Top 10 Cheapest DSLR Cameras In The World

We all have that friend who is a maniac and not to mention a genius with a camera. He makes non-living things come to live with his phone camera with sheer versatility, and makes the lack lustre porter by the side of the road shine with energy. Some of these friends have the good fortune of being rich and thus getting to own a DSLR camera by them. But most of them are not. They take photos with their cell phones and yet impress us with their talents while the amateurs with DSLR cameras mess about in random spots.

A DSLR camera is the perfect gift for such friends. Such friends who provide us with amazing display pictures for our profile photos every other day. It is a small token of gratitude and loves our photographer friend. And since a whole lot of the ‘non-DSLR owning photographers are college students with minimum income with similarly broke friends, we can’t afford the best and most expensive cameras either, we need to know our best options within the budget. The ones that would provide the necessary function yet not burn a hole in your pocket. Here is the list of top 10 cheapest DSLR cameras.

List of the world’s top 10 best selling and cheapest DSLR cameras in 2018

10. Panasonic Lumix DMC- G5W Mirrorless (net price $1499 USD)

Cheapest DSLR Cameras

It is the only Panasonic camera on the list. It has a resolution of 16.05 megapixels, and a 3.00X clear zoom. It has an EVF and LCD viewfinder and a shutter speed of 1/4000 of a second. It has been available in the market since 2012. The camera is an improved version of the G3 and some might even argue it performs better than its later versions. The camera was priced separately. The body was priced at $ 699.99 and the rest of the kit was priced at $ 799.99 in the US.

9. Nikon DD5300 (net price $1399.95 USD)

Cheapest DSLR Cameras

There is a secret you should know about this camera. The retail price is much higher than the actual street price. The actual street price being somewhere around $ 550. It is a particularly hefty camera at 1035g including the additional battery and kit lens. It has a HD video recording capacity and thus can be used to shoot short films. It is the predecessor of the Nikon D7100 but the predecessor of the Nikon D3200.

8. Nikon D90 (net price $1300 USD)

Cheapest DSLR Cameras

At number one we have another entry from Nikon, a successor of the Nikon D80 and a predecessor of the improved and upgraded Nikon D7000. It has a lot of perks like its self-cleaning feature and minimum start up time. The time range for a single shot is .36 seconds. It has curtain sync, automatic red eye reduction and auto focusing. However, it also has a lot of pitfalls like low battery life and a relatively low focal length multiplier. It hasan 18-55mm lens and can be used for macro photography. In spite of the few pitfalls, it is a very reliable camera.

7. Nikon D5200 (net price $899.95 USD)

Cheapest DSLR Cameras

The camera was released in 2013 and weighs around 827g inclusive of all the add ones. It provides an aspect ratio of 3:2 and can take high quality videos. It has an effective megapixel of 24 MP and is a great professional camera.

6. Pentax K-50 (net price $779.95 USD)

Cheapest DSLR Cameras

The Pentax cameras offer features not available in cameras of the same price range. The most important feature among these is the AA batteries that come with the model. They are much more suitable for cameras than the common Lithium ion batteries. The images are shot in DNG configuration and then processed.

5. Sony Alpha- SLT A58 (net price $650.50 USD)

Cheapest DSLR Cameras

This released in 2013 it is the predecessor of A58Y. It weighs around 731g and comes with the kit lens and batteries in that minimum price. The effective megapixel is 20.1 MP and has a 1.5X zoom. It is self-cleaning and has an EVF or LCD viewfinder.

4. Canon EOS 600D (net price $599.99 USD)

Cheapest DSLR Cameras

This canon product has an 18 MP effective resolution and a 3 inch TFT screen that would just go smoothly with its comfortable grip structure and interface. It can record and process HD videos instantly and is thus very effective for recording short films. This is a useful feature as countless young students decide to showcase their talents by video blogging their dialogues, ideas and acts, and sometimes the laptop camera is just no good. After all, not all of us own a Macbook.

3. Olympus E-PL5 Mirrorless (net price $399.99 USD)

Cheapest DSLR Cameras

The camera has an effective MP of 16.1 and MOS sensor. It has a shutter speed of 1/4000 seconds and has a maximum aperture of 3.5 in its kit lens. It is extremely light in its category at 448g including all the add ones.

2. Canon EOS 1200D (net price $399.99 USD)

Cheapest DSLR Cameras

The EOS 1200D has a wide range from high sensitivity to low sensitivity and it even has the Scene Intelligent Auto sensing mode which makes your camera run almost completely on auto pilot which is a great feature. It also has scene recognising capacity by sensing the brightness,contrast subject colour and distance and can set itself to its optimal settings. The camera is useful for shooting a wide range of scenes from portrait photos, evening scenes, sunrise and sunset as it can capture the whole event in a very lively form.

1. Nikon d3200 (net price $338.00 USD)

Cheapest DSLR Cameras

It is a relatively light weighted camera perfectly suitable for travelling and long range photography. You can get an automatic 1080p HD recording. It has other awesome features like the 11F focus and 4fps shooting bursts. It has the features which are not available in any other model of the same price range.

So, here is a list at your cheapest DSLR cameras, choose wisely and smartly. Whether if it is for you or your friend. And click away to glory. Make the very common thing we see at the side of the road uncommon with the magic of the lens.

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