Ten Freaky Dolls That Will Make You Scared

When growing up as kid, you took your doll to be more than just a doll. Some of us took it for friend and even found ourselves talking to it when we felt lonely. Girls when they are young the even want to sleep in the same bed with their dolls. They love playing with them all the time day and night. Several dolls will even scare you as an adult let alone the kids. These dolls have a freaky face that looks terrific. Check out below, the list of the top ten freaky dolls that will make you scared.

10. The Pulau Ubin Barbie


Barbie dolls are among the best and beautiful dolls in the whole world. The history behind the Pulau Barbie is: there was a couple that was arrested in 1914 for committing crime and their daughter died and later on a shrine for constructed in Singapore at Pulau Ubin to pacify her spirit. Her cross and hair were laid in this church. It was later replaced with a Barbie doll. It looks as the scariest Barbie doll that you will even be afraid to buy your kid a Barbie doll when you see this one.

9. Patty Reed’s Doll


This doll has a scary facial expression that will make you think that evil spirits has possessed the doll. The story behind this doll is incredible. A toy belonged to Patty Reed who was the daughter to a group of travelers who miraculously survived a terrible journey where some travelers has been lost and ended up even eating each other just because Patty refused to part ways with her favorite doll. It is now stored at the Sutter Fort State Historical Museum in California.

8. Elmo


A doll threatens to kill you. This doll has rocked the kids’ world since in 1996. It turned out freaky when it started using the kill word on a toddler by the name James Bowman. When it was designed, it had a preprogram that allowed it to pronounce a few words. However, when it started saying Kill James it was considered freaky was put away from the kid. It is a very freaky doll to even look at.

7. The Devil Baby Doll


This one was found in New Orleans. New Orleans is one of the places in the world that has been known for black magic. The story is that in 18th century a girl got married to Scotsman, but her ex was so jealous that he took revenge by started black magic. The boy for being buried alive after she had given birth to a strange looking creature and there are rumors that these spirits are still haunting this place cursed her. People hang dolls outside their houses to scare off this creature from their homes.

6. Pupa


Can you imagine a doll taking and even changing facial expression? Pupa’s owner said that it was a live doll that she used to take to, she even claimed that it saved her life. It was manufactured in 1920s and resembled its original owner. After the owner died, it became active and even one of the family claimed to have seen it walking and moving things. Let me not say much because it is even freaking me out. This is one freaky doll.

5. Mandy the Doll


The freaky thing about this doll is that it wakes up when it hears the sound of baby crying. It is said to be about 90 year old and it was made back in the 19th century in England. It is a ceramic doll. It was donated to the Quesnel Museum. The person who donated did so because she used to hear the sound of a baby crying, but when she checked she found only the doll. If it was me, I would even donate it to the government for research this is some crazy stuff. When it was taken to the museum the crying stopped.

4. Letta The Haunted Gypsy Doll


It has been one of the freakiest dolls for more than 200 hundred years. It is haunted because its owner was the son of a Romanian gypsy whose son’s death was by drowning in water. It was reported that the soul of his son was transferred into this doll. The doll usually cries as a soul. It has been reported that scary things happens when around this doll, like it rains when it is taken out and people experience fear when they view this doll.

3. Chrystal, True, Isaac, Sharla, Lily, Monika, Ashley and Cameron


This is a group of freaky dolls from Pennsylvania. They owners reported that these dolls did some freaky dolls some of the strangest things that were once recorded on camera. The owners who wanted to view for themselves freaky and haunting things that were done by these dolls bought these dolls.

2. Voodoo Zombie Doll


This one will definitely make you feel scared. In the times we are living in, people have started believing in the existence of zombies. Its owner claimed that whenever she sold out this doll, it would reappear back at her doorsteps. It was found in New Orleans. This doll has real human hair and its owner bought it via eBay. One scary doll will cause a lot of panic. Can you imagine putting away a doll and then finding it on your door.

1. Joliet Doll


This is the freakiest doll that is both haunted and cursed. The owner was a woman by the name Anna who was killed alongside her children by criminals. After they died their spirits entered the doll and have been residing there. Wherever she is placed somewhere, the sound of footsteps and voices are heard. This is one scary thing that will freak you out.

I know most of you are even scared to even look at your doll because you think they are like one of these listed ones. Do not be scared, these are the only ones that have been for doing strange and unbelievable stuffs.

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