Top 10 Most Beautiful Engagement Rings in The World

Engagement is the most valuable event in both the bridal and groom’s life, it has many religious values and is different from a different religion. But the main reason behind Engagement is a promise made by both the partners to marry each other; it is also the time between a marriage proposal and wedding. It is recognized as the first step towards marriage where the partners are called fiancée.

The most significant thing about engagement is the engagement ring which is referred to as the symbol of the promise of marrying each other. It is also the symbol of making a commitment to each other that they will spend their lifetime relationship with each other. As engagement rings are so paramount part of the wedding, let’s check out the top 10 most beautiful engagement rings in the world.

List of the world’s top 10 most beautiful engagement rings in 2018

10. 18 carats blue sapphire Ring

Most Beautiful Engagement Rings

It is the wedding ring that was worn by Prince William’s late mother Diana, and now it is passed down to a generation where Duchess Cathrine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton wears this, it is braided with 14 little diamonds. There is nothing unique or extravagant about it, but it’s of royal standard that’s what makes it priceless.

9. Argyle Jewelers Pink Pear-Cut Ring

It’s the ring which world famous pop singer gifted it to tennis player Anna Kournikova. The specialty about this ring is pink pear cut 11 carat diamond which turns out to be the center of attraction. It does also have two Trillian stones on the side; this gives a lovely look to it and promises a stunning look on your girl’s hand.

8. Fred Leighton Vintage Diamond Ring

Hollywood star Michael Douglas gave this ring to his spouse who is also a famous actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. This piece of beauty is a total gorgeous vintage marquise – shaped horizontally set 10 carat diamond ring.The extraordinary thing about this ring is it has 28 smaller stones sparkling around the diamond and does also have a 1920 look.

7. Lesotho III Diamond Ring

World great business magnate Aristotle Socrates Onassis gifted this ring to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis the former first lady. This ring had 40.42 carat of diamond and was only one made from a 601 carat rough diamonds from South Africa using 16-cuts. This ring was only worn twice by Jacqueline; it is just a precious, priceless piece ever designed.

6. Graff Emerald-cut Diamond

Most Beautiful Engagement Rings

Donald John Trump, a business person, and entertainment personality gifted this ring, Melania Knauss a former model, jewelry and watch designer.The unique thing about this engagement ring is it is a 15 emerald cut diamond ring over a platinum basket which is made by House of Graff, London and it is expensive.

5. Neil Lane Blue Diamond Ring

This ring is just fabulous and has a dazzling 8.5 carat diamond at its center astonishingly mounted on an elegant metal piece designed by Neil Lane, endorsed as a jeweler to the celebrities. This ring is considered as a most prized diamond ring with the rarest diamond on it. This ring was given to pop star-actress Jennifer Lopez by her ex-husband who is also well-known singer Marc Anthony.

4. Cartier Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Prince Rainier III, the ruler of the Monaco principality, gifted this prized piece of beauty to Grace Kelly, the American-based actress. This ring was their official engagement ring which has an old Cartier 10.47 emerald cut diamond at its center. It also consists two stylish diamond baguettes at its sides; this is so beautiful and priceless.

3. Gold Diamond – Encrusted Ring

This ring has a large 24-carat white gold ring and at its center, there is a long rectangular diamond bordered with two triangles shaped cut baguettes. This ring was gifted by Paris Latsis a Greek shipping heir and socialite to pop singer and hotel heiress Paris Hilton; she referred it as so huge and cumbersome that it even hurt her finger. After the couple split, she auctioned it to Katrina, hurricane victims.

2. Lorraine Schwartz Platinum Diamond Ring

Jay Z world renowned rapper; singer gifted this to Beyonce, the famous singer. This ring looks heavenly with an 18 carat unblemished octagon(eight sided) cut diamond set over a platinum base and forged by famous jewelers Lorraine Schwartz. This piece of premium rock is highly prized, certified as rare and internally limpid.

1. Asscher – Cut Krupp Diamond Ring

Most Beautiful Engagement Rings

This ring is just invaluable that has a karizma aura to enrapture anyone. It has a massive 33.19 carat, Asscher-cut Krupp Diamond with a moderately large culet facet. This diamond is certified as Type IIa diamond, well in simple words most chemically purest and rarest of all diamonds with an excellent optical transparency. It was a gift from Richard Burton(actor) to Elizabeth Taylor (actress). Recently it was auctioned by Christie’s and was bought by an Asian collector in 2011.

So here top 10 most beautiful engagement ring diamonds were enlisted, and they were the only one made up until today it seems these precision rings look like stars on Earth.

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