Top 10 Most Expensive eBay Items in The World

The world is changing so are the people and their modes of shopping. The whole definition of shopping has changed with the upcoming of online shopping sites where you can shop from home itself and get the product delivered to your door step in any corner of the earth. This is also reliable and has served millions of people around the world. Look around you there may be something that’s purchased online.

Now Ebay as we know it is one of the world’s leading brands that patronizes online selling and purchasing of all kinds of products all around the globe. It’s a multimillion dollar business that has its presence across 40 countries in the world and is still growing at a rapid rate. Founded in the year 1995 in California this soon gained ground all over the world and now is one of the world’s most well-known online shopping brands.

List of the world’s most expensive eBay items in 2018

10. Ian Usher’s Life (Price – $3, 09,292)

Most Expensive eBay Items

There is a saying man can do anything to be peaceful so this millionaire wanted some peace in his life which made him sell all his property on ebay. He sold his Car, home, jetski and even his job to an unknown person who was interested in buying all his stuff and also give him the correct worth of all that he was selling. Ian is the first person on earth to sell his life full of earnings and possessions. All this was only because he wanted to start a new life all together after his divorce. This Australian Guy is still rich even after selling all he had lucky man he is.

9. Shoeless Joe Jacksons Baseball Bat (Price – $ 5, 77,610)

Baseball has been one of the most favorite sports that are watched world over. This game has created many legends and one such person is Joe Jackson who got his nick name shoeless due to a match in which he ran only in his socks. His bats name was the “Black Betsy”. The “Black Betsy” is one of the world’s most expensive sports equipment’s sold and purchased by any buyer online. This bat has been sold by Joes Nephew and is also the most costly baseball bat ever sold in the History.

8. Ferrari Enzo (Price – $1 million)

Ferrari is the worlds most loved and the biggest car manufacturing brands which makes and sells super cars world over. The Enzo series is one of the rarest series of Ferrari cars with just 400 cars in total of this type in the world. Ferrari is not making any more Enzos so this makes it even more precious.
After a lot of online bidding and offers this car was sold to a rich millionaire from Switzerland who paid $1 million for this super car. This car is one of the fastest and hottest sports car ever sold on an online site.

7. Honus Wagner Baseball Card (Price – $1.1 million)

Most Expensive eBay Items

There is no amount too high for people who love a particular thing on earth. This was proved when Brian Seigel a diehard baseball fan and a collector of antique baseball items paid $1.1 million for one baseball card. There is a history behind the worth of this card as only 200 of these cards were printed and spread worldwide. The picture of the person on the card is Mr. Honus Wagner who took the very famous team “The Pirates” to the baseball world finals. One of the most expensive cards ever sold on an online bidding site this card comes on the 7th position on our list.

6. The Town of Bridgeville (Price – $1.77 million)

What? A whole town!!! Yes it is true a whole town was sold on ebay by its owners the Apple family this town is just 83 acres known as one of the most smallest residential towns in the world and was put to sale in 2002 later it was sold at a price of $1.77 which is worth it. This small town has just 8 houses with 30 people living in it with a beautiful café and the worlds cutest post office. This was a good buy by the purchaser as you know the cost of real estate is increasing like anything.

5. House with a War proof Bunker (Price – $2.1 million)

The original value of this house is said to be around $18 million but it was sold in a huge loss of $2.1 million. This house was built keeping in mind all the factors necessary for survival during a war which is yet to happen or may never happen at all. This house may not be of much worth now but in case if a war happens this place will be worth billions and will be the safest place to live in. The idea of this came in the minds of engineers after the 9/11 attacks.

4. The Town of Albert (Price – $2.5 million)

Most Expensive eBay Items

This place definitely has a lot of worth and is probably the smallest town on earth. With a Price of $2.2 million this place once has a population of 5 people. This was one of the stops of the president’s trails. Then later on for some time a general store was added to it as well. This was sold twice in five years first an insurance broker purchased it with something around $216000 later he sold the same property in 10 times higher cost of $2.5 million. Now this is something that can be called as business.

3. A lunch with Warren Buffett (Price – $2.6 million)

This is the most expensive lunch presently on earth which is worth $2.6 million but it’s worth it because this lunch raises money for the poor people who cannot afford to buy food. Mr. Warren Buffett is himself a very well-known businessman and an advisor who is famous for his business ideas all across the globe. This is a lunch that can give you a million dollar idea in just some minutes which can profit of billions as well. Moreover the cause for which this money is paid is also going to earn blessings to you as feeding hungry is not just a social service it’s being a blessing to someone as well.

2. Gulfstream II (Price – $4.9 million)

Online bidding sites sell everything these days from a pin to a town everything. So this is also one of the very costly things sold by ebay the Gulfstream II a Private Jet with 12 seats and a small luxury bar and a specialized washroom. Every corporate giant would love to have this kind of a private Jet. This was purchased by an African company and since then it has travelled all around the globe with the company’s managers and owners. The most expensive purchase made by any private organization so far.

1. GigaYacht (Price – $168 million)

Most Expensive eBay Items

Mr. Roman Abramovich is the present and the first owner of this 405 ft. long Gigayacht not to forget that he is a billionaire as well. This Yacht was designed by Frank Mulder one of the well-known yacht and ship designers in the world now. This astounding yacht has VIP suites, Helicopter pad, Gym, Theater and much more. You name it and this Yacht has it. One of the most expensive online bidding buys done through eBay till now.

Hence we can conclude that expensive eBay items have a very bright future as one of the world’s biggest and most expensive products seller. This giant has a long way to go and will keep shocking us every year with sales like these.

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