Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in The World

Every woman even right from her teens normally look forward to that day that she would be exchanging vows with the man of her dreams with that classy gown that she has always dreamt of and she will ever remember wearing in all her life. Because of the wedding gowns that are meant to suit, all the dreams of a girl have been made and because they are designed with great skill and technique, then they come with great prices. Below is a list of the most expensive wedding dresses in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in The World in 2017

10. Imperial pearl syndicate gown- $100000

Imperial pearl syndicate gown Top Most Popular Expensive Wedding Dresses in The World 2018

It is a gown that was made in the 1950’s and up to this point, it has timelessly been used in weddings because is considered to not only to be a usual wedding gown. It is known to be a usual wedding. It is fashioned from the best 27 pounds satin and silk. For the dress to be complete, it took around 2 months with around eight dressmakers working on it. The thing that makes it more timeless in terms of fashion are the over 100000 pearls that decorate it.

9. Bach Ngoc Xiem Y’ Wedding Dress $ 117 000

Bach Ngoc Xiem Y’ Wedding Dress Top Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in The World 2017

The gown is of Vietnam make and it was specially made for the wealthy people who are getting married. You will find this wonderful dress in the prestigious Ruby plaza in Hanoi in Vietnam. The dress is made from silk and satin and this gives a classy and a very fancy look. The dress is also attached with 100 rubies and 222 diamonds and that is what gives it a sparkling look and great value that you will definitely love. The rubies and diamonds are the things that are making them very expensive.

8. 9,999 Carat Gems wedding dress- $158,874

9,999 Carat Gems wedding dress Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in The World 2017

The gown is from china and was built back in the year 2007. It was first displayed at a place called shangrao, which is in the province of Jiangxi. The dress itself is of high quality but the thing that makes it to be more valuable is precious stones on it. Ten thousand gems are normally used to decorate a single dress and with the high level of skill, the price of the gown escalates at a very high rate.

7. Platinum wedding dress- $ 250000

Platinum wedding dress Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in The World

Well, this is another Chinese make that will just astound you because of just the way it looks and also the way the gems have been arranged and the way it is fashioned. For sure, this dress is one of a kind and there is no lady who wouldn’t dream of putting it on during her wedding day.

6. Mauro Adami Wedding Dress


The designer of the dress is a world-class fashion designer known as Mauro Adami. It is made from a combination of the platinum elements in its construction. Silk that is of a high grade is also used to make the dress and this makes the gown to have that shiny metallic look that you as the bride will definitely love. The thing that is making the gown to have a great value is the handcrafted cross-stitch scattered all over the gown and the neckline is very beautiful. By putting it on you will see a great aspect of beauty and a high level of confidence.

5. Kate Middleton’s wedding dress-$ 388,088


This dress is the one that Kate Middleton wore on the day of her wedding in England. Because of the make and the materials used as well as the skills used one of the best and one of the most expensive gowns that every woman would like to put on her wedding day. The, materials used include French Chantilly, ivory, English Cluny lace and white satin gazar. These materials were combined to give a very beautiful and priceless gown. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in The World 2017.

4. Danasha luxury gown- $1.5 million


This is a product of two very creative designers namely Designer Danasha Luxury and Jad Ghanduor. This dress besides being very classy, it is very comfortable and gives the bride that sexy and expensive look that the groom normally wants. Trust me once you try it on you will tell me how it feels. It has 18 grams of gold, 250 grams of Belgium diamonds and 75 carats of Antwerp that is handpicked. Those things make its value go high.

3. The peacock dress-1.5 million


Here is another dress that will just take your breath away just by having a look at it. Vera Wong who is the designer of the dress derived the make from the way a male peacock looks like and came up with this one of a kind dress that you will always desire to wear big time. The dress is of great value because of the skill and expertise used to make. It is made of expertise from 8 experts to fully make up the dress.

2. Yumi Katsura Gold Dress – 8.5 million


It’s a Japanese make and the designer is known as the great Yumi katsura but it has not yet found the perfect girl for the gown. It is made from perfect silk, white diamond, gold and pearls. At the centre part of the cloth is made up of the 8.8-carat green diamond. This thing makes the dress more stunning than other dresses.

1. The diamond wedding gown


The designers who are Renee Strauss and the master jeweller Martin Kartz made the gown with such great skill making it to be the most expensive and valuable wedding gown that gives a woman a look that you as the groom would love so tr it out and you will see what am saying,

These above are the Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in The World 2017. These gowns are very expensive because of the make used to make them and the skills that were used to make them. So ii you have that desire of making your wedding to be very exquisite and fancy as well as classy try out the gowns and your goal will surely be fulfilled. The gowns will make even the bridegroom will have that pride in you as the bride and the day of your dreams will surely come to a reality..

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