Top 10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes In The World

“A man is known by the shoes he wears” that means shoes definitely make a difference in your standard. “Nike” is an American super brand that designs, makes, manufactures and sells its products all over the world. It has its presence in almost each and every country of the earth. This billion dollar business laid its foundations on 25th January 1964 back then it was called as “Blue Ribbon Sports” later in 1971 it changed the brand name to Nike.

Nike mainly is dedicated in making sports shoes, which are technologically designed and tested by experts in labs before they come to the normal public. These shoes have been best sellers in every category they have been launched be it sneakers, Sports shoes or Spikes all are the best ones available in the market now.

List of the world’s top 10 most expensive Nike Shoes in 2018

10) Nike Air Jordan 1 (Price – $100)

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

To start with this top 10 list of the most expensive Nike shoes in the world in 2018, the Nike Air Jordan comes our list. These sneakers are really very good looking with foam padding inside the foot space to give maximum comfort to the person wearing it and side collars to make it look classier. There is also a swoosh in the middle of the shoe that allows the passage of air inside and outside the show making it very comfortable when you are dancing. This show is soft and moves with the foot pattern of the person wearing it.

9) Nike Foamposite One (Price – $180)

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

This is a premium marathon and gumming shoe which is very suitable for any kind of intense and prolonged activity. This is one of the most loved shoes of athletes worldwide and has been used by many famous players during their matches. You can say that this shoe is moulded for fantasies and it moves with the movement of the leg of the person using it. The outer body this shoe is made up of best quality silicon that makes it partly flexible as well as equally strong. You can also grab one of these if you love shoes.

8) Nike Air Jordan XVII (Price – $200)

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

This shoe is dedicated to Michael Jordan of the Washington Wizards. This show looks quite different from its counterparts. The design is full new and unseen by normal public till the time it was unveiled. This shoe is known for its stability that it gives to the person wearing it. The most prominent colour in which this shoe is sold by the company is white and black. This shoe is slightly tilted upwards to give it a modern touch also. This is exclusively sold in only select outlets by the company.

7) Nike Air Jordan XX8 (Price – $250)

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

This is the best sports shoe a basketball player can get as this is specially designed for them and is an important part now of every basket ballers sports kit. The design of this shoe gives up thrust to the player when he needs to jump in order to score a net. The lower part of the shoe is specially designed to have adequate friction so that when a player is dribbling through his opponents or tackling them he does not miss his foot and fall. These classic shoes come with some graphic designs on its surface and are available in multiple colours.

6) Nike Lebron X (Price – $315)

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

This can primarily be called as a sportsman’s shoe as it is built for extraordinary grip and stability on the vertical as well as the straight running tracks. This shoe is also gifted with internal sensors that help you to record and maintain your running speeds in turn improving your capacity as a sports man. This is the only legally authorised shoe that all the sports organisations allow the sportsmen to wear and run on the race tracks in their matches. This shoe is an example of three things style, technology and quality. This shoe is regularly on sale on Nikes outlets and is one of its best sellers.

5) Nike Air Yeezy 1 (Price – $2000)

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

Only one shoe of this series was sold at this rate but the actual cost of this is just $215 in the markets even now. The reason behind the sky high price of this shoe is because this shoe was “Kanye West’s” first shoe and was sold in an auction for a charity and earned $2000. The features of this shoe rather this series of shoes is similar to a good sneaker shoe long lace and side collars to make it look beautiful and classy. Fully padded inside with foam that is specially made and cut for these shoes.

4) Nike Dunk Low Pro SB “Paris” (Price – $3000)

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

If you own this shoe then you are one of the only 202 people on earth who own this valuable collection. As only 202 of these shoes were made by Nike then the production of this shoes was permanently stopped by the company, but some of these rare pieces of artwork are still found in markets. You really have to be rich to own and wear these shoes because of the extraordinary high cost of this shoe. You may find some of these available on some online shopping sites.

3) Nike Air Yeezy 2 (Price – $2000-$8000)

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

This is one of Kanye West’s most worn and loved shoe series as he also endorses this product as a part of his most valuable possessions. There will be only 2 reasons for a person to buy this shoe, first a diehard Kanye West fan and secondly if you want to own some really rare shoes. The Nike Air Yeezy series is undoubtedly one of the most expensive series of shoes on earth now with a minimum price of $2000 and some shoes goes up to $8000 the reason behind this is that a celebrity is endorsing this shoe brand.

2) Nike Air Mag (Price – $6500)

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

These shoes look very similar to the shoes that Michael J Fox wore in one of his movies called “Back to Future II”. These shoes have a futuristic design that makes it look very different from a normal shoe. These shoes are custom designed as per the buyer’s legs and the colour combination on the shoe can also be chosen. These shoes are very light and comfortable when worn with side collars to enhance its look there is also a belt on this shoe that can be used to tighten the shoe in case you feel it’s a little loose.

1) Nike Dunk high Pro SB “Flom” (Price – $8000)

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

This is the most expensive Nike shoe that is sold on retailer outlets till now. There has not been any change in the price of this shoe since the time it was launched in the market. This shoe is so expensive that only some select outlet owners could buy it to sell it in their showrooms. About the shoe these are extremely comfortable and give awesome grip to you when you are performing on stage or in a basketball match. These shoes are rare collection and you should also try to buy one, Just Joking.

There is no end to man’s ability to improve his own made things so it is well expected that in future most expensive Nike shoes will also be launched and people who love these shoes will definitely buy them. Nike is working very hard day by day to make its shoes safer, lighter, beautiful, stronger and comfortable. There is a tick sign as its emblem so these shoes are always a right choice.

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