Top 10 Best Selling Washing Machine Brands

People of all classes from middle class to high-class people all are using washing machines to ensure their laundry remains clean all the time. Though this is the case, you need to ensure you do not just buy a washing machine just because it is a washing machine; you need to acquire the best washing machine that will ensure you get the best performance for the longest time without changing from one machine to another. You need to consider the energy cost, its efficiency and even the capacity of laundry it can wash in one cycle. Check out below the lit of the top ten best washing machine brands in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Washing Machine Brands in 2017

10. Panasonic


This company brand is not known so much for washing machine but their washing machine has been a top notch for home appliance. Their top loading fully automatic washing machine is one of the best washing machines. The washing machine have unique features of Aqua Crystal feature and antibacterial pulsates that will help prolong longevity of your clothes. It has a 14kg capacity, which is an ideal capacity for most users. The price is relatively lower than other brands making it an affordable machine.

9. Hotpoint

Hotpoint Top Most Popular Washing Machine Brands 2018

Hotpoint is one of the best home appliances brand and they have not failed in producing an awesome washing machine that will give more than a laundry cleaning. This simple washer has eight wash cycles with two soil levels and three temperature options, making it just a simple washer. There is an addition option where you can increase you load size and even the water level in the washers drum. This is the ideal simple wash machine brand for those people who are not interested in complicated washers.

8. Kenmore

Kenmore Top Famous Washing Machine Brands 2019

Like all other traditional washers, the Kenmore washing is an amazing machine. It has a good energy and water conservation that is good when budgeting enough cash for your washer. It has a stainless steel drum that is small but accommodates enough laundry in one cycle. It does not have many wash cycles giving you the heavy-duty, normal, express and the delicate wash cycle. It also has a clean washer cycle that ensures your laundry does not get soap scum any odor causing bacteria. It is one of the best washing machine brands.

7. Frigidaire


The Frigidaire washing machine is not the best but it offers a stainless steel drum. It is a top loader washing machine, has an automatic water level sensor that will work in ensuring the water does not exceed the limited amount. It has several wash and rinse temperatures you can choose from, it has eight different cycles ranging from bedding to casual and has a status light that will tell of the current stage of your laundry. This washing machine brand is not the best but at least offers the best compared to some other brands.

6. Amana


Another is the best washing machine brands is the Amana. This washing machine is atop loader and it will offer you a hand wash quick wash and casual wash to all the laundry giving them a deep water cleaning cycle. It has nine wash cycles with three soil level and five water temperatures. This machine also has a bleach dispenser built inside the washer.

5. Maytag


This is the best washing machines due to the fact that it has 16 wash cycles that you change to and fro, it is a top loader that has five different wash and rinse temperatures and four soil levels that allows you to decide how your laundry load will be washed. Other additional features are like the boost clean heater option with heat and the rinse sprays that saves on water. The Maytag washing machine is one of the best washing machine brands used by many users.

4. Whirlpool


The whirlpool brand has some of the most amazing washing machines that have the following features: a 10 wash cycle that ranges from normal to delicate wash, it is a top loader washing machine, has a touchscreen control, an automatic dispenser for the detergents you use and has an option of steam cleaning and delay wash. It also has five different wash and rinse water temperatures. The whirlpool washing machine is one of the best washers.

3. GE


The GE top loader washing machine is an amazing washing with 16 cycles to choose from that are useful in cleaning delicate clothes like sheets, towels and jeans. It has an automatic load sense that will automatically reduce the amount of water in the drum depending on the size of the load. One more addition feature is the presence of the automatic dispenser for fabric softeners and bleach and it also has a deep-water rinse. GE is one of the best brand to get a washing machine from

2. Samsung


Samsung is one of the best brand in the world having consumers all over the globe. It is known for its home appliances like washing machines that have unique features. It has the following features, 15 wash cycles and 11 options to choose from, big space that will fit the big laundry and ensure that they get a total cleaning, atop loader, five different wash and rise temperature settings that will work for every load of laundry you put in. Its unique aspects are the child lock option, a signal silencer and an add-a-garment customized cycle. Samsung offers one of the best washing machine brands.

1. LG Mega Capacity


LG has the most cost effective washing machine brands in the world 2017. It has the following features, it is atop loader with a very big load capacity, 14 different wash cycles and several options you can choose from, a vibration reduction technology that ensure that your washing time does not turn to be a source of noise. like its Samsung counterpart it has a child lock option so no worry of your kid getting into the laundry room and plating with the machine and finally like all the other washing machine it has five different wash and rinse temperatures ranging from hot, warm, cold to tap cold. This is the best washing machine brand.

Finally as I conclude all these washing machine brands 2017 are the best brands that you should have in your laundry room since they have great features and their performance is high in terms of keeping your laundry clean. It would not pain anyone to spend an extra coin to get one of these washing machines.

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