Top 10 Most Expensive Antiques in The World

Antiques are old objects that everyone loves – well at least those with a love for history and historical objects. We the people of earth are proud of the aniques that you can see around and it is evident that antiques are costly. These fantastic pieces are renowned for their beauty and are more than mere show pieces. These are precious objects with a rich history, which serve as a mirror to the times that they were created in. Such types of objects enjoy a high demand among art lovers with deep pockets and a craving for old-world beauty.

Go over the top 10 most expensive antiques 2018, known among art and antique lovers across the world. These are very beautiful pieces and have high value, partly due to the use of very costly materials in their construction and partly as a result of their historical worth and significance.

List of the world’s top 10 most expensive Antiques in 2018

10. The Sword of Napoleon (Price – $6.4 million)

Most Expensive Antiques

It is the famous sword of the monarch of France. It is the weapon that Napoleon presented to his brother. It is an amazing ornament which is regarded as the national treasure of France. It was once used by the French monarch in many battles until 1880. It serves as a great symbol of Victory, Power and Plan and can fill beholders with wonder and amazement. It has a very minutely decorated blade which is just below 40 inches long and has a slight curve. So this piece of antique is priceless as it has several history and blood of different people in it. The net wirth of this rare sword is only $6.4 million.

9. Soup Tureen of Louis XV (Price – $9.7 million)

Most Expensive Antiques

It stands as one of the most precious cups on the planet, and is an extraordinary specimen of art. It is constructed out of gold. This is one of the royal antiques that belonged to the French monarch Louis XV, who gifted it to the monarch of Denmark and Germany as a diplomatic present. At present, it is kept in Germany. It is regarded as one of the most valuable antique pieces. The soup bowl looks amazing from all angles, and is valued at $9.7 million.

8. The Great Book Case (Price – $11.2 million)

Most Expensive Antiques

This wooden shelf desk was constructed in the year 1770, and is made of pure Mahogany wood. The antique looks wonderful and is 112 inches in length. It is very attractive and durable, and is a big piece of painted furniture. It stands 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. Designed by the master English architect William Burges and as it holds a huge antique value, it has been valued at $11.2 million.

7. Diamond Tiara (Price – $12.1 million)

Most Expensive Antiques

This is a golden crown which is encrusted with diamond and jewels. Whether it comes to looks, historical worth and beauty, it ranks as one of the supreme pieces. It was the crown of Princess Katharina. It is priced at $12.1 million.

6. The vessel of the Ming (Price – $14 million)

Most Expensive Antiques

This Chinese vessel is a souvenir from the times of the Ming dynasty of China, the Chinese -imperial dynasty which lasted in the 1368 – 1644 period. At that time, China was famous for the production of costly vessels and other artifacts. This vessel is constructed out of 18 carat gold, and is fantastic in design and overall appearance. The style and design make it more valuable than the gold. The vessel is worth slightly more than $14 million.

5. The Moon flask (Price – $15.1 million)

Most Expensive Antiques

It is a primitive old flask, but encrusted with jewels, pearl and enamel. It is one of the most attractive flasks available on Earth. Although it was created in the 18th century, its designs are reminiscent of the 15th century. It is an exquisite piece of vessel and a wonderful art object overall. It is worth $15.1 million.

4. The Olyphant (Price – $16.1 million)

Most Expensive Antiques

It is an antique piece that dates back to the 11th century. At one time, this amazing art object was used during hunting and in battles. This is a wonderfully crafted horn with an amazing design, and makes a terrific weapon which can be used even today. It is a rare collectible and is priced at $ 16.1 million.

3. Liechtenstein Badminton Cabinet (Price – $28.8 million)

Most Expensive Antiques

It is a very attractive cabinet which stands 12 feet tall, with a clock on its top. It is made of gold and is very lovely to look at. This cabinet dates back to the 18th century and was twice regarded as the most expensive furniture ever to be sold. It has a rich history, apart from its fabulous design, which gives it a value of $28.8 million.

2. Codex of Da Vinci (Price – $ 30 million)

Most Expensive Antiques

One of the most significant collections of master artist Leonardo da Vinci, this is a scientific drawing collection. It may also be regarded as a scientific writing collection. It has a price of about $30 million, which was paid by its present owner – Microsoft honcho Bill Gates.

1. Chinese Vase of Qing dynasty (Price – $80.2 million)

Most Expensive Antiques

It is a specimen and a memoir from the times of the famous Qing dynasty in China, regarded as the last royal dynasty of China that lasted in the period 1644 – 1912 and was ended by revolutionaries. The Manchu ruled this dynasty. The Chinese Vase of Qing dynasty is one of the most amazing and historically important antique pieces on the globe. It is constructed out of China Gold. It has a price of $80.2 million, making it one of the most expensive antique objects.

These are the top 10 most expensive antiques 2018 that are hugely popular among antique lovers but it is tough to make this table because many other items are also very much precious. Each object mentioned in this list top the list of the most valuable antiques and collectibles on the planet. Every art lover wants to have them in their home, although only those with very deep pockets can afford to buy them for personal possession.

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