Top 10 Most Expensive Fashion Brands in The World

People in every corner of the world try to change the way they look according to the latest fashion trends. The luxury fashion market is one of the fastest growing industries today. However a large part of the market is controlled by just a few companies. Wearing clothes made by such luxury brands are not only a style statement but also symbolic of one’s wealth and status in society.

How expensive a brand is can be judged by its reputation in the market in the eyes of consumers as well as its brand value. Today we present the list of the top 10 most expensive fashion brands of the world in 2017.

List of the world’s top 10 most expensive fashion brands in 2017

10. Burberry (Net worth $3.38 billion)

Burberry, Most Expensive Fashion Brands 2016

The only British company in our list was established in 1856, a time when even cars were not on the roads. Mostly focusing on high end and ready to wear outerwear, the brand has been going strong for 160 years now. The fashion house has produced iconic kaki trench coats and patterned scarves which scream elegance. Its characteristic has become one of the most copied designs in fashion. Though the brand became engulfed in controversy for its alleged association with football hooliganism in Britain, it’s still record.

9. Versace (Net worth $5.5 billion)

Versace is a world famous fashion brand founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace. The brand known for flashy colors and stunning prints produces unparalleled ready to wear and leather goods. With the logo of Greek mythological monster Medusa, who made people fall in love with her, the company believes its products have the same effect on the customer. Glamorous, sexy and often theatrical – Versace has turned itself into one of the most iconic brands in all of fashion.

8. Armani (Net worth $3.1 billion)

One of many famous Italian fashion houses, Armani’s name is enough to make it sound like a luxury fashion brand. One of the most sought after brands in the world, Armani has now even expanded into producing perfumes, home interiors, glasses and cosmetics. Impeccable tailoring coupled with luxurious fabric is the hallmark of the company which was founded by Giorgio Armani in 1975. It became famous in a relatively short period of time thanks to its high profile clientele and is now one of the fastest growing companies in the business.

7. Dior (Net worth $11.91 billion)

Dior, Most Expensive Fashion Brands 2017

Dior is a highly reputed luxury fashion brand that was found in 1946 by Christian Dior, one of the most influential designers of the last century. Dior’s fashion collection launched in Spring-Summer 1947 came to be known as the “new look” for the one of a kind and outstanding designs. It can be said the company changed feminine fashion in a lot of ways through its iconic gowns and creation of the widely appreciated haute-couture division. The brand based in France owns multiple retail stores distributed throughout the world.

6. Ralph Lauren (Net worth $6.6 billion)

Founded in the year 1967 by American fashion designer with the same name, Ralph Lauren is a fashion powerhouse that produces apparels and accessories for men, women and children. It has become famous for producing clothing for some major sporting teams and international events. It owns many fashion retail houses spread throughout the world and has become synonymous with American fashion. Famous for its expressive clothing that is consistently luxurious, Ralph Lauren encourages dressing up to fulfill ones idea about his or her self.

5. Dolce and Gabbana (Net worth $7.5 billion)

You know you are looking at something expensive and lavish when you see the iconic D&G logo. Founded by Italian designers Domencio Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1985 after they met in Milan, the company has become a major trendsetter and produces apparel considered by many to be eye catching and exceptionally deluxe. The brand also specializes in footwear and handbags that are very popular all over the globe. The brand manages to often court controversy with it’s out of the box advertisement campaigns.

4. Prada (Net worth $7.3 billion)

Prada, Most Expensive Fashion Brands 2017

Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada, the company has gone onto become synonymous with luxury. Specializing in travel accessories and leather handbags, Prada has successfully reinvented itself multiple times producing designs that are unique and luxurious. With outstanding creativity and innovative styles the company has made sure every girl would love to have a Prada handbag or purse.

3. Chanel (Net worth $6.82 billion)

This prestigious company, which is over a century old, has been greatly influenced by the ideologies of its founder Gabrielle Coco Chanel. Specializing in haute couture, Chanel is especially adept at making women look elegant while never compromising on their comfort. Chanel’s simplistic design revolutionized fashion and earned renowned clientele like Marilyn Monroe, Keira Knightley and Nicole Kidman. The perfume “Chanel No. 5” and the “little black dress” are iconic pieces of the fashion house.

2. Gucci (Net worth $12.4 billion)

It is rare to find a red carpet event without seeing a Gucci product worn by one of the attendees. Guccio Gucci, an immigrant who used to work in a hotel founded the company in 1921 and could have never imagined the brand would become Italy’s most-selling brand and one of the world’s most expensive fashion brands. The famous “Bamboo bag” and “ready to wear segments” launched by the company shot them into fame early in their history and they haven’t looked back since.

1. Louis Vuitton (Net worth $24.31 billion)

Louis Vuitton, Most Expensive Fashion Brands 2018

Founded in 1854, Louis Vuitton is a brand associated with luxury leather items and their signature “LV” can be found on most of its merchandises. One of the world’s most famous fashion brands, Louis Vuitton also sells lifestyle products which include accessories like sunglasses, jewelry, watches and shoes. Their iconic products are often found adorning celebrities like Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Michael Phelps and other celebrities which makes them one of the most well-known groups in fashion.

For a long time now, dressing up to look good has been an important part of life for humans all over the world. If one wears some of the luxury fashion brands in our list, it says a lot about their income as well as their personality. Fashion trends may be temporary but you can be certain brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton are here to stay and dominate the market.

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