successful is that they have talented and skilled designers. These workers influence each other with positive ideas therefore producing quality furniture. There is no doubt that European people use French Heritage furniture.

7. Theodore Alexander


Theodore is a trusted furniture brand from North Carolina in United States of America. Theodore makes beautiful and unique designs of furniture. New and old furniture are offered by this Alexander brand. There are different varieties of item that are produced in a week. Traditional, talented and experienced artisans are the only hired people working for this company. Well and fine materials are used to make their stuffs. That is why they catch attention of clients including people of high class. Theodore’s products are highly available. You are only required to visit their website and make an order of choice.

6. Edra

Edra, Top 10 Most Famous Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World 2017

Edra is a famous furniture brand from Tuscany City in Italy. It was established and launched into market in 1987. Furniture produced by Edra is Unique, elegant and very classic. People from different parts of the world place orders of chairs, bedroom facilities, living room coaches, wall units and other famous home items. This company starts its day at 9AM and closes at 5pm in evening. Workers have a policy of meeting a certain target in a single day. Currently, edra has advanced so much since it uses modern and quality materials.

5. Henredon

Henredon, Top 10 Most Famous Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World

This amazing furniture company has been in service for more than 60 years. Henredon was found in Morganton in North Carolina, United States of America. That was in 1945. Four men are responsible for this successful brand of furniture. Ever since that time of establishment, it has grown at a very high rate in releasing quality chairs, tables, beds, wall units, dressers and kitchen stuffs. Henredon started at a very humble background of producing only three items. Currently, it has hundreds of furniture that are loved by many people. We credit all workers of this company. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Famous Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World 2017.

4. Kartell


Kartell was found in 1942 and has been in service for 74 years. It is base in manufacturing of wooden and plastic items. Many clients in market are aware of them for decorating houses with their quality products. Homes with Kartell brand of furniture are pleasing and beautiful. Due to their high skills in designing, they have attracted many customers who buy in physical and online markets. Despite fact that Kartell is expensive, owners say that seats produced are long lasting, unique and adorable and offer good service. Many people from different parts of this world best know this brand.

3. Roche Bobois


We could not have called this article complete without featuring Roche Bobois brand of furniture. Situated in France, Bobois was found in 1960 by Gilles Bonan who is still CEO. It has served people for 56 years to date. This company gained fame especially in 2012 after getting an operating income of 392 million. Their furniture is distributed to different countries in six continents of this world. Some of their produces include ivory sofas and quality cushions that fit in there, armchairs and coffee tables.

2. Fendi Casa


Fendi Casa is our second last in this article of popular furniture brand worldwide. Furniture clients came to know about them for their creativity and skills. Items produced are of high quality and attracts many people. Sofas and tables produce by Fendi are durable and therefore saves your money.

1. Restoration Hardware


Restoration Hardware is best of all furniture brands in market. Research has shown that it is fastest growing and most popular. Their designs in manufacturing products is unique and adorable, therefore attracts many clients. They have posted some of their readymade sofas and table in their website. That is one way of advertising their goods hence popular among others discussed above.

So, These above are the Top 10 Most Famous Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World 2017. Most furniture brands that are featured above are from United States of America and Europe. There is one successful from Italy that is doing very well. Such companies attract customer by offering quality goods to them. They should also be nice and adorable.

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