Top 10 Best TV Technologies Ever

Choosing a good and quality television technology is not an easy task as many people might think. Not all flat screen televisions are of high quality and suitable to all people. In this article, we are going to study about best television technologies ever in market today. Below is a top 10 list of these devices with quality information to answers all questions that you have been asking about yourself. Study them for your own benefit as you prepare to own one quality brand.

List of Top 10 Best TV Technologies Ever until in 2017

10. Big Screens

big screens, Top 10 Best TV Technologies Ever till 2017

Big screen television technology was manufactured in late 1990s and early 2000. Their design is thin and thus can fit a small space. Screen of this technology is in form of plasma Display (PDP), Digital Light processing (DLP) and Liquid crystal Display (LCD). This technology creates a viewable image due to diagonal screen size. Some of its advantages include ability to be wall mounted, it is light and therefore moving from one place to another is easier, refreshing rates are high hence faster response at all time and produces deep and superior contrast.

9. Local Dimming


Local dimming television technology was developed to improve performance of television models such as LED LCD. Through dimming feature, other parts of a screen become darker. This is done normally to improve contrast and view. LCD screens are now advanced due to dimming technology. Television industries are now releasing quality models at an affordable price. When put in Full array, LCD screens point out images to your eyes and therefore there is no straining to see what is being figured out. Setting them in different zones is much easier hence responsible for all types of screen models.

8. 1080p/24p Compatibility


This program was introduced in 2005 by European information associations. Currently, there are four labels of this technology and both of them are responsible in displaying signals that are of high definition. Materials from research done have shown that many people are engaging themselves in Watching different kinds of shows including Soap Operas. Blu-ray disks are essential in delivering quality images. 24p is a wonderful technology that cannot be ignored.

7. ++

Different television brands in market are now advanced. They have features that resemble that of modern devices. These gadgets are Smartphones, tablets and consoles. Manufactures of different television types have added various applications and modern features that always need to be updated. Some of these apps enable them to receive news directly from internet. In this way, no need to stop or pause your favorite show in order to watch news. Your gadget can be connected still as you enjoy viewing best films and shows. Ever since online software update was established, watching has become incredibly interesting.

6. Plasma technology


Popularly known as PDP, plasma is a type of flat panel technology that is normally suitable to big screens of more than 30 inches. Plasmas are small cells that contain ionized gases charged electronically. That is why they are called so. This technology is however expensive and hence has lost all market shares currently. Some of its advantages include ability to produce deeper, complex and superior contrast ratio, it has wider viewing angles, uniformity is superior and is less expensive compared to other quality technologies in market. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best TV Technologies Ever until 2017.

5. Netflix television technology


Netflix Technology is also referred to as internet television. It is a distribution of digital electronic devices like Smartphones. Different brands of TVs are also not left out in this advanced technology. It is responsible in displaying quality shows. Netflix can work nicely with smart screens and computer monitors. Japan and china are countries that are best known for manufacturing internet technology for different kinds of devices. Watching or receiving news is much easier since internet cables connect them to internet. Built- in software in these televisions brands have ability to access internet by use of remote control. I love this technology. No straining in watching because of clears images. You can never find any blurred content with Netflix Television Technology. All credit goes to manufactures for good job done.

4. Effective picture control


Effective picture control is another advanced technology that comes with ability to control Flipping television modes and displayed clear and admirable pictures. It was manufactured sometime back with an aim of presenting accuracy to television viewers. Technical and non-technical features are offered by television with this technology. These settings help in improving picture resolution of any brands available in the market. Good thing about this technology is that it updates its features and apps automatically.



High definition multimedia interface is a quality technology that is responsible in transferring from any HDMI compliant source. It was established to replace analogue video standards with advanced ones. Compatible devices include digital television, digital audios devices, projectors, modern computer monitor, tablets and high quality Smartphones. Video standard are take to high level with use of HDMI technologies. In 2003, HDMI products were released by European countries. This technology was however designed on 2nd, December, 2002. It has been successful in market and producing quality devices that are used by many people today.

2. O LED technology


O LED is a light emitting Diode that makes everything possible in designing television brands that are slim in nature. Products from this technology are of high quality and better than LCD or plasma televisions. O LED is always efficient and simple to use. Transparent O LEDs help a lot in improving television contrast and making viewing or watching of programs easier. Patterning of colors is achieved by using Laser means. Advantages of this technology is that devices are have a low cost, light, better picture qualities and good power efficiency at all time.

1. HD Resolution


HD resolution is the best TV technologies in market 2017. Currently, this has become a better option for many users who are looking forward to have better quality of televisions. It has not taken much time in market ad has take a lot of money and time to be established. High-resolution images are best for most viewers.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best TV Technologies Ever until 2017. If you are looking for a better television technology in market then your work has been made easier by this article. Ten popular technologies have been clearly analyzed and listed above. Find one that suits your life. It should also be according to your level of pocket.

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