Top 10 Most Expensive Keyboards in The World

A keyboard is one of the most essential parts of a computer. It is has its presence all over the world in homes, schools, offices, planes, trains and some cars as well. More advanced technology of course is used in the space shuttles and the international space center which is thousands of kilometers far from earth.

There are many kinds of computer keyboards all are digital for sure but the varieties are Multimedia keyboard, touch and type keyboards, comfort keyboards, custom made and designed keyboard and a normal one as well. Which you are now using, the modern day keyboard is inspired by the old type writer keyboards although much more advanced now and lighter as well these are an computers hands.

List of the world’s top 10 Most expensive keyboards in 2017

10. Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard (Price – $360)

Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard, World's Most Expensive Keyboards 2016

As expensive as full computer set today this is one of the most expensive keyboards. Gold can make anything’s worth 100 times more than its original cost. The same has happened with this normal keyboard that has its keys coated with pure gold leafs. There are 86 normal keys which are old plated on this keyboard which makes this keyboard one of the most expensive rather 10th most costly keyboard ever made.

9. Comfort Keyboard (Price – $360)

Comfort Keyboard, World's Most Expensive Keyboards 2017

This keyboard moves with the motions in your hand and has three detachable parts in it. Unlike a normal keyboard which is hard and breaks if used on harsh surfaces this keyboard takes the shape of the place where it is kept. Hence giving maximum comfort to the user comes mainly in black colour. This also has a time indicator and blinks when you have typed too long and your fingers need rest. That means its human friendly as well. This keyboard is made from all eco friendly plastic which is soft and totally unbreakable.

8. Professional II Datahand (Price – $675)

Professional II Datahand, World's Most Expensive Keyboards 2018

This is not an easy keyboard to work on, only trained people can work on this keyboard. Designed for fiction and science loving people who have a unique way of looking at things in their own ways. There are no normal keys on this keyboard. There are four different ways in which this keyboard can be operated all depends on the user of this device. Due to its uniqueness this keyboard costs $675 in the markets now and has gain much appreciation since it was launched.

7. Maltrons Executive keyboard (Price – $920)

Maltrons Executive keyboard, World's Most Expensive Keyboards 2019

This is a user friendly keyboard especially designed by engineers to give comfort to fingers and wrists to the people who have lots of computerised work. This is one of the most useful computer devices made so user friendly. The body of this keyboard is made up of stainless steel and has polycarbonate keys on it. The manufacturers of this superb device are the well known designers and comfort keyboards in the world known as the Maltrons.

6. Datamancers Custom Keyboard (Price – $1300)

Datamancers Custom Keyboard, World's Most Expensive Keyboards 2016

One of the most funky and beautiful looking keyboards this is a combination of both past and present which has resulted in a future design. With LED lights and keys like a typewriter which are known as chrome keys. This keyboards body is made up of pure brass. This is a must buy for all the computer gadget lovers who are looking for some fusion. This past and present fusion is worth $1300 in the markets now. This can be a best buy for you in case you like keeping the best electronic gadgets at home.

5. Touchstreams Finger works keyboard (Price – $1500)

Touchstreams Finger works keyboard, World's Most Expensive Keyboards 2017

This keyboard was first launched in the market through Ebay an online shopping site and gained success due to its weird shape and different qualities. So Touchstream decided to launch this product in the market on its global outlets as well. There are some dedicated keys for sound, back light, screen change etc on this keyboard that means this is also a multimedia keyboard. This comes in over 50 colour combinations and some also customised for buyers.

4. The 2000-IS-DT (Price – $2,200)

The 2000-IS-DT, World's Most Expensive Keyboards 2018

The most durable present in the market in spite of its high cost of $2,200 every year the company is selling 1000 pieces of this keyboard all over the globe. This can be purchased both online and also directly from company outlets present near your homes. The stainless steel body is very durable and does not get damaged easily. Can be used anywhere in the world no matter what climate this device adapts to the situation. This is a stain proof and waterproof keyboard one of the best in the market.

3. Optimus Maximus (Price – $2400)

Optimus Maximus, World's Most Expensive Keyboards 2016

Designed and made by the renowned Art Lebedev Studios which is one of the best in its class. A fully multimedia keyboard which can also be customised as per your liking and preference. This also has dedicated keys for Twitter and Facebook and some other social sites. This also comes with a 32 GB internal memory capacity that will help you to store any information in it. You just need to unplug this device from your computer and connect it to another computer and what you need will be there for you as you have stored the important data in your memory card.

2. Optimus Popularis (Price – $2,554)

Optimus Popularis, World's Most Expensive Keyboards 2017

This is yet another masterpiece that has been designed by the Art Lebedev Studios and is specifically for computer graphics professionals. The unique thing about this keyboard is that it does not have alphabets and numbers on its keys. There are symbols representing each and every alphabet. Very user friendly and computer animation and graphic designers find it very cool to work on this device as this instigates creativity inside you. Popularise is indeed very popular among the new generation youth.

1. Happy Hacking Keyboard (Price $4,400)

Happy Hacking Keyboard, World's Most Expensive Keyboards 2018

This device was built in Japan and now the most expensive keyboard in the market in this year of 2016. This costs $4,400 because it is made of best raw materials like gold dust of super high quality 24 carat. Then the red wood work surrounding the keyboard is of Cedar wood one of the most expensive woods in the world. There no symbol or alphabets printed on the keyboard so this means it is strictly meant for professionals who have been typing since ages. Number 1 on our list and the most expensive keyboard in the market now and is supposed to stay in this position for long as well.

So this is the final list of the most expensive keyboards available in the market now and if you want, you can definitely try at least one of them if you are a gadget freak you will surely lay them and it is a pleasure working with them.

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