Top 10 Most Dangerous Guns in The World

These guns are so dangerous that you will never want to be near one. They can kill someone so fast that the will be no chance they will love through it. The design is alone scary enough to make you turn the other way. If you ever get the chance to touch one then be very careful. They try so hard to make it better so it is more powerful and bigger and it does not even need to be. Some of them can bring down a helicopter in the sky which is why it is so dangerous. Everyday they work to make it so much better until they get it just right. Knowing the aftermath is what will show that they are too dangerous for just any hands. If you are just a normal person than you will more and likely never get your hands on one of these.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Guns in The World 2017

10. Uzi Sub-Machine Gun

Uzi Sub-Machine Gun, Top 10 Most Dangerous Guns in The World 2017

The size may look small but it is built that way so it is easier to use but can still do a lot of damage. It will fit in a suitcase or wrapped in clothes to be smuggled into a different state. Gangsters try so hard to get their hands on these because of the power that are in them. If they ever do get one then innocent people could be in more danger than they ever think is possible. People get caught in the crossfire and end up dead instantly all because they want to fight over things that can be fixed if they knew how to figure out the problem.

9. M1911 Browning Pistol

M1911 Browning Pistol, Top 10 Most Dangerous Guns in The World 2019

You will find that this gun has been seen in so many places that it is a simple gun but can cause a lot of damage to the outside world in just a simple shot. The mobs and the gangs use these everyday. If you see someone who is in one of these groups then they usually carry them in their side belts or in their waist bands in their jeans. With the fact that it is so small makes it easy to hide and can be pulled out with a smooth move of pulling it out and aiming it just right. They do note who is in the way they are just aiming for one person so never be somewhere you should not be.

8. Heckler and Koch MG4


The size is not very easy to hide but if someone has a hit on someone then they can set it up in a window seal and bam that person is dead in seconds of having it out and aiming. The scope makes it worse because they will line up the lines and have the person shot straight in the head will the pull of the trigger. It is lightweight so it is easy to carry around. They can be mounted on vehicles with a mount so they can be used to do pretty much anything so do not get in the way of its danger. It can shoot up to seven hundred and seventy rounds in a minute.

7. Kalashnikov AK-47


If you do not know anything about guns it does not matter this gun will show the fear in your eyes. It is a ticking time bomb. You can shoot this and shoot some one that is over two hundred miles away. Close to three hundred miles away will drop them dead. It will shoot on average of six hundred bullets per minute and this is why soldiers use it and why other people want it in their hands so they can have power. You can have armor on and it be state of the art and you will still not walk away alive. It is a machine gun but also can be used as a sniper. It has a point on shot.

6. Glock .45 Caliber G.A.P.


Looks like a simple gun and not that dangerous but you are wrong. Special Forces and the military carry these and are used as a back up if they run out of bullets on the machine gun they are using. The glock is one that you hear people who are in the Mafia or in gangs carry around. When they start fighting the Glock comes out and there is no help for the person who is getting shot unless it is in the arm or leg. They will still lose a lot of blood and it will do a lot of damage to the tissues in the body. You can shoot ten rounds at a continuous speed just by pulling the trigger so that is why it is a good back up.

5. Heckler and Koch HK416 A5 Assault Rifle


It has been upgraded better than the previous models and is very powerful. This one has been said to be the most dangerous guns 2017 for all seasons since the triggered was made so that you could wear gloves while handling it and the most dangerous part about that is that since the person is capable of wearing gloves, any murder that may happen using this gun will be gotten away with because of how gloves protect fingerprints from showing up on objects of any kind.

4. Desert Eagle Pistol


If you are going to shoot this gun then make sure you are at a decent strength because the blowback is very powerful. The fifty caliber rounds are able to bust open anything, if not destroy it to pieces. If using hollow point bullets then that is sure to mean a kill if it is fired at a person. That is what makes this one of the most dangerous guns but also deadliest.

3. Smith & Wesson Revolver


A major difference between the western cowboy revolver and this smith and wesson is not only how one is from the old west times and the other is more modern, it is that this brand has more choices to choose from. In the world today, shootings happen when either a murder is being committed or if the shooting is done in self-defense. Robberies are also a reason that a trigger is pulled a lot of times. The danger comes in because anyone that has a firearm license, whether it be real or a fake one, can buy one of these guns from any store that carries this brand.

2. Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle


Within one point six seconds this gun will release five rounds and that is a way faster speed than what most guns can even do. It is called a ghost assassins number one dream firearm because it can be hid out of eyesight by placing it inside a ghillie suit while in a forest or jungle and noone will ever see it. One shot with this gun can cause a big blazing from ground up and can uproot an object as big as a vehicle because of the explosive bullets that the gun is able to have loaded in it.

1. The Tracking Point Rifle


It is tons of steps in front of any other gun on the market. This gun is able to shoot whether the operator chooses for it to or not. The rifles with this kind feature is still trying to make a big break onto the firearm market because big safety issues has been a concern with firearm regulators. Civilians are able to buy this but the price is going to be extremely high at twenty-two thousand dollars each. That is going to be more for a rich purchase that has a huge budget to throw out there than one of the average everyday working merican.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Guns in The World 2017. Guns are dangerous no matter how you look at it but if you use them in the correct way and have the proper knowledge of the safety techniques then you could be using the safety procedures and not have to worry about any harm coming to others around you.

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