Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands in The World

Most of jewelry brand that we are going to study in this article were found very many years ago. Founders of these fashion industries do no longer exist. However, most families took over those businesses. Let us look on some of the most expensive jewelry brands worldwide.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands in The World in 2017

10. Chopard

chopard, Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands in The World 2018

Popular Louis Ulysse Chopard who was 24 years old at that particular time started this jewelry company in 1860. Some of fantastic jewelries sold by this brand include rubies, diamonds, Sapphires and emeralds. Chopard can be described as a prestigious Jewelry segment. This amazing Brand is located in Geneva and deals with high quality and fine products for men and women. Watches produced by Chopard are always promising and durable. Couples flock in this brand in search of best jewelry gift for their loved ones.

9. Buccellati

buccellati, Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands in The World 2017

Buccellati is an Italian brand that is best and known for producing silver and gold Jewelry. Most of its products are sold in Europe. However, other countries are also able to access them by ordering them online. Mario Buccellati found this successful Brand in 1919 and named it after his own name. Buccellati is popular among many classy women for designing high quality engraved jewelries. Andrea and Lucrezia assisted him in making best designs ever. This man grew very famous in entire Italy because of his durable and attractive chains, watches, necklaces, nose rings, earrings and bracelets.

8. Graff


Laurence Graff in 1960, London, found Graff. It is most people’s choice for ultra wealthy and fine Jewelry. Graff used diamonds covered with laser captured attention of many fashion designers and models in entire America. Laurence became a millionaire after selling so many Jewelry pieces to ladies and men in America. Currently, almost the whole world is now accessing products from Graff by placing orders online and they are delivered without any problem. This is possible as right requirements are provided. One disadvantage of ordering beauty items from this brand is that you have to cater for delivery fee.

7. Mikimoto


Mikimoto is another beautiful Jewelry house located in Japan. It came to existence after being found by Kokichi Mikimoto in 1858. He started by establishing himself by opening a small but luxury pearly business. Kokichi gained a lot of success after employing trusted workmanship that helped him attain stunning designs of chains, nose and earrings, bracelets, ladies and men watches. In 1985, Mikimoto was selected as one of the best inventors in Japan specifically for coming up with pearls. Jewelries that were used by miss world during that time were Kokichi’s best makes. All credit is given to him.

6. Bulgari


Bulgari is a popular and successful Italian Jewelry brand that was found by Sotirio Bulgari in 1884. Not only common jewelries, Bulgari is common and known for dealing with quality watches, lotions, hair products and fragrances. There is also well designed Bangles, cuffs and even chokers. Elite clients of this amazing brand include Hollywood popular actress known as Elizabeth Taylor and Miss World America in 1910. Combination of products from this brand brings out a complete dressing code required for a classy woman. Bulgari died several years ago and younger generations of his lineage are running this brand to date. This is amongst the Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands in The World 2017.

5. Piaget


Georges Piaget found this jewelry brand in 1874 in Switzerland. This successful man begun with a very humble background by making few but quality watches. He expanded later and begun making fine and attractive jewelries with new and old designs. Currently, Piaget brand features mostly on modern and sleek qualities. Products from this company are very expensive and cannot be purchased by people of all classes. A single pearl set of earrings costs $28,000 and a necklace will cost you $70,000. Piaget is among the most expensive and Luxurious brands in 2017 reviews.

4. Tiffany and company


This is another popular company that was established in 1837 and became known by many people for producing quality and unique items. These products are always elegant and smart leaving every person with a desire of owning one. Some of the stuffs offered include Crystal, stationery, Fragrances and sterling silver as well. Main collection of tiffany and company is based on Diamonds and they are always fine Craftsmanship with impressive and attractive designs. All credit goes to entire company for of Tiffany for working out their best and achieving great results that are featured to date.

3. Van Cleef and Arpels


On position three of this article I present to you a jewelry brand that was found in 1896 by family members who devoted themselves and worked together with love. Alfred Van Cleef was a nephew to Salomon Arpels. There products were given touch of flowers animals and fairies. Success followed their path after dealing with experts in techniques. That is how these two men were exposed to real life of ornaments and jewelry industries. Working on their own became extremely cheaper and several authorized shops were opened in different places to serve clients.

2. Harry Winston

Harry Winston Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands in The World

This American brand was found in 1932 and is considered one of best jewelry brand in market today. it has made its way to this article for having satisfied quality requirements of my policy. According to the research that I conducted, Harry Winston fashion house has very many clients from all corners of this world. Popular actresses, models and various celebrities purchase their beauty items from this brand. Harry Winston is much respected to date for having established himself through jewelry shop.

1. Cartier

Cartier Top Most Popular Expensive Jewelry Brands in The World 2018

Cartier is a well known company or jewelry brand for releasing admirable items to market. It is situated in Paris. Louis Francois Cartier founded it in 1847 and named it Cartier. People started getting attracted from their first release of Jewelry products. This brand is concerned normally in selling of quality bracelets, Chains, ear and nose rings, watches and many others. Louis became a very successful man within a short period because many people trusted his products.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands in The World 2017. That is exactly what you needed to know concerning jewelry brands in market. Those that we have studied above are successful and operating to date. You can proof this by purchasing some of their products. I bet you will never stop.

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