Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone Cases in The World

‘With great power comes great responsibility’. Owning an iPhone is a symbol of style and status. It’s the most famous and acclaimed phone on the planet and it does not come cheap. Therefore the maintenance cost of the iPhone is also sky high. Apple manufactures their own range of iPhone covers for the protection of the phones.

However, like in all other products discussed so far, many private entrepreneurs and lifestyle companies have made their own customized variations of the product. Some of these cases are made of expensive metals and some are attached with priceless crystals and stones, and some are handcrafted from the rarest of the rare leathers.

List of the world’s top10 most expensive iPhone cases in 2018.

10. Swarovski Crystal Covered Case (Price – $239)

Most Expensive iPhone Cases

It is the gaudiest case in the list. The $239 case has more bling than the shoes of the small girl armed with a bedazzler. The cover is available on Etsy. It has thousands of Swarovski crystals which are hand pasted on the plastic case. It also contains strategically placed roses, teddy bear, bows, chains which gives it a very safe birthday present for your bae. And in case your bae looses some of the crystals during everyday wear and tear, the case comes armed with extra crystals which can be hand attached.

9. Louis Vuitton Case (Price – $330)

After conquering the world of handbags and shoes and later sunglasses and custom jewellery, Louis Vuitton has stepped into the world of mobile phone accessories. When the founder found the brand more than a hundred and fifty years ago, the man probably had no idea the house would become so big. The case is made of cowhide leather and has a very simple design. The Louis Vuitton logo is stamped in front surrounded by geometric patterns. It is also coated with microfiber to protect the phone from scratches. The only downside is the form. The sleeve style cover proves most difficult for on the run users.

8. Gucci Crocodile Case (Price – $495)

The leather case from Gucci is of the similar form of the Louis Vuitton Leather case. Although, this case has the additional protection of a buttoned strap on the opening. It is also made of alligator skin which is a lot more weather resistant than the cowhide. It is also a bit fancier.

7. Dolce and Gabbana case (Price – $595)

Most Expensive iPhone Cases

Dolce and Gabbana have released iPhone cases in resonance to the alligator skin case of Gucci. The case is however in the shape of a wallet with chain straps of gold which goes across the body like a sling. The material is black leather with customer choice lining if bronze or silver alligator skin. The inside of the case has a soft fabric lining and several pockets to hold cards and cash.

6. The Tower Flower Case (Price – $1495)

This is a beautiful iPhone case for Apple iPhone 6. The case found in Etsy is made from a hard plastic shell and hand decorated with rhinestones and crystals. It has a ‘Springtime Paris’ theme. The Eiffel tower is sparkling gold. The tower is surrounded by pearly flowers. It is the perfect iPhone case except for the fact that the case costs almost the equal amount as a round trip to Paris.

5. Titanium Bumper Case by Gresso (Price – $1000- $10000)

Gresso, the Swiss luxury accessory and Mobile Phone Company launched its iPhone 5 cover before the phone was even launched. The case is made of solid titanium. The back of the case is custom made according to customer requests in either Italian leather or alligator hide. The solid gold Gresso logo is then embossed on it. This line of iPhone cases has a range from $ 1000- $ 10000. Each case takes almost three hours to manufacture on precise digital equipments and the titanium is hand polished once more within 4 hours of being delivered to the customer.

4. The Case-Mate Case (Price – $4271)

Most Expensive iPhone Cases

It is a mystery as to why this iPhone cover is so costly. It is made from white hard flawless plastic shell and lined with silicone. One of the features of this phone is its SoundscoopTM technology which literally scoops the sounds from your iPhone and redirects it outward instead of down. The white space can be filled according to customer choices. The customers are supposed to upload the designs on the website and the custom made phone will appear in their doorstep.

3. Titanium Case from Brick (Price – $4430)

The Titanium case from Brikk is one of the series of iPhone cases launched by the company to help the needy from around the world. The theme of this limited collection items is “Altruistic Precision”. There are four versions of these cases. The gold version, the platinum version, the ‘Black DLC’ and ‘grey stealth’. The company maintains that for each model sold from these series, one metric ton of rice is distributed to third world countries.

2. Miansai 14 Carat Gold Cases (Price – $10000)

Why would someone with the resources settle for a golden hued iPhone when you can just buy an actual golden cover? Miansai, and American Speciality Accessory company offers this opportunity. These made-to-order iPhone covers are made of 14 carat gold and are available in two shades. Yellow gold or rose gold. Even though the company released the prototype as ‘kind of a joke’, it had been a pleasant and surprising success and the company has managed to sell quite a few models. However, as the manufacturers pre-warn the customers, these iPhone cover is not for protection as it leaves a few edges open. So buy it at your own risk.

1. Dragon and Spider Case from Anita Mai Tan (Price – $880000)

Most Expensive iPhone Cases

The Canadian designer Anita Mai Tan has designed this iPhone case for a charity auction which aimed to help children from low income families to stay in school. The two varieties iPhone covers can also been strung around the neck and be worn as necklaces. The dragon case is made of an 18k Gold set with 2200 diamonds of both the colourless variety and of three different hues set strategically. The spider case is also made with 18K gold with 2800 black and colourless diamonds with a total weight of 38 carats.

These products are not just for the protection of your iPhone. The most expensive iPhone cases are a symbol of style and affluence, much like the product it is encasing.

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