Top 10 Best Selling Waterproof Cameras

We have spent days on research, videography and also editing and luckily, we managed to list the best selling waterproof cameras which have been built to last. If you are videographer, our cameras are going to impress you because they will do their work to perfection without wait. You don’t have to purchase those cheaply made waterproof cameras which don’t proof to be waterproof. You can take one of these cameras and dive with them and take crystal clear images even when the light condition is poor. You will be using them to take great selfies underwater and then share them with your friends and family using their built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. Give these best selling waterproof cameras a try.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Waterproof Cameras in 2017

10. OLYMPUS TG-3 16 MP

OLYMPUS TG-3 16 MP, Top 10 Best Selling Waterproof Cameras 2017

The camera is Wi-Fi enabled and great for outdoor use and you will be using it to capture photos as well as HD 1080p videos. It has high-speed ultra bright lens and CMOS sensor technology with has IS. The built-in LED light is great bonus and the large buttons coupled with ergonomic grip will let users have confidence when using the camera. The camera can be used in extreme weather conditions and it has been tested to be waterproof, shockproof and freeze-proof technology.

9. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS 25


It is perfect for good quality photographs and you can use it to capture 720p JPEG videos. It has CCD optical sensor technology and it will offer you Mega Optical Image Stabilization. The camera comes with innovative panorama shots, intelligent auto mode and twelve other creative controls. You will love this auto-focus camera because it will make capturing moments effortless and comes with SDXC, SD, SDXC flash memory. The float strap will help you when you drop your camera in floating water.

8. Fujifilm FinePix XP200


It can work well in extreme conditions and it can withstand freeze, shock, water and dust. Thanks to bright and sharp LCD and sensor-shift I.S which will enable you enjoy clear images with reduced noise even when you are in poor lighting. It has built-in Wi-Fi and you will love it when transferring images to devices such as Smartphone as you capture them. It has USB port to enable you carry an extra USB cable. This camera will let you capture wonderful photos and videos.

7. The Fujifilm FinePix XP90


The camera features backlit CMOS sensor which will enable you take great images regardless of the condition you are. The camera will give you crystal clear images even when you’re in low light situations where other cheaply made camera struggle. The camera is available in green, yellow, blue or orange color and it can fit comfortably in the hand. The unit features interval shooting mode, supports remote shooting and has one-touch movie button to make things effortless.

6. The Canon PowerShot D30


It has been tested to be waterproof up to 82 feet and also shockproof up to 6.5ft. This is the camera which you can use even in harsh conditions and it will never fail you. The unit has been tested to handle extreme adventures and it is capable of recording up to 180/24p HD video and so if you are video lover, this camera is going to be your great choice. It has super slow motion video mode which you can use it to record 640 x 480 resolution.

5. SeaLife Micro HD


This is a compact camera and great for people who want something which can perform to perfection but highly portable. It is a snap to carry it and it has been designed for deep water dives and you can dive with it up to 200 feet. It has 16 GB of onboard memory and so when you fill the SD card, you can still keep on snap. The unit features 140-degree fisheye lens and the internal battery will let you shoot crystal clear photos longer without running out of power. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Selling Waterproof Cameras 2017.

4. Olympus TG-4


If you want the best waterproof camera which will give you superior performance, then this one is going to impress you most. It has 4x wide-angle optical zoom with fast high speed lens and also underwater HD mode which is perfect for exceptional clarity even when you’re viewing the images on those large screens. You can also use the camera to shoot in RAW and use them for later editing. The unit features built-in Wi-Fi and GPS which is great when diving.

3. Nikon COOLPIX S33


Get this cheapest underwater camera if you are budget minded user. It has great features and its over-sized buttons are great for glove use and the intuitive menu interface will enable users use their camera without any issues when you want to capture without wait. The unit can take high-quality pictures and it will never break and it has been designed to be used when you’re swimming, snorkeling as well as shallow dives which are less than 33 ft deep. Kids can use this camera, too.

2. GoPro HERO5


When it comes to durable cameras, this one will be found in the line and it will let you produce stunning 4K videos which has vibrant color which are unmatched by competitors. The camera can also capture still shots up to 12 MP photos using the single, burst and time lapse modes. It comes with multiple mounts and the 2 inch touch display is perfect for quick operation. It can upload footage to gopro plus cloud. The camera is compact and has sturdy construction which can withstand extreme conditions and the rubberized linings are perfect for preventing water from seeping into your camera.

1. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TS30A


If you are outdoor enthusiasts, you won’t wish to leave this camera behind because it is tough and build to perfection. This is waterproof camera with dustproof, freeze proof and shock proof design. It will enable you enjoy instant creativity with its built-in creative effects and it performs well at recording panoramic shots. This camera will never frustrate you and it will let you enjoy taking crystal clear images regardless of the light condition.

These above are the Top 10 Best Selling Waterproof Cameras 2017. Getting one of those best selling waterproof cameras is not something simple but since we have spend several of hours checking the best ones which can suit your daily needs, we can proudly say that you need to give a try to these ones. You will be diving with them and take great images even when the light condition is poor. They have great megapixels and you will get high-quality video every time you use them. Thanks to their compact design that you can carry them wherever you go. If you are a diver, then these are the best waterproof cameras you need to give a shot.

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