Top 10 Most Popular And Expensive Shoes in India

Everybody wants to look good in the face of everybody and get compliments as well as winning the attention of their opposite sex. Self-fulfilment is another thing that makes many people want to look good and as a result many clothes as well as shoes with different makes and designs to suit your taste. I am going to talk about the most popular and expensive shoes in India and the list below outline the best shoes available in India.

List of Top 10 Most Popular And Expensive Shoes in India in 2017

10. Revenge Techfit M Men Nightshade

Revenge Techfit M Men Nightshade, Top 10 Most Popular And Expensive Shoes in India 2017

This shoe gives you the arge of wanting to put on shoes because of the comfort it comes with. The thin that makes the shoe very expensive is the way the shoe is made. It has a mitigating that makes the shoe very comfortable. The leather and rubber that makes up most parts of the shoe makes it is very durable. The sole of the shoe gives you great support as well as stability at any level of the ground even in high areas. It is goes for Indian Rs 7,999.

9. Hush Puppies for Men Torque leather Oxford


If you love putting on shoes which are of great quality and have that great look that will leave everyone admiring what you are wearing. These shoes are very durable as well as very comfortable. The shoe is capable of lasting you for more than five years without wanting the need of buying another shoe. The shoes are made up of leather and are laced up specially designed for wearing casually. The sole that is vibram gives the shoe a very nice shape and great comfort. They go for Indian Rs 8999.

8. Cat for men Vast leather Sneakers


This shoe is perfect for people who love going for trips and adventures. It provides a very good to support the feet. The shoe is made of leather and that is what makes durable. Shoe is well designed in such a way that there is proper aeration of the feet. There is a mesh lining on the shoe that allows for that aeration. They go for Indian Rs 8,999.

7. Clarks Formals and Laced-up flats


If you are looking for an official shoe that is very good looking, fancy as well as trendy, try out the clerks’ men shoe and you will enjoy all that. They have a very elegant look and the thing that makes them very expensive is the fact that they are made of the best leather material as well as they have a cushioning that makes the shoe to be very comfortable even if you’re an office person that regularly move s from one place to another. The good thing with the shoe is that it is it comes in all variety of sizes even those with wide feet will not have to worry there are those that are specially designed for them. It goes for Indian Rs 8999

6. RUSSEL Laced-up Oxford


Despite the fact that the shoe look so simple, it is made in such a way that it gives you true comfortable while wearing it and this is the reason why it is the most expensive shoe in the Indian market today. The other thing that contributes to it being expensive is the material used to make it. It is made of the best leather material in the inner part and the outer part is made of calf lining. If you wear this shoe when going to work be very sure that you will not miss to attract the attention of very many people. The shoe goes for Indian Rs 9970.

5. RUSSELL Slip Casual


This casual shoe guarantees you a very relaxing and comfortable day because of the comfort that it comes with. It is also made from the skin of a calf and the outer sole is designed in such a way that one may not slide even in the most slippery places. It comes with a variety of colours. Even there is the black kind of shoe. It goes for Indian Rs 9970. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular And Expensive Shoes in India 2017.

4. Asics Kinsei 5 Mesh for men


This is a sports shoe that is one of a kind. If you normally wake up for an early morning run and you do not have this shoes then you have a problem. The shoe is designed in such a way that it will increase your performance in sports because it comes with great comfort. They go up to Indian Rs 10799.

3. Wilson Rush Pro Hc shoes


This shoe is one of the best products of the Wilson shoe company and it was specially made to celebrate 100 years of the Wilson shoe company in providing very good shoes and sports clothing and equipment. It uses the best technology in giving you the best performance in sports and games. They go for Indian Rs 10990.

2. Nike AIR MAX Men Shoes


This shoe was made at the time when people always demanded shoes that are very comfortable and at the same time, they look very stylish. Because of this, the shoe was made with great skill and technique to suit the needs of the people who demanded for such shoes. Trust me this shoe will never disappoint you at all when it comes to comfort as well as style. This shoe goes for Indian Rs 12995.

1. Ruosh leather formal and Lace-Ups for men


At the top of our list is the ruosh shoe that even by a look of it, it will just take you breath away. This shoe comes with great comfort as well as style especially for you as an office person. Trust me the shoe may be expensive but it is worth spending for.

These above are the Top 10 Most Popular And Expensive Shoes in India 2017. These are the ten most expensive yet very good shoes that you as an Indian person should run to the market and get one just for yourself. They come with great comfort and style as well and they are designed in such a way that they are durable as well as trendy. You will get these shoes in major malls and shoe shops all over the country.

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