Top 10 Cheapest eBay Items in The World

eBay is an American Company based in California which has gone multinational due to its due popularity. It is an e-commerce company opened in 1995 and been popular ever since. It is also available on app format in iOS, watchOS, Android, Windows and Windows phone platforms. It has always been a huge success in the dot com bubble. In the online shopping auction you can get anything from clothes to computers and from joker costumes to jewellery. There are even options of buying rare movie tickets or game tickets if you haven’t managed to find one the conventional way. The website provides free browsing options but if you are a seller then you need to pay the registration amount.

The website has also recently expanded to its ‘Buy it now’ shopping which is different than its auction style. This list is for the cheapest items available in eBay, but since, the cheapest items refer to a big scattered list of everything under the moon and a lot of items are available for the same price- we will concentrate on the cheapest tech stuff you can get of the site. Read on to find out more about the top 10 cheapest eBay items available on eBay.

List of the world’s top 10 best selling and cheapest eBay items in 2018

10. USB Vacuum cleaner (sale price: $ 5.6 USD)

Cheapest eBay Items

This is a very handy device. You connect it to your laptop and you can clean up those little spaces in your computer that you can’t reach. However, the device has minimum suction power, and it might be a little difficult to clean your computer while using it as a power source.

9. Weather Station (Sale price: $ 5 USD and an additional $ 5 for postage)

Cheapest eBay Items

The gadget does exactly what we would expect it to do give its name. It displays humidity, date, temperature time and the other associated parameters. It makes a good generic gift though.

8. Voice disguise for mobile phone (sale price: $ 6.8 USD and an additional $ 2 for postage)

Cheapest eBay Items

This is not going to be very useful if your number is not a private or blocked number. This device works independently in spite of being linked to your mobile phone. It is only used by pranksters anyway to get other people in trouble.

7. Laptop Theft Detector (sale price: $ 7 USD and an additional $ 5 for postage)

Cheapest eBay Items

This device is a proximity sensor. Which is why it can not only be used as an anti-theft device but also be used on your child? The alarm goes off as soon as the device moves away from you about 30ft. But there are a few problems associated too. The alarm goes off randomly and the batteries run out quick. Also, both the ends need to be turned on and off quickly.

6. Tiny Wireless Mouse (sale price: $ 3.4 USD and an additional $ 5 for postage)

Cheapest eBay Items

The wireless mouse has been described as very helpful by its users. It is a generic wireless mouse but at a real nice bargain. But the users have also complained of it breaking down.

5. World’s smallest universal remote control (sale price: $ 7 USD)

Cheapest eBay Items

It is a very handy device. The keychain remote can be used for all televisions. However, it has a really difficult configuring procedure for which you might need a trained technician. It can also be problematic if a prankster gets a hold of this keychain. In the reviews, multiple users have confessed to turning TVs on and off in local electronic stores.

4. Roll-up flexible waterproof keyboard (sale price: $ 6.00 USD)

Cheapest eBay Items

It is a real bargain tool. It can be carried in a small bag. It can be used as a spare. It is extremely light and portable. You can even let your kids use it and not be scared that it would get spoilt if they dropped some liquid or gloop on it. However, the typing experience is not great as customers who have often used it have said the experience was not entirely satisfactory.

3. Alcohol Breath Tester (sale price: $ 7.00 USD)

Cheapest eBay Items

It is not only issued to police man, it is also available on the internet. So, if you are not exactly feeling reliable on the words of your friend who is about to drive you home, just taking a test to guarantee your safety. Though most people who buy it off the internet buy it as a novelty item and not as a tool as it was meant to be. It works pretty simply, if it is yellow or green, you are good to go. But if for some reason the light turns red, get yourself and your friend out of the car and get a taxi home to sober up.

2. LED Laser Torch (sale price: $ 9.99 and an additional $ 5 for postage)

Cheapest eBay Items

It can be used as a normal torch for hiking and trekking. It can also be used to control your pets. Any pet lover would know how our little furry friends like to chase the curious little beams of light. So, if you have to distract the pet from anything you just shine the little red light and they are going to chase it around. It has a nice battery power and has a quality rating of almost 9/10 by viewers.

1. Electric Shock Laser Key Ring (sale price: $ 6.00 USD)

Cheapest eBay Items

This is one of the prank gifts you get for that one friend whose leg it is very easy to pull. It is not exactly a gadget but it is a toy. This is one of the cheapest gadgets you find on the internet unless you count the keyboards from Hong Kong that cost almost as low as 99 cents per keyboard with the additional postage charge of two dollars.

Above, served to you on silver platter is the list of all the cheapest gadgets available on the internet, and most of it is under $ 10 USD. So, do your researches before you buy your gadgets in one of the overpriced stores on the high street?

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