Top 10 Most Expensive Vodka Brands In The World

When it comes to partying no other beverage gives the thrills more than vodka. Without any doubt, you can say that this is one of the most famous drinks all around the globe. Although Russia tops the intake percentage with over 2 million liters in a year, the drink is popular throughout the world. Drinking a certain amount of shots in a bar could be on the cards, but there are even some vodka brands which will go way over your budget. These come with huge, mind it HUGE, price tag. So today we are going to see the profile of the most expensive vodkas in the world. We are not saying this is the best ones but with no second thought, these are the most expensive ones.

So if you want to get the top ten most expensive vodka brands , then you should check this list before buying any vodka because you will get the idea about the vodka brands.

List of the world’s Top 10 most expensive vodka brands in 2017:

10. Magnum Gray Goose by Chopard Price -$815

Magnum Gray Goose by Chopard, World's Most Expensive Vodka Brands 2016

Although you can go for the vodka alone for $160 which may raise eyebrows at first for being on the list when the bottle gets designed by a Swiss jeweler Chopard, the price hikes a whopping $815 and make it one of the expensive vodka in the world. Though such bottles were limited yet if you want to spend more than $800 on vodka you can stick to the brand.

9. Swarovski Alizé Price -$2000

Swarovski Alizé, World's Most Expensive Vodka Brands 2017

Yes, you read that right. $2000 is what you need to spend to get this premium Valentine ’s Day themed bottled vodka released by Alizé. The company released this limited stock product claiming that they produced “the original drink of love.” This drink mixes vodka, cognac, strawberry, passion fruit, lychee, and rose. What could be more romantic than spending such an amount on a bottle of vodka, But careful if you have a nagging girlfriend. She might even give you a ‘not so romantic’ present when she finds out that you have spent freaking $2000 on a bottle of expensive vodka.

8. Imperial Collection Super Premium Vodka Price -$2400

Imperial Collection Super Premium, World's bestselling Expensive Vodka Brands 2018

Vodka with an out of the line price tag. The delivery process is the actual base of what makes this vodka such an expensive piece. Its cap which has carafe are gilded and topped with an eagle, which is then placed upon a Fabergé egg (also gilded). Also, it should be mentioned that the egg is handcrafted. It will not be wrong if it is said that the makers have focused more on the packaging and delivery process that the actual drink. Before buying this, you must keep in mind what else could be bought with the bills rather that getting a vodka base.

7. Stoli Elit: Himalayan Edition Price -$3000

Stoli Elit Himalayan Edition, World's Most popular, Expensive Vodka Brands 2019

A pure vodka with waters from the underground reservoirs of the Himalayan Mountains is what makes this vodka a golden price tagged. It is also varied with Russian winter wheat. If that is not enough for quality, then it is packed on hand gusted glass bottle. Wait there is more.

Each bottle comes with a gilded ice pick. Well personally all these qualities are not enough for me to spend a whopping $3000 on vodka, but you can see your budget if you want to.

6. Iordanov Vodka Price -$3905

Iordanov Vodka .Top most popular expensive vodka brands 2018

Having 8300 Swarovski crystal attached to it makes it such huge price tagged making it to our list. The suitably named Decadence edition vodka is a high-class vodka with hand designed crystal lined bottles. If you are willing to spend $3905 on a drink, then this is the brand to choose.

5. Oval Swarovski crystal vodka Price -$6922

Oval Swarovski crystal

Oval one of the rare and expensive vodka this is available only in the coolest night clubs, this high-end vodka was released on 2008. The manner of its display will make it focused by your eyes with 7000 Swarovski attached to it and sat on an LCD.I guess you got to make some rich buddies cause your average homie might not spend almost 7k on a bottle of spirit.

4. Belver Bears Belvedere Vodka Price -$7200

Belver Bears Belvedere

Released in Cannes, St. Tropez and Paris the Belver Bears vodka was a limited edition run in the VIP rooms. The bottles planned by Jean-Roch using a Jeroboam were rumored to be inspired from teddy bears. It might be a question whether you want to spend 7000 bucks on a bottle of spirit inside it. Well, one might wonder.

3. Diva Vodka Price -$1 million

Diva most expensive vodka in the world 2018

As the name suggests this vodka is more preferred by females. Also maybe only a female could have the heart to spend a million bucks on a drink. This vodka is made through a scrupulous distilling procedure, where the alcohol is finished and triple refined after hammering through costly stones. They do offer a $3700 bottled vodka of the same brand, but that does not come with the precious stones part. Well, who cares about the stones when you are in need of spirit. People always prefer that they would go on a Las Vegas trip rather than liquefy that sum.

2. Russo Baltique Vodka Price -$1.3 million

Russo Baltique, most popular expensive vodka brands 2019

Quite strange that a car manufacturer has produced vodka, and well, Dartz’s Russo Baltique vodka has recently retailed at $1.3 million. The bottle mimics the Russo-Balt automobiles. If you think the price is too out of budget then just read this. If you buy one of their $1.6 million Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition SUVs, then you will surely get 3 bottles of Russo-Balt for free. Well, you might now consider buying it or would you?

1. Billionaire Vodka Price -$3.7 million

Billionaire Vodka, World's Most Expensive Vodka Brands 2018

This Is top most expensive vodka brands in the world. Well, what can be said about this? The name says it all. How can anyone justify spending $3.7 million on a mere drink. However, to everyone’s surprise, this has happened. They produce the wheat-based soul finished diamonds to eliminate the impurities, and the most amazing fact is bottle of 5-liter is decorated with 3,000 diamonds and faux fur. However, who cares $3.7 million? Anybody crazy enough?

To sum it up you may say that the bottle design and the packaging system is a high class which makes them expensive. Well, expensive might be an understatement. Royalties could afford such spirits. So if you are even planning to buy any one of these expensive vodka brands then boy you got a lot of money.

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