Top 10 Best Selling Whiskey Brands in The World

Believed to be distilled from wine during the 13th century by the Italians for the first time, it is being made by several countries since then by distilling the alcohol beverage from fermented grain mash. It then gets blended, matured and aged in charred oak wood barrels. The quality of the whiskey is judged on many criteria. For example, the smell, the taste, the blend, the aftertaste, etc. This list is a must read for alcohol lovers or enthusiasts, mainly those who focus on whiskey.

Alcohol is a great part of our lives and a good one at that if consumed in controlled levels. It is one of the best icebreakers and socializers, diminishing stress and giving a punch of euphoria. So this is the list of top 10 best selling whiskey brands in the world in 2018.

List of the world’s top 10 best selling Whiskey brands in 2018

10. Black Nikka (Net Price: $82.90 per liter)

Best Whiskey Brands

As the name suggests, this is a Japan made whiskey manufactured by the Nikka Whiskey Distilling Company which has its headquarters in Tokyo. It has a 37% alcohol content and is available in 180,300,700,1800,1920,2700 and 4000 ml variants. Since 2009, Black Nikka sells under the brand name ‘Black’. Its founder, Masataka Taketsuru had traveled in 1918 to Scotland just to learn the process of distilling Scotch whiskey. It is presently owned by Asahi Breweries.

9. Black Velvet ($24.39 per liter)

Best Whiskey Brands

As you can see, the price is quite cheap considering the damn good quality of this whiskey. This came out of the barrel in 1951 and was initially known as Black Label It is uncommon velvety and smooth texture lead to the present name. It is manufactured by Constellation Brands and is one of the best Canadian whiskeys out there. It is only second to the best Canadian whiskey, Crown Royal. It is primarily exported to the United States and is available in variants like Black Label Reserve and Toasted Caramel. The brand pitches famous celebrities to advertise it and the current ‘Black Velvet Lady’s Tami Donaldson.

8. Crown Royal ($39.64 per liter )

Best Whiskey Brands

As pointed out earlier, this Canada’s best selling whiskey and was introduced by Samuel Bronfman in 1939 in the honor of the visit by George the IV to Canada. Diageo owns it, and it is advertised mainly through motorsports events. Its packaging has a special feature, i.e., the bottles come wrapped in beautiful gold embroidered bags. It is also the bestselling Canadian whiskey in the United States of America. It is produced solely in the distillery based in Gimli.

7. Ballantine’s ($29.21 per liter)

Best Whiskey Brands

“Blending was in George Ballantine’s nature. He started with tea as a lad, but moved to malts later when he found the ambition that comes with one’s self-belief”- These are the opening lines in the Ballantine’s website, and they truly say a lot. This is one of Scotland’s whiskeys and is produced by Pernod Ricard. This is the world’s second bestselling Scotch whiskey. It has a history which can be traced back to 1827. It has a great many wonderful variants to choose from according to the buyer’s taste.

6. Jim Beam ($ 34.21 per liter)

Best Whiskey Brands

If it is Bourbon you are looking for, it has to be Jim Beam! Featured in most of the movies and television series which features a whiskey in it, you just can’t forget Damon Salvatore’s favorite choice of whiskey in The Vampire Diaries! It comes with the slogan “Come as a friend, leave as a family” and why not? If you treat someone with a whiskey this good in taste, he sure as will become a family to you! It is manufactured in Clermont, Kentucky and is probably the best selling bourbon brand in the world. It is being produced by the Beam family since as long as 1795. It is presently being manufactured in Japan.

5. Suntory ($229.99 per liter)

Best Whiskey Brands

As the price suggests, it is an extremely expensive whiskey, but it is supposedly worth every dollar. It is manufactured by Suntory Holdings Limited of Japan which is one of the oldest brewing and distilling industry having been established back in 1899.It makes the award-winning and bestselling whiskeys from Japan It became the third largest spirit maker globally after it bought Beam Inc.

4. Canadian Club ($48.95 per liter)

Best Whiskey Brands

Created by Gorham and Worts in Toronto, this is one of the best Canadian whiskey brands. It is presently produced by Beam Suntory. This whiskey was the best seller during the 1960’s Mad Men era and to pay tribute to that; it still uses the label and bottle design in the style of the Mad Men era. It is being made since 1858 and is popularly known just as C.C. It has a long list of variants including the dry one.

3. Jameson Irish ($67.99)

Best Whiskey Brands

Produced by Irish Distillers which was founded in 1780, it is the best-selling Irish whiskey in the world. You can have this whiskey blindfolded and be spellbound by its mellow taste anytime. It is one of the six main Dublin whiskeys and gets produced in Cork. The United States is the largest importer of this whiskey.

2. Johnnie Walker ($94.99)

Best Whiskey Brands

Every child’s fantasy whiskey which he wants to drink once he grows up! Its symbol has a certain aura and charisma which gives you a certain feeling about the brilliant taste of this whiskey! The striding man logo studded Diageo owns whiskey, and it annually sells 130 million bottles of its blended scotch whiskey. It has many variants like the Red Label, Platinum Labe, etc and has won numerous awards at the Spirits Rating Competition.

1. Jack Daniel ($74.99)

Best Whiskey Brands

Rightfully considered the King of Whiskeys, this might be the easiest possible way to win over any mortal heart. This is an American whiskey and the largest selling one at that. It is manufactured by Tennessee’s Jack Daniel distillery which is owned by Brown-Forman Corporation. Its Black Label variant is the most loved one, and a new variant is going to be launched in the honor of Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday. It organizes numerous sports events mainly motor races.

I assume by the end of this list; any alcohol lover would feel thirsty. So, let’s just raise our glasses filled with..preferably whiskey brands and dedicate a toast to these spectacular whiskeys! They are dreams in liquid form, aren’t they? Bottoms up!

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