Top 10 Most Expensive Foods in The World

Let us look at the below list of Top 10 most expensive foods in the world in 2016 and 2017. There are millions and millions of types of foods all around the earth each and every village, town, city, state and country has its own kind of food that is totally different from others. Even from the first day when man kept his feet on ground he needed food for his survival. The basic need of man to survive is food as it gives him nutrition and helps his body to stay healthy and alive.

As we know that every good thing comes with a cost so there are many foods which are very-very costly much more than you can think. This is due to the ingredients that are used to make it. It’s not just that dish but the cost of the ingredients that they use to make it also a reason for the sky high cost of these dishes or foods. So to reduce or remove your inquisitiveness here is a list of top 10 most expensive foods.

List of the world’s top 10 most expensive foods in 2016-2017

10. Foie Gras (Price: – $50 per pound)

Foie Gras, World's Most Expensive Foods 2017

Foie Gras is the costliest animal husbandry product and is basically from France. This is actually made from the Liver of a Duck or a Goose and the taste is buttery, rich, delicate and spicy. This is occasionally served along with fries or as a side dish this is an authentic French dish. It is either Fried or cooked on low heat in low heat and used this can be called as one of Frances best foods given to world.

9. Sembikiya Queen Strawberries (Price: – $85 per pack of 12)

Strawberries have been well known for their beauty and hidden medical uses. The Sembikiya Queen Strawberries are really the queen of the strawberry kingdom with a worth of $7 per piece these are the best strawberries grown and manufactured for international customers worldwide. Strawberry is widely used to make juices, jelly’s and cakes. Due to its strong aroma and awesome taste this fruit is also one of the costliest ingredients.

8. Coffin Bay King Oysters (Price: – $100 per piece)

These Oysters have 10 percent ore meat than a normal one these are the biggest oysters in the world that is why they are named as king. They are very aromatic and leave a strong oceanic feeling in your mouth after you eat them. Coffin bay is one of the world’s most beautiful places and these King Oysters are the pride of it. The history of this oyster dates back to 1802 when these were first grown in the coffin bay.

7. Kobe Beef (Price:– $150-$300 per pound)

Kobe Beef, World's Most Expensive Foods 2018

The kobe beef is the highest quality beef in the world. Known for its tenderness and taste it is one of the highest exports from Japan. This beef is got from the Wagyu Cattle that is one of the best cattle’s reared for meat purposes. This beef can be used for multiple purposes as Grill, Steak, Sashimi and Teppanyaki. The remarkable thing is that this beef retains taste and moisture even after it is kept in frozen condition while exports.

6. Brown Lipped Abalone (Price: – $200 per kilogram)

The Brown Lipped Abalone is a large edible snail found in the coasts of Western North America, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. This is one of the most desired sea foods around the globe for sea food lovers. A remarkable thing about this snail is that its shell is used to make jewellery for women due to the multiple collages of different colours that are present on it. The flesh of this snail is well known for its taste and medical qualities.

5. Wild Harvested Kopi Luwak (Price: – $3000 per kilogram)

This is a kind of coffee produced by part-digested coffee cherries which are eaten and then defecated by Asian Palm Civet. Sounds a little weird but it’s true, grown basically in the interior parts of Indonesia and some others parts of the world. They say it’s very tasty and is sold worldwide as one of the most costly variety of organic coffee. The process of making these coffee beans is long that is why these are so costly.

4. Saffron (Price: – $5000 per pound)

Saffron, World's Most Expensive Foods 2018

Also known as Zafran by the locals of Kashmir and one of the best known and costly spices produced and manufactured from India to all parts of the earth. This looks like grass but is very spicy and aromatic and even one thread of saffron is more than enough to arouse your senses. This also owns the record for being the most costly spice ever in the history of the world. The price of saffron has never decreased and apart from India the major producers and exports are Iran, France, New Zealand and Spain.

3. Almas Caviar (Price: – $35,000 per kilogram)

Definitely the most costly and tasty Caviar in the world can also be called a royal food. This food item has about 100 different medical uses and has an awesome healing property that makes it one of the most wanted food item ever. This is basically salt cured fish eggs the main types of it are caviar are Sterlet, Beluga, Sevruga and Ossetra. This looks like small pearls a gift from nature this is one of the top most expensive foods of all times.

2. Alba White Truffles (Price: – $330,000 per kilogram)

Often referred to as the “diamond of kitchen” they have a great value in the world kitchens. Mostly used by master chefs across the globe to make their dishes tastier and costlier these are just irresistible choice. The unavailability of white truffles is the reason behind its super high cost. This is used to make world to make the worlds costliest Truffle Oil and Truffle vodka which costs around $5000 a bottle. This is one of the rarely occurring food products.

1. Bluefin Otoro Sashimi (Price: – $1.76 million per fish)

Bluefin Otoro Sashimi, World's Most Expensive Foods 2016

The Bluefin Otoro Sashmi is definitely one of the most costly fishes ever in the history of mankind. This fish is mainly used to make Sushi and is found only in 7star food restaurants in Japan who is the only manufacturer of Otoro in the world. Otoro is basically the under part of the blue fins belly. It is tasty and costly both the non availability of this fish in the markets is the main reason for the very high rate of this fish. The shocking thing is that the prices are expected to rise even more in future.

Hence these are the top 10 most expensive foods in the world in 2016-2017. Most of the prices here are expected to rise. You need to be a millionaire in order to try some of these delicacies from around the globe.

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