Top 10 Best Selling Water Cooler Reviews

Water coolers are one of the essential equipment both in the homes and at work too. They usually use water bottles that are placed either above or below the faucet. Most of these water coolers are able to heat or cool water for different preference of different people. The type, capacity, composition and mounting differs from one water cooler to another and it is still your preference that will guide you in choosing which is best for your home or workplace.

Below is a list of the best selling water cooler reviews in 2017.

10. Ragalta Water Cooler

Ragalta Water Cooler

This black water cooler is simple and affordable that has the ability to heat or cool water. It comes with a drip tray that will prevent water dripping onto your carpet just in case. It also has a led panel that indicates the current status of the water cooler and also a security lock for hot water. This security lock is a great feature to those who have small children at home who could mess around with the dangerous hot water. Ragalta RWC-320 has a capacity of 3-5 gallons and a rated voltage of 110V and 60Hz.

9. Primo Water Dispenser – loaded at the bottom

Primo Water Dispenser – loaded at the bottom

This water cooler can supply both hot and cold water and also room temperature depending on how you want it. The best feature that comes with this water cooler is that it has bottom loading system, very useful for the aged or those people who suffer back problems and are unable to replace the top water bottle. It’s very nice water cool that can be used both in the office and at home.

8. Genuine Joe Water Cooler

Genuine Joe Water Cooler

This is a 5 gallon capacity water cooler that has three separate taps for cold, warm and room temperature water. It also features a push button panel for easy use and operation of the water cooler. It also has a Cooler compartment at the bottom that allows the user to chill up his/her drinks especially canned ones. It has a removable drip tray that keeps your carpet dry and for easy cleaning.

7. Stainless Steel Water Purification Cooler

Stainless Steel Water Purification Cooler

This amazing water cooler has a capacity of 1.2 gallons. It is a bottles water cooler just like the name suggests and it just requires you to connect it to the main water supply. This appliance comes with an instructional/installation manual for the user, a 25 foot water way and saddle valve. It has a drip tray that is removable and dishwasher safe too. Its filtration system is easy to use and maintenance is cheap as it only requires you to replace the filters from time to time with a screw. It is nice and has a classy use and would be for no doubt a great addition to an office.

6. Clover Water Cooler

Clover Water Cooler

This water cooler is made of an easy to clean high density polythene material that is durable as well. It has a stainless steel water tank and a no spill top to enable you to pour 5 gallons bottle easily. It has a cold water thermostat and so you can control the temperature of your drinking water to your preference. It had a removable and easy to clean drip try too.

5. Avanti Water Cooler

Avanti Water Cooler Top Famous Water Cooler Reviews in 2017

This water dispenser is a table top unit that is very pocket friendly. It has two separate push buttons for hot and cold water. Useful features include the LED panel, a security lock for hot water (suitable where there small children) and also an inbuilt cup storage. It has a capacity of upto 5 gallon bottles.

4. Igloo Water Cooler Dispenser

Igloo Water Cooler Dispenser

This water dispenser has a capacity of 3-5 gallons. It comes with a 90 Watt cooling power and a 550 Watt heating power and you are at the capacity to regulate your drinking water temperature as you prefer. The price is affordable and can both fit the home or office perfectly. Not forgetting the child safety lock for hot water keeping away accidents from your children and you don’t have to worry.

3. Vitapur VWD5446BLS Full Size Water Dispenser

Vitapur VWD5446BLS Full Size Water Dispenser

This water dispenser is yet another amazing appliance for your home and office too. It has the capacity to supply both hot and cold water. It has the cool child lock feature for hot water and a LED panel that indicates the status of the equipment. If you want very hot water, this water cooler has a feature that instantly heats the water and provides as you need it in a short time. It has 3-5 gallon capacity and it is good looking equipment that no one would mind having at home.

2. Primo Hot/Cold Water Cooler

Primo Hot-Cold Water Cooler

People are used so much to water coolers which bottles are placed at the top. With this amazing stainless steel water dispenser the bottle is placed at the bottom unit. You just are required to open the door of the unit while replacing the old bottle with the new one. This is a suitable dispenser for the old people and those with back complications as you are not required to lift the bottle of water. It has an on and off switches that helps much in energy saving. Child lock feature also is another thing that makes it an amazing thing to have at home.

1. S2 Stainless Steel Water Cooler

S2 Stainless Steel Water Cooler Top Popular Water Cooler Reviews in 2018

This dispenser offers two temperatures of water that is room temperature and cold water. The cold water temperature is adjustable depending on one’s preference It has a built in no spill system for 3 or 5 gallon changes conveniently. Its price is a little higher that the other dispensers on this list but it is with no doubt a worthy and classy water cooler you should have in your home.

The above list of the top 10 best water coolers can really help you identify the water cooler you need at your home or in the office. They come with different gallon capacities that go with the different needs. Different looks and features that will depend with what you really want in your home or in the office. Look no further.

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