Top 10 Most Expensive Make Up Brands In The World

Nobody needs to remind anyone how important make up is to a city woman. Along with the expensive dresses, the sexy lingerie underneath it, the expensive accessories above it, and the make up to enhance one’s beauty. There are a very few women in the world who can go without make up. A lot of women have often been quoted saying ‘my face feels naked without make up’. Thus, the covering up if the face with product to avoid any kind of imperfections is natural among the women of the world. Though natural beauty is said to be the best, sometimes, god does not do his best work. A little face pack to clear the oil, a little foundation and BB cream to lighten the skin, compact powder to dust it off, and eyes and lips darkened to boot, and BBAM you have a whole new person in the mirror.

However, this make up does not come cheap. They are made to suit skin types and actually help the epidermis and not destroy it. Thus, it is kind of important that the raw materials be of superior quality. Thus, the end products turn out to be more than the average cost of any other products. Read on to find out about the top 10 most expensive make up Brands in the world in 2017.the list has been compiled according to Vogue and Forbes estimates, it may vary from forum to forum.

List of the world’s top 10 best selling and most expensive make up brands in 2017

10. Christian Dior (Net Worth: $2.9 billion)

Christian Dior

Christian Dior SE is also called Dior commonly was established in 1946 by Christian Dior. The company is currently owned by Bernard Arnault who also incidentally owns a majority share of LVMH which is the currently the biggest retailer of the world. The French brand with its headquarters in Paris, France, manufactures ready to wear, leather goods like handbags, shoes and timepieces. They also make perfumes, jeweller, make up and skin care products. The company is divided into three divisions, Christian Dior Perfumes, Christian Dior Cosmetics and Dior Home and has a subsidiary Christian Dior couture.

9. Biore (Net Worth: $3.4 billion)

Biore Top 10 most expensive make up Brands in the world in 2017

The company is based in Japan, and a part of Kao corporation. This brand produces many many cosmetic and make up products, but it is most important for its face cleansing products, from, special deep cleansing lotion to skin tone clearing lotion and make up vanishing products(quite ironically). It also has a killer astringent. Several high profile personalities use Biore as their go to product brand like Emily Rossum, Emilia Clarke and Shay Mitchell.

8. Estee Lauder (Net Worth: $3.8 billion)

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is a subgroup of Lauder companies. It was found in New York City in 1946. It is a toiletry company with all kinds of products like skincare, makeup, perfumes and loads of hair care products. Their first store that they opened was in Fifth Avenue Saks. And later the company opened its international chapter with the London Harrods.

7. Dove (Net Worth: $4.2 billion)

Dove most expensive make up Brands in the world in 2017

Dove is a toiletry and personal care brand originating in United Kingdom, by Unilever. Earlier it was just manufactured in United States but now it is produced extensively in Argentina, Indonesia, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, China, Canada, India, Israel, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, Philippines, and of course, the United States. The products are made both for men and women and even unisex products are produced. The brand is famous for its very gentle soaps which, even though are made for grownups, is also suitable for baby skin. We have all seen the advertisement of the difference between the skin of women, who use Dove soap and the people who don’t.

6. Avon (Net Worth: $5.16 billion)


The company was established in 1886 with its headquarters in New York City. Other than cosmetics, the company also produces perfumes and clothing and toys. The company had an annual income of $ 51.9 million in 2013. It produces beauty, domestic and personal care products.

5. Lancome (Net Worth: $5.5 billion)

Lancome most expensive make up Brands in the world in 2018

The company is a French luxury brand established in 1935 by Armand Petijean .the Company produces deluxe skin products and make up and fragrances. Popular products from these brands are Genifique eye and Visionnaire- an innovative skin corrector. Some high profile celebrities who swear by Lancôme products would be Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet Penelope Cruz.

4. Nivea (Net Worth: $5.8 billion)

Nivea Top most popular expensive make up Brands in the world in 2019

Nivea is an American company which was established in 1911. It is a subgroup of Hamburg constructed company Beiersdorf Global AG which was established in 1884. The company is famous for producing products like shaving creams, tanning oils, shampoo and toners and facial cleansers.

3. Neutrogena (Net Worth: $6.9 billion)


Neutrogena is a subsidiary of Consumer Packaged goods based in Zurich, Switzerland. The parent company is Johnson and Johnson. It specializes in skin care, hair care and cosmetics. The products of Neutrogena are distributed from 70 countries.

2. L’ORÉAL (Net Worth: $8.69 billion)


The foreign company is one of the most famous cosmetic brands in the world with numerous celebrities and models using L’Oreal products. Some of their famous names are Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and in our own India we Aishwarya Rai Bacchhan modelling for this brand.

1. Olay (Net Worth: $11.7 billion)

Olay most popular expensive make up Brands in the world in 2018

The motto of Olay is “Forever Young” and the company produces items which aim to achieve exactly that. The company produces skincare products which have been known to provide exemplary results in reversing aging of the skin. It has a high net income every year. The last recorded revenue is $79 million. A few celebrities who swear by Olay would be Kelly Rowland and Carrie Underwood.

The exclusive brands which are mentioned in this list are the best make up companies in the world. For the special occasion when you want to look different from your normal beautiful self, these companies are a life saver. Although this article is women specific, the men who have women in their life can browse this list to buy gifts for their lady love.

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