Top 10 Bizarre Foods That People Usually Eat

These foods look weird are pretty gross if you have never eaten them before. You will think twice before sticking any of these in your mouth. You have anything between brains and penis. People all around the world eat this on a daily basis. Some seem like something that would just be thrown out after they gut the animals. You have heard of eating bull nuts but have you ever thought of eating a brain from an animal. Some are even poisonous. Yes even though they have poison in them they are special cooked so they do not harm you or your body. Ever played the game truth or dare? Well what if you was dared to eat this stuff/ me myself I would take my conscience.

List of Top 10 Bizarre Foods That People Usually Eat

10. Haggis

haggis, Top 10 Bizarre Foods That People Usually Eat 2017

This is the internal organs of a sheep. It includes the body parts like liver, heart and lungs. Just sounds gross thinking about it. If you went to a restaurant and had this handed to you without knowing what it was then you would think nothing of it. Watch what you are ordering before you take a big bite. It is encased in the stomach of the animal and can be put in sausage casings to keep it together. It simmers for three hours and then it is ready. Enjoy and eat up.

9. Yak Penis


Okay we all eat the meat from an animal why not the private parts? Well this is a penis that is know as the Dragon In the Flame of Desire. It is served at Guolizhuang Restaurant in Beijing. They serve the penis and the testicles. It is a yak’s private parts and it is very popular. Said to be good for the skin and help in many ways. If you like this kind of thing you can find it at this place. They decorate it to make it look like a real dragon to.

8. Fried Brain Sandwich


Time for a sandwich night. Well not this sandwich. It is a brain that is friend and stuck on a bun. It is thinly sliced so that you can chew it. Use to be made out of the cow’s brain but then mad cow disease was found. They batter it heavily then serve on the hamburger bun. You will catch yourself checking between the buns you have ordered from now on. They are not allowed to use brains over thirty months old anymore because of the disease. Can be used in tacos or burritos and some say it is very yummy.

7. Fugu


This word is a Japanese word for poisonous puffer fish. The poison can be lethal if not cooked correctly. The person cooking it must go through two to three years of training before they can cook and serve it to other people. Some leave a small amount of the poison in the fish so that you get a tingle on the tongue and lips. It is bland so it needs the tingle for the flavor. If you are scared to try this then do not do it because the chef needs to be trained really well. Who ever thought of eating something with so much deadly poison in it.

6. Sannakji


This is served raw. It is in Korean cuisine. It is a small live octopus. They cut it into small pieces and serve right away. Seasoned with sesame oil and it makes it taste better. The pieces will be on the plate and you can watch them squirming. If you do not chew this carefully you can choke. The suction cups still work so they can stick to your mouth and throat and possibly kill you if not careful. Do not allow children to eat this.

5. Balut


This apparently is listed on all of the bizarre food lists that are out there. It is a dish made in the Philippines and is actually very popular there and they sell it as a street food. It is a mostly fertilized duck embryo, or it can be an embryo from a chicken, that is boiled and ate straight from the shell. Even though it sounds nasty, they are actually high in protein and considered to be an aphrodisiac. Of course it’s always the choice of the consumer if they want to try this item or not but most people that has eaten some of these say that they taste incredible even though it looks disgusting.

4. Fried Spider


The idea for this stems from Cambodia and in a town name Skuon they use these as a snack which is very popular for the tourists visiting this country. Of course, you are able to buy these fried spiders anywhere that you go in Cambodia so if you are not passing through Skuon then try one of the town that you actually are going through. They come from a type of tarantula that is about the size of a human palm. Usually people will eat the legs but some reviews state that the abdomen has been eaten before as well.

3. Rocky Mountain Oysters


They are well known in Canada in the areas where ranching of cattle is big and the castration of the young ones happens often. These are bull calf testicles that are being used for humans to eat as a meal or snack. Sometimes you will be able to get pig or sheep testicles. Most of the time people will fry them after they are peeled and then coat them in some flour, add some salt and pepper for flavoring and maybe even add the extra time to pound them out flat. They are mostly used as an appetizer and are to be dipped in cocktail sauce.

2. Tuna Eyeball


China and Japan are the most known places where these are sold and eaten. Walk into most stores in Japan and you will see one of these looking up at you from the freezer. Japan’s tuna eyeball dish is fried with garlic and soy sauce and then served. Some people say it taste like a squid and that the eyeball has fish fat all around it with muscles that are severed and suppose to be really good. For cooking all you will do is boil it and season it how you want.

1. Chicken Cartilage


Obviously this one is the absolute most bizarre somehow but is served in bars that are located in Japan. They give it out for a great tasting snack. Fry it or use the item as a shish kabob, whichever you want to do. The texture is a very chewy type and sometimes will take quite a few minutes to break it up correctly.

These above are the Top 10 Bizarre Foods That People Usually Eat. If you are not an adventurous person then you are most likely not going to be willing to test any of these foods out. Although, for those of you that are up for anything and you are in any of the countries that make some of this stuff then stop by a place that serves it and give it a try, you never know you may actually be surprised at the flavors and end up liking what you are putting into your mouth.

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