Top 10 Most Expensive Beers in The World

Though consumption of alcohol is something that is considered to have its side effects, but when consumed in moderation and measured amount with a bit of responsibility, the side effects get minimized. This is where the drinkers only get to enjoy the taste without becoming an alcoholic. And amidst the selection of alcoholic beverages that are available for users to choose from, beer is the most widely selected and consumed one. Beer has a different value in the community who love drinking a lot and many people cannot even stay without beers for a few days, or you can say hours.

This gets produced through the fermentation of starch as well as fruits for instance, apples and grapes. In comparison to the other available alcoholic beverages in the world, beer happens to be the cheaper one. But then there are celebrated brands that have some of the finest beers in the world under their brand, which indicates attractive pricing as well. So here’s a list of the top 10 most expensive beers 2018 that one can choose from!

List of the world’s Top 10 most Expensive Beers in 2018:

10. Blue Ribbon (Price – $44 USD for 720 ml)

Most Expensive Beers

Back in the year 1844, the brand Blue Ribbon had undergone a brand elevation by the Chinese Pabst. This is said to be one of the most costly beer brands that is available in the beer market today. Popular amidst the youth as well as the adults, Blue Ribbon is known for its authenticity and a grand taste that lingers on.

9. TutanKhamun Ale (Price – $75 USD for 500 ml)

Most Expensive Beers

Going by the records the very first restricted version of this beer was produced by the Scottish breweries and the Cambridge researchers. Earlier the TutanKhamun Ale was said to be a rather exotic wine that used an old recipe which adds to its perfection and elusiveness.

8. Sink the Bismarck (Price – $80 USD for 375 ml)

Most Expensive Beers

This famous beer brand Sink the Bismarck was generated by Scottish breweries. This beer brand is popular for coming up with some of the uncommon names. This beer was considered to be the first brand that was introduced by Scottish brewery back in 2010 that earned immense success in the beer market and make it top in the list of most expensive beers.

7. Ambassador Reserve by Crown (Price – $90 USD for a full bottle)

Most Expensive Beers

This gets counted as one of the top 10 most expensive beers 2016 in the beer arena. The Ambassador Reserve by Crown gets produced post keeping the same inside a French Oak barrel for more than a year. From 2008 this brand has sold a count of four batches only with each batch containing 80,000 bottles.

6. Space Barley (Price – $110 for the small bottles)

Most Expensive Beers

Back in 2006 this brand, Space Barley got created by a Japanese brewery that’s called Sapporo along with the assistance of a Russian scientist. The beer however is one of the most expensive ones and is known for its taste and antiquity.

5. Utopias (Price – $150 USD for 700 ml)

Most Expensive Beers

Utopias is considered to be one of the popular alcoholic beverages that have been there since 2002. The ingredients of this classy and costly beer comprises of the Vienna, Moravian, Caramel, Bavarian smoked malt along with fermented fruit that makes it taste distinctive and elusive than other beer brands.

4. Schorschbock 57 (Price – $273 USD for a bottle)

Most Expensive Beers

The Schorschbock 5 gets the reputation of one of the strongest alcoholic beverages in the entire beer arena. Back in 2011 there were only as many as 36 bottled that got released. This beer comes with a typical raisin and nutty flavour that adds to its distinctness and makes it popular amidst both young and adult beer lovers.

3. Jacobsen Vintage (Price – $400 USD for 375 ml)

Most Expensive Beers

Produced by the popular Danish brewery named Carlsberg, the Jacobsen Vintage is a popular name and comes with an expiry date of 2059. This beer variant is available in both vanilla and cocoa flavours and it used to be stored in the Swedish and French barrels for the maturation process.

2. The End of History (Price – $765 USD for 330 ml)

Most Expensive Beers

This famous beer brand named End of History is known for be produced by the BrewDog that presents strength and luxury. This beer is replete with barnyard critters used to make the brand bottle. Today it has a very high demand from the beer community but you should always keep in mind that people should always maintain the quantity of drink they are drinking. This beer will give you the ultimate peace if you drink this beer in the summer time. The ingredients of this product are so beautiful that you will get a wonderful taste and your body will not effect at all for the quality of the ingredients.

1. Antarctic Nail Ale (Price – $800 USD for 500 ml)

Most Expensive Beers

The Antarctic Nail Ale is the most expensive beer brand in the beer universe. As the name suggests, water from the Antarctic ice berg that’s melted dug by the society of sea shepherd conservation got used for this beer production. The brand got launched by the famous Nail Brewing Company and today is a popular beer brand. The quality of the beer is so good that if you drink a lot of beers, then you will get alcoholic and as a result, you can do different things which are not legal at all.

This entire list of top 10 most expensive beers 2018 are the best names in the market that are loved by majority of the beer lovers. Each of them is in huge demand and is here to stay and flourish as a brand and business. So all the beer buffs in the world, are you all drooling?

If that chilled out feel has got into you, it is time that you be satiated with intoxicating information on beers presented here! Make the best move of knowing more about beer and we are going to come up with more, be safe and drink safely and maintain your quantity of the drink and keep reading and coming back for more!

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