Top 10 Most Expensive Earrings in The World

After shoes, it’s time for the list of most expensive earrings in the world. Just like a well suited belt would up the ante of any shoes, a good earring can change the whole look of the face. Teardrop earrings make a face which is roundish look a lot thinner. Big hoops can make a long face look cute and round. However, it is not just the shapes of the danglers we wear. It’s also about the bling they produce. A Cartier is almost every woman’s dream.

The idea of dinner date with emeralds or sapphires dangling from one’s ear while a handsome man in a tuxedo sits on the opposite has occurred at least to 90% of us women. Below is a list of the top 10 most expensive earrings in the world. Some of these have been worn by women whom even history remembers.

List of the world’s most expensive earrings in 2018

10. Arabella Huntington’s earrings owned by Harry Winston (Price not available in current estimate)

Most Expensive Earrings

Harry Winsten came to possess Arabella Huntington’s jewellery collection when he donated the Hope Diamond, which he owned to the Smithsonian institute. It was in the 1958s. He has since taken every piece and revamped it to make jewelleries that would make any woman, and some men swoon.

9. Paris Nourvelle Vague earrings (Price US $79000)

It’s the costliest commercially made earrings in the world. The collection was made to celebrate Parisian women. Cartier and Paris have always been linked with a tread of creativity. The charm and femininity of the Parisian woman is reflected in these models. They are free thinking, joyful and mysterious. This particular model is made of white gold and diamonds worth the capital. The Price listed is not inclusive of any taxes.

8. Panthere de Cartier (price on demand)

This is another gem…literally, from the house of Cartier. This collection is based on the wild panther. The collection reflects the character of the panther, elegant yet predatory, restrained yet ready, lethal and beautiful. The women who wear these often fit into these exact categories. The model mentioned is made from pure white gold, and is encrusted with emeralds, diamonds, onyx and garnets. Just the colour scheme of the panther, the designers only use the emerald of the eyes, the onyx of the muzzle, and the diamond set coat.

7. Marie Antoinette’s diamond earrings (Price unavailable)

Most Expensive Earrings

Marie Antoinette was the ultimate woman who understood her jewels. She refused to wear any that was worn previously by someone else. During her lifetime she had accumulated a huge collection. But unfortunately most of it was misplaced or lost or destroyed during the French Revolution. Some of the jewellery got back to her daughter Marie Therese. Most these few have been cut and sold as new jewellery, and the rest belong in private collections. These Earrings were owned by Napoleon III’s wife Eugene, which later changed a lot of hands including Pierre Cartier and was at last donated to the Smithsonian Institute.

6. Diamond and Pearl danglers (Price US $1.2 million)

This the first of the sets of earrings featured in this list which has been mined from the precious Golconda mines in India. Compared to the last mentioned item on the list, this earring is newly made. The prestigious mines have been found to be rich in diamonds, and therefore prove that India’s old very luxurious past was a product of its own riches.

5. Diamond drop earrings (Price US $2.3 million)

These diamond drop earrings were made from a designer house and immediately was given away to be auctioned off in Christie’s. The auction in New York had a full house reception. The earrings have 9.4 carats of flawless diamonds which are pear shaped but attached in a way that gives it a tear drop appearance. The earrings also have a white gold frame. The bidder who bought it was anonymous and since it hasn’t appeared at any public award shows or any other events, one can only assume a private collector has bought them.

4. Emerald drop earrings (Price US $ 2.5 million)

Most Expensive Earrings

The pair designed by Lorraine Schwartz was first worn at the 2009 Academy awards by Angelina Jolie. It went into auction a while later and landed a whole two and a half million. The pair had deep emerald teardrops which are set on silver settings and then they are again hung from smaller oval emeralds on top. The earrings were two inches.

Jolie’s love for emeralds doesn’t stop here, a few years later she had appeared on the red carpet wearing a huge emerald ring. Her look has inspired countless jewellers across the globe to attempt to make exact same replicas of the danglers. One can even by the fake lookalikes from shopping apps such as Amazon for a paltry $ 50.

3. Emerald and Diamond Earrings (Price US $4.8 million)

These earrings are made of Columbian gemstones. Each earring consists of an 11.75 carat of emerald and diamonds on its body. This pair was put in auction as soon as they were made. It was a private auction without passes to reporters, and the buyer was anonymous too. Therefore nobody knows the actual prices of these sinfully attractive pair. But it is estimated to be between $ 3.5 million to $ 5 million.

2. Diamond drop Earrings from Harry Winsten (Price US $8.5 million)

The pair is also called Harry Winston’s Extraordinary Diamond Drop earrings which are the most expensive pair to be made by a designer till date. It is put on sale in House of Winston on Rodeo Drive in California. It was created in 2006 and weighs around 60.1 carats altogether. Ironically the pair was made 30 years after he had passed away.

1. Golconda Diamond Earrings (Price US 9.3 million)

Most Expensive Earrings

These are the second pair in this list from the Golconda mines on India. Not much is known about this Diamond pair. It was sold at an auction in Christie’s New York. Each earring wore almost 23.11 carats. The bid which was held by the New York house in Hong Kong went up to US $ 9.3 million.

The first three items have not been cited or confirmed due the unavailability of their values. Values have only been estimated through popular entertainment websites.

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