Top 10 Best Skateboard Brands in The World

Skateboards are sports items that are used for skating activity. They are designed specifically and uniquely to offer excellent services to all people. Manufactures of skateboard are well known and successful people hence featured in this article today. We are going to take our precious time and study about best skateboards in market today. Follow carefully guidelines given before putting into practice. The following is a list with ten best skateboard brands featured in market today in 2017 review.

List of Top 10 Best Skateboard Brands in The World in 2017

10. Toy Machine


Toy machine is a quality ad well known best skateboard that was manufactured by Ed Templeton I 1993. This great man is said to have invested a lot of energy and skills in order to come up with this single sport item. During that time, Toy board became widely known by many royal families and other clients in market. Skillful graphics and design is work of Ed. Wheels of Toy machine can be adjusted to feet all user. It is due to this factor that Toy is of high performance.

9. Birdhouse

Birdhouse Top Most Popular Skateboard Brands in The World 2018

We can stand and comfortably say that Birdhouse skateboard item needs no introduction at all. It has been in market for many years and is common to many people. This amazing stuff was introduced into market buy Tony Hawk. This man is well known for producing others boards used by many people worldwide. He began by making skate circle of traditional. Birdhouse was created in 1992 by two brains of Torn Hawk and per Welinder after combining. It was named after his own name Hawk that is a bird.

8. Habitat

Habitat Top 10 Best Skateboard Brands in The World

As this countdown continues, Habitat is in eight position of this article. It was manufactured and officially introduced in market by three important men. These gentlemen are Mike Hill, Chris Carter and Neil Blender. This was in 1999 that these great minds were combined after joyfully skating together. Currently, Tum Yeto proudly owns habitat. There is a sister company of habitat named as Alien workshop and reflex Bearings. They work together to manufacture and distribute this quality items worldwide. Habitat is amongst best skateboards featured in this list.

7. Alien Workshop


Just as mentioned above, Alien workshop is a sister company to Habitat manufacturing company mentioned in position eight above. Most of their skateboards are similar and this explains why they follow each other in this competition. This skateboard brand company was established in 1990 by a these three men, Mike Hill, Neil Blender and Chris Carter. Board manufactured by these three gentlemen are said to be quick and durable compared to those studied above in this list. They contain unique features and are cheap in market. It is good to learn about this skateboard because you might make a decision of purchasing one for your loved ones.

6. Almost


Almost is in sixth position as this countdown continues. This brand of skateboard has appeared I many competitions because of its high quality and market demand. Many skaters have discovered secret behind skating easily ad safely. Almost was manufactured by Rodney Mullen and popular Daewon Song. These two people are great partners in one manufacturing company of skateboards. It was produced and officially introduced to market in 2003. Wood that has been used to construct this item is strong and hence regarded as long lasting among others studied here.

5. Baker


Baker is famous ad successful skate company that was found by Andrew Reynolds son of Baker boys in 2001. This amazing company grew famous because of introducing quality items to the market. Many people discovered quality features of skateboards from this great organization. Currently, clients cannot get enough of what is released to market by Andrew. This man has been a great icon in production of quality boards that are essential for skating in smooth surfaces. One good thing that you need to know about baker boards is that they are readily available in market at an affordable price.

4. Zero Skateboards


This is another amazing skateboard that is ranked in forth position of this article. Zero is a skate company that was established in 1996 by Jamie Thomas. He started this organization as a cloth company before changing ideas to skating items. Thomas is said to be a professional designer and has been awarded many winning and nomination awards for excellent work. This is the best brand of skateboards that can be used comfortably by learners. You will find out that other brands are too complicated for them. Zero skateboard company produces other sport items such as clothes, desks and towels.

3. Girl or chocolate


On third position of this article is Girl or simply chocolate. It has been ranked in this position because of its quality features and high demand in market level. Specific manufactures of this brand of skates are from Torrance, California, united States of America. It was introduced into market by Rick Howard ad Mike Caroll. These great people have been making quality stuffs for skating and have gained a lot of popularity in market.

2. Element


Element is another well know manufacturing company of Skateboard. It is highly regarded as one of best in market hence featured in second position of this article. Element was established I 1992 by Johnnie Schillereff of Atlanta. This company was initially called Underworld Element but changed name after moving to California, United States of America. Several pieces of element have been sold worldwide.

1. Plan B


Plan B is best of all skateboard models that are manufactured and released to market today. This amazing company was found By Brian Johnson in Costa Mesa, California, In United States of America. Ever since introduced to market, Plan B Has was successfully releasing quality services to users in different parts of the world.

It is always good to learn about best skateboards brands that are readily available in market 2017. Most of these items were manufactured ad introduced many years ago by men and women that were passionate skaters. If you are looking for a quality one to purchase, then this article is of much importance to you.

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  1. Good list. More classical brands, but we like them none the less. You should really give Krown a look too. I’ve really enjoyed riding their boards. Do you have any specific recommendations for cruiser boards? We are looking to do a new set of reviews.

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