Top 10 Best Selling Women’s Fragrances in The World

Our earth is a poetry of azure emotions and a rhapsodic tranquility despite all the other gloomy vibrations playing around as our enemies. In this game of maintaining peace and a crystal aroma, fragrances play a vital part. Any fragrance gives a feeling of an intense lightness making one feel the depth of a mysterious night. Fragrances have been widely used in the ancient cold history, and it is still a popular recreation among both men and women. They have spaced out a big industry for itself, rather themselves if they had life, as it seems vivacious even after being material.

Any fragrance suggests a womanly sensuousness and woman’s fragrances are quite popular in countries like London, Italy, The US and France. Famous brands like Dolce& Gabbana, Chanel, Viktor, and Rolf are trending at present in selling women’s fragrances, Chanel being in the top chart. Coco Chanel jewels fragrance as a language that “speaks to your heart”.

List of the world’s top 10 best selling Women’s Fragrances in 2017

10. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell (Net Price: $52)

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

This fragrant appeared in September 2010. It has a fruity and flowery fragrant that increase the passion of its scent. It also consists of Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid. It is a perfect scent for drawing attention and thus has a demand. It was created by Adriana Medina and Mark Kwiatkowski.

9. Beach (Net Price: $74)


The perfume is a product by the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. The scent is ideal for a sunny summer season, and it captures the warm breeze that blows on the sea beach. It has a passion which is optimistic and quite vibrating. The perfume is a blend of jasmine, sea spray, mandarin. It is wearable at any time.

8. Black Opium (Net Price: $68)

Black Opium Top 10 Best Selling Women’s Fragrances in The World 2017

Black Opium is a sensuous feminine scent which was launched by Yves Saint Laurent in September 2014. It was announced as a rock’n’roll modernization of the dark and mysterious side of the YSL company. Notes of coffee rule the scent as a king while other notes being pink pepper, orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla, patchouli, and cedar. The face of the perfume’s campaign is a British model Edie Campbell. The perfume rating of this perfume is satisfactory, and it is being sold in large numbers.

7. J’adore (Net Price: $94 )

J’adore Most Best Selling Women’s Fragrances in The World 2018

This is an Eau de Parfum by Dior. The title is French for “I adore you”. The blend of rose and summer notes of the perfume make it worthy of using in Spring and reminds of the last line of Shelley’s poem “ Ode to the West Wind”. Thus the smell symbolizes hope and proves the love for flowers of Christian Dior. The perfume is a unique creation highlighting the elegant and glowering feminine quality. It collects the noblest material in a floral bouquet.

6. Flowerbomb (Net Price: $126)


It is an exotic cluster of fresh and radiant notes launched by the brand Viktor&Rolf in 2005 as an Oriental perfume and is a best seller till date in the perfume market. It consists of bergamot and green tea notes which make the composition sunny yet mysterious. The flacon was shaped by Fabien Baron in the shape of diamond-granate making it sophisticated and glamorous. It is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml EDP and EDT. It is welcomed by the consumers elegantly.

5. La vie est belle (Net Price: $66)

La vie est belle Top Popular Best Selling Women’s Fragrances in The World 2018

The title of the product is in French meaning “life is beautiful”. It is a product that belongs to the French luxury goods company Lancome that sells internationally. It is one of the finest perfumes for women blending gracefulness in a subtle way. It is meant to enhance simplicity while at the same time increase its aristocratic sense in a fulgent way. The taste of the smell is to inspire freedom from subjectivity and a sense of appreciating the beauty in small and simple things. The composition is made by three perfumers namely Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. Iris is the prime ingredient of the perfume, surmounted by orange sensitivity and jasmine aroma. The flacon is based on the classic Lancome bottle from 1949.

4. Light Blue (Net Price: $96)

Light Blue

Light Blue is a famous and a recent perfume for women by the famous Italian fashion house Dolce and Gabbana. This perfume is described as “Italy in a bottle” and consisting of the best of notes like citron, lemon, Granny Smith apple, jasmine, rose, bamboo, cedarwood, and musk. It comes with a Mediterranean tincture adding a jolly warmth in the fragrance. The bottle has a light blue cap, and the bottle itself is very strong adding to the feminine tint of the product. The perfume has created an insane demand among women, and the consumers are satisfied with its summer smell. It is available in the market Nordstrom.

3. Poison Girl by Dior (Net Price: $73.99)

Poison Girl by Dior Top Most Popular Best Selling Women’s Fragrances in The World 2019

Christian Dior Se famously known as Dior is a French luxury goods company and is trending in the industry of perfumes. In the month of January 2016, Dior revealed another new fragrant to the Poison collection naming it as Poison Girl. It is meant for younger ladies who are a constant enthusiast of this brand and it comes housed in a pink bottle in the genuine shape meant for Poison. The smell is inspiring and rhapsodic and is intended to induce within the young women a violent energy to focus on their dreams with perfection. The composition is an ensemble of the finest ingredients scooped out from various nooks of the world. It consists of May rose from Grasse and Damascus rose. The concoction of Venezuelan tonka bean, sandalwood from Sri Lanka, tolu balm, almond, and vanilla makes it the smell magical worthy to uplift the mood. The perfumer is Francois Demachy. The perfume has been warmly accepted by the consumers and has proved to be worthy. It is an Eau de Parfum.

2. Chance (Net Price: $78)


This woman’s skin freshener also belongs to the famous brand Chanel. It is launched as an eau de toilette. Chance stands for luck in French and obviously the release of this fragrant proved to be a sunny morning for the brand, gaining a lot of profit in the market. The perfume is bottled in a round shaped glass container where the round is the symbol for a wheel of chance. The nose is here the famous Jacques Polge who favored its sensuous trail with an intoxicating aroma. The perfume is widely available at the Sephora cosmetics stores in France.

1. Coco Mademoiselle (Net Price: $94)

Coco Mademoiselle Top Most Best Selling Women’s Fragrances in The World 2017

This is an Eau de Parfum belonging to the famous perfume brand named Chanel, founded by Coco Chanel. It is a perfume for women and belongs to Woody Oriental division of the Fragrance Wheel, launched in 2001. The nose responsible for concocting the azure composition is Jacques Polge. Various notes of this perfume are available like orange, mandarin orange, orange blossom, and bergamot. This is a dainty citrus based perfume. The composition is based on two common ingredients of Chanel editions—jasmine absolute and May rose absolute. This perfume is obviously refreshing, invigorating and a mood enhancer. This perfume is the owner of FiFi Award Best National Advertising Campaign. It is still the most popular in the women’s toilette list.

This was the list of all the best-selling Women’s Fragrances at present. The list consists of a variety of fragrances and the products included are all from famous brands like Chanel, Dolce, and Gabbana. The notes of all these perfumes provide quite a soothing aroma which is both pleasant and can be worn anytime. Chanel’s Mademoiselle has been an all-time favorite for women and is in great demand. Though some of the Women’s Fragrances are costly but still they are worth buying for their quality.