Top 10 Most Expensive Furniture Brands

Quality and unique designed furniture are manufactured by few brands that are located in developed countries. Both of them are from United States of America and other surrounding nations. Their history narrates that they had started humbly but grew after gaining so much clients in market. Most expensive brand of furniture is essential for manufacturing uniquely designed home goods. Study list below and get to know some of them.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Furniture Brands in 2017

10. French Heritage

french heritage, Top 10 Most Expensive Furniture Brands 2017

This famous and luxurious furniture brand is known for making quality crafted home equipments such as cupboards, tables, beds and other stylish items. French is considered as one of most expensive furniture models in market today. Purchasing home items made from this brand place orders in their website and follow required procedure. The charge little amount for delivery. You can also purchase them from French Fashion house because they are readily available. French stuffs are long lasting and offer quality services.

9. Christopher Guy

christopher guy, Top 10 Most Expensive Furniture Brands 2017

Christopher Guy is a popular and successful carpenter. He is best known for making quality home furniture such as dining tables, sofas, office furniture, chairs, decorative mirrors, beds and wall units. Christopher’s designs are loved by many people and have high market value. People from different parts of the world always appreciate work done by Guy. Chris works hand in hand with other talented workers. They work simply but produce high quality and durable furniture. Most schools, offices, homes and other successful organizations love furniture made by Chris Guy.

8. Henkel Harris


Henkel Harris is one of America’s best brands of furniture. Their items are sold worldwide to different clients that desire to decorate their houses with quality and good-looking furniture. This furniture brand was found in 1939 during Second World War. This great man started Harris Furniture Company together with his friend and wife. They worked tirelessly towards meeting their goals. After a couple of months, several other workers that were also talented joined them. They gained mush experience together. Its advantages include durability, clear and are of high quality, which cannot be compared with its price.

7. Fendi Casa


Fendi Casa is another popular furniture brand that has been delivering quality home stuffs since 1989. Workers in this luxurious model of furniture have more than 20 years of experience. You can purchase home items from them without any worries. Different variety of furniture are made and distributed to different parts worldwide. What makes people love their furniture is durability and always good looking. Most royal families in America own some of their items. Fendi Casa is successful and one of most expensive brands of furniture worldwide. Only royal families are able to buy their goods.

6. Kartell


Kartell is described as a symbol of beauty. It is an Italian brand of uniquely designed furniture. A famous and successful carpenter known as Giulio and Castelli found this organization in 1949. This man worked out of experience ad employed only talented young men to work with him. Some of his appealing substances are mirror decorations, dining tables, couches, kitchen cupboards, living room furniture and several other stuffs that are essential for home use. All these equipments are durable, good looking and forever attract visitors who come to visit one’s home. One advantage of dealing with Kartell furniture is that goods can be paid in installments before officially picking them.

5. Boca do lobo


Furniture made of this luxurious brand is of modern and traditional looks. Present ones are of high technology and highly furnished to make them appear modern. Extra designs are used to attract royal families no matter how expensive they are. Their standard is always outstanding and give clients luxurious feel whenever used in homes. Boca is one brand of furniture that you should not miss having at home. Despite fact that they are expensive, you will never observe these disadvantages because your money’s value is always guaranteed with their durability nature. We give credit to manufactures of Boca do lobo.

4. Poliform


Poliform is one of luxurious, quality and leading brands in Italy. This company is responsible for offering wide varieties of furniture such as cupboards, decorative mirrors, well furnished tables, dining tables, sofa sets, wall units, beds and many other goods that are widely used in homes. Furniture can be made of same design necessarily for one family. These designs have outstanding looks and decorate home with high class commodities. Purchasing them is advantageous and you will never regret having them with you. Try this class of furniture and see your home beautiful.

3. Edra


Edra is another brand of furniture appearing in third position of this article and one of most expensive furniture brand worldwide. It has been observed that substances from these companies are used in royal families that do not mind paying extra money to earn more pleasure and comfort. Dining tables and seats will always amaze you. They always ensure you have a good feeling and trust whenever using their stuffs. True value of money is reached when using this brand of furniture.

2. Henredon


Henredon is a quality and outstanding furniture company that is based in United States of America. Their furniture is good looking, luxurious and one of best that you can ever have in your home. Wide range of chairs, sofas, dining table sets, cupboard, living room tables and beds are produced from this brand of furniture. Their designs are always maintained and improved yearly.

1. Restoration Hardware


Restoration hardware is most expensive and best of all furniture that is manufacture and sold in market today. Their designs are outstanding and luxurious. Restoration Hardware is always very expensive but that cannot be a problem especially when compared with their quality. Restoration Hardware has been ranked in first position of this article for its price and unique designs.

These are most expensive brand of furniture that are made and sold to several clients in market today. Royal families and high-class offices make to be their clients and most prominent buyers. They are always ready to spend a lot of money in order to own high class and outstanding quality designs of furniture.

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