Top 10 Best Upcoming Smartphone’s in The World

A Smartphone is a mobile phone with advanced mobile operating system combining a feature of a personal computer. Have the features of an ordinary mobile; receive a call, send text message plus other popular digital mobile devices such as; event calendar, media player, GPS navigation, digital camera and can access internet. The display is normally touchscreen and can run variety of third party software components. Since 2000, Smartphone’s became widespread and the manufacturers are improving this gadget with time. Use of this Smartphone has changed the lifestyle of many around the world, road accidents have increased due to drivers wanting to be glued in their phones, some sickness are brought about by this Smartphone’s and relationships have been affected by use of them. Here is the list of the best upcoming Smartphone’s 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Upcoming Smartphone’s in The World 2017

10. Nokia C1

nokia c1, Top 10 Best Upcoming Smartphone’s in The World 2017

Nokia is a well known and popular company of all time; they had announced a comeback with a new Smartphone designed with Android OS. It is believed that this phone will have 5.5-inch LCD display on its screen. Fitted with Quad-Core Qualcomm Cortex processor, a big RAM space of 2GM and a big storage of about 32GB space for internal memory. To those who love taking pictures should look forward to this gadget as it will come with a digital camera, with a 13MP and 5MP primary and secondary respectively.

9. Sony Xperia Z6 / Xperia Z6 Compact


For many decades now the company of Sony has never disappointed their esteemed customers with their durable and quality electronics, more so the Smartphone’s. Z6 performance is going to determine the future of Sony Smartphone’s, making it an important gadget given all the measures to make it a better product. Xperia Z6 is believed to carry some nice features of Xperia Z5 like; finger print sensor, large battery and waterproof feature. With this features will advance to a 4K Ultra HD screen and probably include a new camera with higher technology.

8. Microsoft Surface Phone


After the release of Surface Pro 4 in the market, it was successfully received giving the company energy to improve and advance their technology. There is already excitement before the release of Surface Book that is being worked on believed to be running the windows 10 OS. It is expected of this Smartphone to be installed with an Intel chipset and magnesium alloy chassis to offer durability feature. Maybe the display of this phone will be super AMOLED of about 5.5 inch, with QHD resolution and powered by Snapdragon processor. Its storage is big enough with 4GB space of RAM and 64GB onboard storage space thus making it the best Smartphone business need.

7. Google Project Ara


The Google Ara Smartphone has been delayed to be launched severally but finally the Google Company has assured their customers on the release of this phone 2017. Its users to fit their needs and requirements can change the components of this Smartphone. This feature will allow them to come up with the best Smartphone ever. Project Ara Smartphone is installed with a pilot program to take place in Puerto Rico and launched to test market in US. Many are excited to have this modular Smartphone but expected to be quite expensive.

6. HTC Smartphone (Sailfish and Marlin)


HTC is a Taiwanese giant company recognized by the launch of HTC 10 and HTC 10 lifestyle great Smartphone in the market. This company has joined hands with Google to expand their technology to come up with a device much bigger than Nexus. As per rumors HTC will be releasing two new Nexus device known as Sailfish and Marlin, one will be affordable a friendly price and the other one premium Smartphone. The features of these phones are expected to have a 5-inch FHD display, Quad-Core processor and a 4GB RAM space for storage. It is enhanced with a rear fingerprint scanner; two bottom speakers and 12MP and 8MP rear and front camera respectively.

5. LG Flex 3


Although not much have been leaked about this phone, the market is already getting for it, as LG is a trusted company when it comes to Smartphone. It is one amongst the Top 10 Best Upcoming Smartphone’s in The World 2017. The body of this phone is made of metal, making it durable. Qualcomm Snapdragon will power its processor, a 4GB in RAM space and 32GB space in internal micro SD card slot. The battery will be big, clear and strong cameras, also modular concept and fingerprint scanner.

4. Apple iPhone 8


Apple will always drive people crazy with their daily technological improvements on their products. Heat of sensation is in the market due to leakage of the release of iPhone 8. This unique, marvelous and durable Apple iPhone is eagerly awaited. The company is based in California are planning to launch a glass casing that is slightly heavier than the aluminum make, though AMOLED will help to deliver a thinner and lighter panel.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 6


From the whispers, it is predicted that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be powered by 16-core processor, will be compatible with a mini key board and works at very high speed. Samsung has been launching many Smartphone but the market is anticipating and excited for the upcoming of Galaxy Note 6. This make will come with a different elegant look and improved build design.

2. Samsung Galaxy S8


Galaxy S8 is believed to have a curved display with mega pixel density. Due to high competition on Smartphone market, Samsung manufactures has gotten wild on technology applied on this S8. Its processor is fueled by Exynos and Snapdragon with a combination of 6GB RAM. The camera will be 12MP and 13MP rear and front respectively giving you the best selfies ever.

1. LG V11


You will never go wrong with LG Smartphone at all, as they impressed the market with V10 people are expecting more on V11. The information of this device have not yet leaked, but is for sure it will be the greatest and best Smartphone of time to come.

With Smartphone is more or less travelling with a computer, the improved technology on this phones, life became more exciting with these gadgets. Above is the list of the best upcoming Smartphone’s 2017.

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