Top 10 Cheapest Beers in The World

17th March 2016 marks St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland’s patron saint. Revelers flock beer joints and down a couple of pints in memory of the saint. Generally, beer consumption has fallen worldwide, especially in countries like France, Germany, most parts of Asia and Africa. Statistics show beer consumption fell by 1.3% (latest data available) from 2015 to 2016. Getting the price of pints of beer all over the world can be a nightmare, given that the data keeps changing and new products being unveiled at random times. While it might not be possible to give an honest report with regards to cheapest beer brands, more accurate information about beer prices can be found if you go by location. So, we have compiled a list of the places you are likely to find the cheapest beers in the world.

List of Top 10 Cheapest Beers in The World in 2017

10. Hue Beer – Vietnam – $0.55

hue beer, Top 10 Cheapest Beers in The World 2019

The country plays host to one of the cheapest beer brands you will find in the world. The average supermarket price of all beer brands in the country is $0.99, while in bars it stands at $2.1. in hotels it is a bit more expensive at $3 upwards. The most popular brand is the Hue Beer or Bia Hue in Vietnamese. The Carlsberg-owned brewery has been producing the quality stuff since 1990. Brewing and bottling takes place in Hue, Vietnam, so you might want to get closer to Hue if you want even cheaper beer.

9. Ngok – Democratic Republic of Congo – $0.6


The ‘Ngok’ is the cheapest beer in Africa, and it comes from the DRC, formerly Zaire. After the first Congo war with Rwanda in 1996-1997, the beer’s name became synonymous with the Central African River. The river is significant to the war and the beer gained popularity. It still remains very cheap. Made of malted barley, the green-bottled pint is worth trying out. The average price of a pint of beer in DRC is $1 in supermarkets and $1.2 in bars and entertainment joints.

8. Mutzig Beer – Rwanda – $0.49


In Rwanda, beer is so cheap; the average cost of all beer brands is below $0.8. The Eastern African country has been enjoying economic stability under their President Paul Kagame. Beer lovers in East Africa, especially Kenyans travel 469 miles to Kigali just to enjoy a couple of good quality and cheap beer. The cheapest brand over there is locally brewed ‘Mutzig’. The 5.5% beer is brewed by Brasseries et Limonaderies du Rwanda and is widely available across Africa.

7. Taedonggang – North Korea – $0.48


The ‘Taedonggang’ beer is the cheapest beer in the whole of Asia. With over 1 million customers in Korea alone, it is no surprise it is the cheapest. The state owned brewery traces its roots in Germany back in 2000 when it was founded. The 5.5% beer has a distinct bitter aftertaste, unlike most Asian beers that somewhat border on the sweet side. The first commercial for the beer ran in broadcast media in 2009, of which was a rarity given there are very few beer commercials in North Korea.

6. The Three Horses – Madagascar $0.44


The island of Madagascar apart from being Disney’s favorite setting for animated movies, also plays host to one of the cheapest beer brands in the world, ‘The Three Horses’, or just THB. The brown bottled beer is the best-selling pint in Madagascar and has been regarded as the country’s proud ensemble, and a national symbol. Statistically, 4 liters of this beer is sold to each and every person in Madagascar each year.

5. Andaman Gold – Myanmar – $0.42


For those not familiar with the country Myanmar, it is a South East Asian country bordering India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. It is home to one of the cheapest beers in the world 2017, the ‘Andaman Gold’. Brewed by the Andaman Brewery Limited, this beer borrowed its name from the Andaman Sea, and the beer has been in existence since 1995. The 5% beer boasts a rich, bittersweet taste from 100% malt and slight fruity tastes.

4. Atlas – Panama – $0.40


Panama is home to the famous ‘Atlas’ beer. The 3.8% lager, made by the Cerveceria Nacional Panama, is the most popular beer in Panama, and is enjoyed by tourists every time Panama becomes a destination. The beer dates back to 1928 and has been around ever since. This third light beer has been largely rated together with beers in America, people actually making direct comparisons of it to Bud Light and Miller Light.

3. Brarudi – Burundi – $0.38


East African nation of Burundi is home to the world’s third cheapest beer, the Primus. It is brewed by Brarudi Beer Company, owned by giant beer maker Heineken. The beer dates back to 1955, and had affiliation with the Coca-Cola Company back then. The company is doing well for itself, having expanded its customer base outside Burundi and also exploring the non-alcoholic beverage industry.

2. Druk 11000 Strong – Bhutan – $0.36


The Druk 11000 Strong Beer is the joint cheapest beer in the world. Made in Bhutan, this malt liquor style beer has all the indications of a one of a kind product. The low foam beer has a distinct aroma of freshly cut grass, and caramel, a rare taste combination. It is however not a surprising taste with the basic lager being the most distinct taste. It is however the cheapest beer around but it is well reserved in the small kingdom that is Bhutan.

1. Sim Sim Pivo – Tajikistan – $0.36


Finally, the joint cheapest beer in the world is found in Tajikistan. In between China and Afghanistan, you will find the little country of Tajikistan. Home to Sim-Sim Pivo, the most popular beer in the country, is a pale styled lager which is a great outdoor companion for its lack of a bitter aftertaste and no hangover the morning after. The Sim Sim Pivo has a distinct malt taste and is brewed using only the finest barley and malt. Let the price not put you off, you can drink this beer all night long and still wake up to more.

These above are the Top 10 Cheapest Beers in The World 2017. These cheapest beers prices rely on web-based ratings and opinions from beer lovers all over the world. With beer consumption slowly dwindling all around the world, probably due to the recent price hikes, there is hope for genuine beer lovers and if you ever find yourself in one of these countries, be sure to check out these brands. They are surprisingly well rated and the price does not complement the taste. However cheap, users rated almost all of them the same as the regular $3 pints.

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